Momentus Speed Whoosh Golf Trainer

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Momentus Speed Whoosh

With the Momentus Speed Whoosh you'll train the fast twitch muscle fibers in your body and gain 7 to 10 mph more clubhead speed in 6 swings or less. This added clubhead speed translates into 20-30 yards more distance with your driver. Not only will you gain distance, you'll also improve the timing of your release with the integrated magnetic timing ball. Top PGA Tour players are using the Momentus Speed Whoosh, so should you!

momentus speed whoosh golf training aid
Over-Speed Training with the Momentus Speed Whoosh
Roughly half of the muscle fibers in your body are slow twitch muscle fibers and the other half are fast twitch muscle fibers. These fast twitch muscles lie semi-dormant until they are activated by an action that moves them faster than normal. When you swing the Speed Whoosh several times in a row at speeds of 20+ mph faster than your own driver, this action activates the fast twitch muscle fibers and readies them for action. Then, when you pick up your own driver and hit a tee shot, you can expect to add 7 to 10 mph in club head speed instantly, translating into a tee shot flying 21 to 30 yards farther.

Increase Your Club Head Speed with the Momentus Speed Whoosh
Set the Magnetic Timing Ball at the end of the shaft and swing the Speed Whoosh six times in a row as fast as you can. You'll hear the sound of increasing club head speed by the "WHOOSH" it makes when you swing it. This will immediately activate the fast twitch muscle fibers used to swing your golf club. Switch to your own driver, and you'll increase your club head speed 7 to 10 mph instantly! Repeat this action regularly to further add to your swing speed and maximize your distance off the tee!

Perfect Your Timing with the Momentus Speed Whoosh
Place the Magnetic Timing Ball at the grip end of the Speed Whoosh. The magnetic feature built into the ball and grip will keep the ball in place in your back swing. Swing the Speed Whoosh so that the Magnetic Timing Ball releases properly in the down swing, hitting the end of the shaft at the bottom of your swing. If the Magnetic Timing Ball hits the shaft end too early, you need to hold the release longer in the down swing. If it hits too late, release the club earlier. This feature is an incredible feature which gives you immediate feedback with the ability to instantly improve your swing.

 Features: Momentus Speed Whoosh Golf Trainer Garmin Approach S1 GPS Golf Watch
 • Weighs the same weight as a standard driver
 • Swings 20+ mph faster than your own driver
 • Activates the fast twitch muscle fibers in your body to swing your driver instantly 7 to 10 mph faster after only six swings with the Speed Whoosh
 • Can immediately add 21 to 30 yards to your carry distance with your driver
 • Used by top PGA Tour players
 • Perfects the timing of the release through the Magnetic Timing Ball
 • Allows you to hear the sound of increasing club head speed by the "Whoosh" it makes as you swing it
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Speed Junky
By J23 from Maryland on 09/26/2011
Pros: Fun to swing, Improves release point, unique trainer.
Cons: May alter your swing timing.
Recommended: Yes
I have a few other swing trainers (like the weighted driver) and this one is unique. It definitely allows you to swing faster and if you use it right before hitting your driver you can feel (and see) the results. I normally hit my drives 240 on average and could hit them 260 right after the swing trainer. I can alternate between the trainer and my driver at the range, but not at the, I am still trying to determine if the speed increase lasts. Also, must be careful not to over-swing and mess up your timing (that's where the ball helps). I intend to work with it over the next few months and see how it goes.
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