HipCheck Golf Training Aid

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Hip Check Training Aid

The HipCheck is a simple golf training tool that helps golfers start engaging their hips during the golf swing.It's simple to use - just clip it on your belt or pants. No complicated cords or contraptions!

There are two uses for the HipCheck:

1) Clear your hips - don't be an 'army' golfer
Make sure you are 'clearing your hips' during the golf swing, instead of just swinging with your arms. When you clear your hips you engage your core to get the most distance you can from your shots.

2) Fix your alignment - keep it in the fairway
The HipCheck can also fix your alignment while you're addressing the ball. Lining up correctly is the first step towards a great swing!

For less than the cost of a box of balls, the HipCheck can make significant improvements in your game.

It Works Because It's Simple

We've all hit that great shot - the right distance, straight as an arrow....but 40 feet to the right! A great shot except that you weren't lined up straight. The HipCheck helps you quickly align yourself correctly - and helps you learn the proper muscle memory to automatically improve your alignment over time.

The Importance of Hip Rotation

The hips are where you generate the power in your golf swing. Are you giving up distance because you aren't engaging the core muscles during your swing? The HipCheck is a simple tool you can use while warming up before your round to help engage your hips.

How exactly does the HipCheck work?

The HipCheck works by helping you align yourself with your target - whether that is the flag or the middle of the fairway. A very small change in your stance (moving your front foot an inch or so) is magnified into a very large change where the ball lands. You make sure you're aligned correctly the old-fashioned way, which is laying your driver on the ground so it's pointing at the flag, squatting behind it and sighting along it to make sure it's lined up just right with the flag, getting up and carefully putting the toes of both feet against it, then bending over (without moving your feet!) to pick it up and hit your drive.

Or you can use the HipCheck, which gets you into the same perfect alignment, but without all that putting down, squatting, getting up, picking up. As it turns out, when you are perfectly aligned with your target when you're addressing the ball, and you stand up straight, your hipbone points exactly at the flag. That's why you wear the HipCheck directly above your hipbone. You address the ball. You stand up straight. You glance down at the HipCheck. If it's not pointing directly at the flag, you adjust your feet until it is. And voila! You're in perfect alignment, ready to hit a great drive.

The HipCheck gives you an easy way to visually verify that you are in the right position relative to the flag (or the center of the fairway).

Just as important, the HipCheck helps you develop the correct muscle memory (directional memory might be a better way to say it) so that after a few months you are automatically lining up correctly without the Hipcheck. That helps you keep the improvements to your game permanent.

The inventor, Larry Sharon, has used the HipCheck for several seasons (which are short here in Vermont). He finds that after seven or eight months of not playing, his alignment needs a tune-up, so he uses the HipCheck for the first few rounds of each season, and then doesn't need it for the rest of the season -- his scores stay nice and low without it.

What if I don't have a belt on? Will it still work?
Yes - you can clip the HipCheck to your pants or shorts just fine. No belt needed! The clip will also stretch to expand over any belt loops that might be in the way.

Do you leave the HipCheck on during your round?
No - we take our HipCheck off after we've hit our shots. We either clip it to our bag strap or put it in the cupholder in the cart in between drives.

What shots are the best to use the HipCheck with?

The HipCheck is best used for your drives and for long (100+ yards) fairway iron shots.

Can you use the HipCheck for tournament play?

Nope. Other than clubs, balls, gloves and tees, the PGA doesn't allow the use of anything for tournament play. But the HipCheck is great to use when you're playing a practice round. One of the great things about the HipCheck is that youcanuse it while you play, instead of just at the driving range. It only takes a few seconds to put it on, so you won't be holding your foursome up.

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