BenderStik Golf Training Aid with Base

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BenderStik Golf Training Aid - Benderstik Base Now Included ($49.95 Value)

The BenderStik golf training aid is designed to help you build a consistent golf swing that will last for a lifetime. To improve at golf you must use either positive or negative feedback while training your swing. With the BenderStik golf swing trainer, it doesn’t matter where or when you practice, the Benderstik provide this all-important feedback.

No one picks up a club for the first time and swings it with a naturally proper and efficient motion. The reason we all have the different golf swings we do is because we repeated the motion over and over until it built a motor program in our brain. With this repetition comes familiarity and comfort. In order to change and improve your current motor program you must use feedback to disrupt the old familiar movement and to guarantee the new desired swing motion is actually occurring. This type of practice produces correct new feelings, which ultimately transfer to the course during play after enough correct repetitions. The more you practice with feedback, the more ingrained the new motion becomes and the more reliable the new swing.

benderstik golf trainign aid

Practice does not make perfect, but perfect practice makes perfect and if you are not using feedback in your practice you are wasting your time.

The BenderStik Training Aid Includes 30-minute instructional video by Mike Bender-2009 PGA National Golf Instructor of the Year, Mike demonstrates how to practice with the BenderStik to get the instant feedback you need to cure common swing faults like:
* Inside or outside takeaway
* Not Overswinging (Proper way to Create width)
* Inside out swing path (over the top)
* Head movement
* Hip sway or slide (Create proper hip turn)
* Pour Impact(flip)
* Chicken wing (Improve extension)

BenderStik Golf Training Aid with Base Reviews
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Was this helpful?
By none from illinois on 06/06/2015
Pros: limits wasted motion
Cons: video could be better
Recommended: Yes
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Was this helpful?
Trouble with in-door base
By Paul from Indiana on 03/02/2014
Pros: Wonderful, multi-faceted training aid
Cons: In-door base does not work
Recommended: Yes
The Bendex stik is an extremely useful training devise that has great versatility. However, the platform inserted into the two legs of the base, which holds the Bender Stik does not stay up. The problem results from the base having only two screws when it really needs four screws. I have called Home Depot, Loews, etc. but none of these punches holes in metal. Thus, I have had wind tape around the legs of the base for that the base will stay put when the stik is inserted.
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Was this helpful?
Bakswing correction
By Jean-Daniel from Switzerland on 02/25/2014
Pros: Very effective tool to give you feedback while hitting balls
Cons: The benderstick seems to be fragile. We'll see that in the future
Recommended: Yes
This tool helped me correct my backswing which was too vertical. Also, I was taking the club too much outside. My left arm was then changing to a flatter plane at the top of my backswing. I'am now lifting the left arm directly to a flat plane and it's stays there during the transition. I did that by placing the Benderstick right above my right shoulder at address (same as for correcting an over the top movement.
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Was this helpful? -1
bender stik
By leftygolfer from Llano, texas on 07/14/2012
Pros: very useful training aid and easy to set up for student
Cons: none
Recommended: Yes
easy to use and student understands what you
are trying to get across to them.
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Was this helpful? +2
My Slice
By Midwest Golfer from Iowa on 02/22/2012
Pros: Simple to use, get feedback, great system, inexpensive, easy to transport
Recommended: Yes
As a former baseball player, I could never seem to get my golf swing right until I was introduced to the BenderStik. I would take lesson after lesson and my instructor would have me stroking the ball fine until I went to play again. Then my slice was back! The benderstik has helped me improve my swing permanently. Thank you Mike Bender,
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