CaddyTrek Remote Controlled Electric Golf Push Cart

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CaddyTrek Remote Controlled Electric Golf Push Cart

The CaddyTrek Electric Golf Push Cart is a brand new smart and compact robotic golf caddy that follows you faithfully around the golf course. Not only does the cart follow your movements, it can also be remotely controlled giving you the advantage of sending it to the next tee or call it back from afar.


The CaddyTrek has lithium ion battery that can last 27 holes and beyond. With powerful dual motors the terrain gripping, treaded, wheels make climbing hills and managing all terrain a breeze. The most compact and lightweight caddy in the world, it folds and unfolds easily. In its folded state the caddytrek only occupies a footprint 18.3x11.6x22.9, making it ideal for storage and travel. Caddytrek comes with no assembly required.

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Nice, BUT ....
By GolfNut from FL on 02/27/2014
Pros: Packaging, Sturdy, Solid
Cons: Complicated to operate
Recommended: No
My fiance got me the new Caddy Trek CT2000-BA for Christmas. Now that the weather is finally turning better here, I had a chance to take my new toy out for a spin. My golf buddy and I are both becoming electric caddy freaks, and since last year he owns a remote controlled Bat-Caddy X4R Lithium which I had borrowed at times and closely watched on numerous occasions and became quite familiar with. However, I thought the ?follow-me? option sounded so cool, so I insisted on getting the Caddy Trek. The Caddy Trek arrived promptly and neatly packaged. Assembly was easy. Cart seems quite heavy at 33 lbs without the battery (I believe the Bat-Caddy only weighs 20 lbs?). Also, not very esthetically pleasing: a little bit lawn mowerish compared to the sleek high tech look of the Bat-Caddy? Instructions were clean but probably for most inexperienced users not detailed enough. It took some fiddling around until I finally got the remote transmitter connected to the cart. The On/Off button is so small and recessed that you need a pencil or long fingernails to press it. The manual talks about RF and Ultrasound signals and interference. I am no expert, but don?t such devices require some kind of government approval? Anyway, as instructed I practiced first in the driveway to switch between follow-me and remote mode. So far so good. On the course was when things got a little trickier. It turns out that one can easily lose the connection to the cart in Follow-me mode by making sharp turns or walking too fast. Since the caddy is always behind you, you can never be quite sure if it?s still there, so be prepared to watch your back frequently. Also, when stopping to make a shot one apparently has to turn the remote into Stand-By mode and after that back into Follow mode, but not before you position yourself in front of the caddy and in between the two sensor posts. Confused? So was I. It gets even more complicated when you go on the green to putt. Before you do so you have to switch to remote mode by pressing the left arrow button for about 3 seconds. A short beep will sound, so you now know that the caddy is in remote mode. Once you are done putting you can now steer the caddy remotely to the next tee. However, it turns out that driving backwards, which is probably the way you left it, the caddy only moves in snail pace. Hence, you have to turn it around, so you can speed it to the next tee. How much fun is that! My buddy?s Bat-Caddy in the meantime has long been waiting at the tee, since he steered it there nonchalantly and with a smirk on his face while walking up to the green. Good that it was his honor, so he did not have to wait for me. Bummer! Now, after a few backwards and forwards maneuvers I got there, too. However, before you hit your tee shot you better turn the caddy around again, because the follow me mode only works backwards. You will also need more time to switch back to Follow Me mode position yourself behind the caddy and hope that it will follow you, all while constantly removing and attaching the remote transmitter to your belt behind your back. I guess you get the point, and so did I. After a few holes I decided to use the remote function only and that worked just great. I could easily keep pace with my buddy?s Bat-Caddy and we were on even par now (I don?t mean our scores). Well, the bottom line is, that while the ?Follow-Me? function sounds cool in theory, the operation in practice seems to require a lot of switching back and forth, fiddling, twisting and turning. One could probably get better used to it over time, but the direct remote system that lets you steer the caddy in front of you where and how you want it seems a lot more intuitive and easier. The Caddy Trek does that job nicely, too. But then, why pay $500 - $1,000 more for a function that you don?t use for a lesser esthetically pleasing and much heavier caddy? I guess I got what I was asking for?
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By DSAC1 from Rockford, IL on 04/27/2013
Pros: Follows fairly well
Cons: Doesn't do down hills well
Recommended: Yes
The cart is fairly easy to use although the instructions aren't what they should be. I talked directly to Caddy Trek and they're working on it. Takes getting used to, don't walk too fast.
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caddy trek remote golf cart
By Hoov from Glen Allen Va. on 01/07/2013
Pros: it follows you
Cons: wet grass and narrow fence openings
Recommended: Yes
I have no problems so far. I am still learning how to use it in tight spots
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