Striker 3000 Compression Board Golf Trainer

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Golf Compression Board Training Aid

Improve Your Golf Game With The Compression Board!

There is no other golf aid like it in the world. The Compression Board gives you instant feedback about your golf swing and golf ball impact. Lower your golf score with the Compression Board. Get yours now!

Features: Compression Board Golf Trainer
 • White lines give feedback on Alignment, Aiming, and Swing Path
 • Level Indicators provide feedback on clubface angle at address
 • Pitching/Chipping: use†red indicator lines.
 • Putting: a Great tool to work on face angle, path, alignment, aiming, ball position, and stroke length. Place the ball at level 6, aim to target, and putt away.

Iron Play

What separates the high handicap golfers from the low handicap golfers? Better contact! Great ball-strikers hit the ball with a descending blow, ensuring consistent club-to-ball contact, thus achieving more consistency in the flight of the golf ball. The Compression Board is a golf training device that allows you to track your progress as you work your way towards pure contact. It's simple: Improve your contact... lower your scores!

Chipping & Pitching

In order to control your shots around the green you need to be able to make solid contact with the golf ball. Better contact = more predictable results. The Compression Board will help you to achieve better contact around the greens so your shots end up closer to the hole.


Ever have a day when you strike the ball well and still score poorly? You probably missed a few putts along the way, didn't you? To make more putts, you need to control the distance and direction the ball travels. The more consistently you can do that, the more putts you will make. How? It's simple: ACCURATE, RELIABLE FEEDBACK

A Quick Guide

The Compression Board exists to promote crisp, clean, contact. It provides accurate, reliable feedback so you can create great impact conditions over and over again.†Did you know:†The deepest point of A PGA Tour level divot is 4 inches beyond where the ball once sat (right before it was compressed tremendously!!)? Thatís our goal Ė not the 4 inches Ė the COMPRESSION!! (side note: the two are intimately related)

Level Handicap
Pro +4 to 0
1 1 to 4
2 5 to 8
3 9 to 12
4 13 to 16
5 17 to 20
6 21 +

When you first start out with your Compression Board youíll likely hit it quite often (donít worry, it wonít break). If youíre not hitting it (and youíre hitting more than the top 1/2 of the ball), perhaps you should move up a level. If you are, great! Use that feedback (how hard? where? on what path? etc.) to guide your improvement. Youíre not alone though Ė check out the videos section for tips, lessons, and general golf talk. If what youíre looking for isnít there, please email with ideas you have for videos or any questions about the use of your board.

The Compression Board is designed to help improve your contact regardless of your current level of ability. In order to do that, weíll need only to follow the simple instructions below. But, before we get started, letís determine your starting point from the Compression Board Handicap Chart.

The Simple Instructions: 1. Lay your Compression Board on the ground
  • You can step on it to ensure itís level and on-plane with the ball.
  • Aim the middle white line to your target.
2. Place your ball so that the back of it is at the level you determined from the chart above. (If youíre unsure, itís always safe to start at level 6). 3. Fire away! 4. Let the feedback from the board guide your improvement.
  • Advance to the next level when you are hitting 80% of your shots without making contact with the board.
  • Work your way towards the Pro Level.
  • The Compression Board is intended for Irons only.
  • For Chipping/Pitching, follow the same guidelines as above using the Red indicator lines.
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