Fut Glove 1 Up Golf Shoes - Mens Patriot

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Fut Glove 1 Up Golf Shoes - Mens

The 1-UP by Fut Glove is a revolution in golf footwear, following the function of the foot to provide the ultimate in performance.

Most shoes ignore the complex design of the human foot, which results in limited function.  Think of it as wearing mittens (stiff mittens, with no thumbs) instead of gloves.

The unique 5-toed design of the 1-UP allows each toe to function independently, as nature intended.  This provides superior body awareness (called proprioception) and balance, as well as helping to strenghten the foot.  The flexible midsole allows the foot to follow the contour of the terrain, providing better traction, and further enhancing balance, while the quality EVA foam and High Impact rubber sole allows the thousand of nerve fibers in the foot to detect every detail.  You really can "Feel The Green"!

All of which results in a stronger base, and brings your game to the next level.

This shoe is constructed of high quality genuine leather, neoprene, EVA foam and non-marking High Impact rubber.  The tread pattern is certified "green friendly" and designed to provide the best traction in all conditions, without damaging sensitive greens.

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We at Füt Glove are in love with our products…

Of the 206 bones in the human body, one quarter are located in the feet.  With 33 joints, over 100 muscles, tendons, and ligaments, and countless nerve fibers, the human foot is an amazing and intricate piece of biomechanical engineering.  Unfortunately, most shoes restrict the natural function of the foot, limiting motion, weakening the foot and ankle, and in extreme cases, actually causing injury over time.

Füt Gloves embrace the natural design of the foot, allowing free, unrestricted movement of the toes, the mid-foot, and the ankle, while still providing the protection and comfort our feet require.

Our unique “glove” design allows each toe to move independently.  This not only improves function, but also allows the brain to sense feedback from each toe (a process called proprioception).  The result is improved weight distribution, balance, agility, traction, and overall function of the foot.

The human mid-foot is designed to function as a “leaf spring”, absorbing the energy of each stride, and releasing with the forward step.  The flexible Indian rubber sole of Füt Gloves takes advantage of this efficient natural design by allowing free movement of the mid-foot.  This means less energy is wasted with each step.

The force of the heel striking the ground while walking or running is transmitted to the feet, ankles, legs, knees and hips, placing stress on these structures.

Most shoe manufacturers try to compensate for this stress by adding thick padding to the heel of their shoes. But this ignores the beauty of the natural design of the foot.

The Füt Glove rounded heel cup follows the natural contour of the heel, allowing it to ‘roll’ with each step, decreasing the stress of the typical heel strike.

The Füt Glove padded inner sole provides protection from the elements and improves comfort.

The proprietary Aegis anti-microbial treatment helps to impede bacterial growth and to prevent fading and discoloration, ensuring that your Fut Gloves will continue to look as good as they feel.

Every pair of Füt Gloves is hand stitched, utilizing only the highest quality neoprene, suede and pigskin leathers.  All Füt Glove soles are made of high quality non-marking Indian rubber. 

The end product is a beautiful, functional shoe, with a natural feel, which will help provide more even weight distribution, improve strength in the ankle and foot, and improve balance and agility.

Try a pair of Füt Gloves today, and we are confident that you will love them as much as we do.

Product Care

Just like your loved ones, your Füt Glove shoes will occasionally need a spruce up! Best practices for caring for your Füt Gloves are below. 

Neoprene Füt Gloves – Machine washable. Use gentle, warm water cycle with a gentle liquid or powdered detergent. Hang or lay flat to air dry. 

Suede Füt Gloves – It is recommended you treat your suede shoes (any suede shoes) with a protective spray or finish. This will help to repel water and prevent stains. To clean stains or markings on your suede Füt Gloves, first test any treatment or product on a small inconspicuous area, and only use products designed specifically for suede. Once the test area has successfully dried, clean the entire surface area with a clean white cloth (or as directed on cleaning product). Allow to air dry in doors.

For heavy stains on suede Füt Gloves, use a suede cleaning block (suede eraser). These can be found at virtually all your shoe stores and many retail outlets. These products will crumble as you rub them across the surface of the suede and are great for removing even deeply embedded dirt and oils. After cleaning, the rough nap of your suede can be revived by using a suede brush (also sold right next to where you find suede cleaning blocks). Don't be intimidated by the brush, your shoes can take it. Note, you can usually find both the cleaning block and the brush in one kit. 

Soles – The soles of both the neoprene and suede shoes can be cleaned with a rag and mild detergent or soap. A soft brush may also be used as needed. Allow to air dry.


Fut Glove 1 Up Golf Shoes - Mens Black

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