John Daly's PowerBelt

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John Daly's PowerBelt - Golf Swing Trainer

Included with every John Daly PowerBelt is an Instructional Video and Golf Tips from John Daly.

Unleash the hidden power in your golf swing with the John Daly PowerBelt.

Are you splitting fairways with 300 yard drives?

Watch the pro's. They all have it. It's called the "Power Move". It doesn't matter whether a short, compact swing, a long powerful swing, or their own unique swing, PGA Pro's all share the same lower body movement, hip rotation and weight shift. Like a precision spring releasing, they all share the same lower body "Power Move". It's the source of the power and consistency they rely on to play at the top level. In fact, the "Power Move" is the foundation of all great golf swings. If you have it, you have a great game. If you don't, you're frustrated by good days � followed by bad days � on the golf course. Not to mention endless buckets of balls searching for the swing you know you had � still feel sometimes � but can't hold on to. With the PowerBelt, you can have the "Power Move", same move PGA Professionals have, the same move that same move that will give you 1-2 clublengths of extra distance. And you can have it as soon as you put the PowerBelt on.

Wrap your game in power.
Unfortunately, as critical as it is to a great game, the Power Move is hard to teach. That is because it is more than just basic body mechanics -- it's also a feeling. A feeling that needs to be experienced to be understood. A feeling that is part mechanics and part muscle memory. That's why the PowerBelt works so well. The PowerBelt gives you both the mechanics and the feeling of the Power Move.

What distance gain can you expect?
The PowerBelt instantly gives you the same mechanics, and the same feeling, that big money professionals have during their swing. The feeling of weight to the inside of your knees. Of hip rotation that coils you for release. The feeling of uncoiling through the ball, and letting the clubhead square naturally, effortlessly. The feeling of a powerful finish that drives the ball towards the target. Professional Golfers have learned to make the Power Move through years of practice on the range � and the help of some of the best teachers and coaches in the world. With the PowerBelt, you can have these same mechanics, the same feelings, the same Power Move PGA Professionals have, the next time you hit a golf ball.

Coil and uncoil like a precision spring.
Proper weight shift is key to a great golf swing. But it's tricky. It requires balance and timing. With the PowerBelt, you get weight shift with balance and timing. You get the feeling and mechanics of weight shift back and in, and forward and in. With balance. The PowerBelt gives you the feeling of uncoiling into the ball, on time - on balance - and on target. The PowerBelt literally pulls you through the shot. It helps your hip rotation, helps you feel your legs balance and power, helps you generate controlled power that translates into clean, straight, long shots.

Get back to square naturally.
PGA Professionals talk a lot about 'getting back to square'. They know that no matter how powerful the swing, unless the clubhead is square to target at impact, the results will be bad. Because the PowerBelt keeps your weight shift, hip turn and leg drive balanced and on-time, it also helps you return the club to square. Naturally, effortlessly. The PowerBelt automatically gives you the mechanics that delivers the most power and the most accuracy.

Get a powerful finish.
The PowerBelt literally pulls you through your shot. It prevents 'giving up' on the swing and gives you the rotation, hip turn and long, high finish PGA professionals have. With the PowerBelt you use your hips to deliver a powerful finish to the swing and shot. You'll discover your follow-through is instantly more balanced, more controlled, more professional. You'll master the feeling of ending each shot with your hips pointing towards the target and the clubhead swing fully around your body. You'll master the finish that gives the pro's their distance and accuracy.

Instantly gain more power, more distance, more accuracy. Or your money back.
* With the PowerBelt you will instantly have and feel the same "Power Move" that PGA Tour Players share.
* With the PowerBelt you will instantly have and feel the proper mechanics to get more power and accuracy in your game.
* With the PowerBelt you will instantly feel yourself coil and uncoil with balance and power you have never felt before.
* With the PowerBelt you will instantly feel a powerful, controlled release that brings you 'back to square' at the point of impact.
* With the PowerBelt you will instantly have and feel the proper balance and weight shift for more accuracy and power.
* With the PowerBelt you will instantly feel and apply a powerful finish that drives the ball towards the target.
* With the PowerBelt you will instantly gain 1 to 2 club lengths of powerful, controlled accuracy. Or your money back.

How much distance will you gain using the John Daly Power Belt?
The PowerBelt will instantly increase your power, balance and consistency. On average, after working with the PowerBelt you can expect the following distance gains:

Distance you hit a #7 iron now. Distance Gain.
110 yards 2 club lengths
130 yards 1.5-2 club lengths
150 yards 1-2 club lengths
170 yards 1+ club lengths

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