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"Peak Vision ELO Our lightest-weight sunglass ever, made of pure titanium. The EL0 weighs only 12.8 grams and is a great choice for those who prefer a larger lens. It features a 3-piece rimless construction with superior compression-mount attachments for our shatterproof, 8-base curve Dual-Zone lenses. Though they may appear fragile it is one of our most durable frames. They also feature dual construction nose pads that have a strong, wear-resistant center core wrapped in allergy-free, super soft silicone. The NXT unbreakable lenses deliver perfect light management for both the sky and turf with amazing optical glass-like clarity. This purchase comes with a microfiber lens care bag, a premium hard-shell case, and a one-year warranty.   Distortion In addition to the challenges associated with single filter lens, most sunglass lenses today are injection-molded polycarbonate (plastic), a 40 year old manufacturing technology. This technology, while producing light weight and inexpensive lenses, also produces lenses with very poor optical clarity. The distortion created during injection molding is a visible and pervasive artifact of all current performance sunglass lenses and also interferes with the ability to visualize contours and estimate distances. The graphic to the right shows a pair of our competitor's sunglasses (bottom) and PeakVision�Sports Performance Eyewear through an optics viewer that displays optical distortion as a rainbow effect. To address the distortion in injection-molded polycarbonate lenses, PeakVision�Sports utilizes a new material called NXT� This new material provides clarity equivalent to optical glass at less than 40% of the weight, while offering scratch and shatter resistance far superior to traditional polycarbonate lenses. Additionally, NXT�offers 100% UV400 protection!   Dual Zone   PeakVision Sports incorporates two different technologies into a noticeably unique and differentiated lens by integrating multiple color management filters into a sport lens made from a revolutionary new optical polymer. PeakVision Sports developed the patented Dual-Zone filtration that utilizes different filters in two zones of a sunglass lens. In the upper zone, neutral-density gray filtration eliminates overhead glare from the sun and enhances distance perception. Through precise color and light management technology, PeakVision�Sport's upper gray zone gradually transitions into an amber lower zone which enhances a golfer's ability to read the topography of the green. For skiers, the upper gray zone transitions into a vermillion lower zone. .       Eye Strain   Our patented Dual-Zone lens addresses the number one challenge facing sunglass wearers – no single color filter can simultaneously address the extremes of light conditions always encountered with a bright sky and darker terrain. Our lens balances the light to reduce the workload on the iris (which manages the pupil). By reducing the range in which the iris must operate, the eye is less fatigued and more stable. The enhanced stability delivers better vision over the course of a day. Dr. Burton Worrell, a UC Berkeley Professor and the eye doctor for Major League Baseball Umpires, evaluated our sunglasses and substantiated our claims! .     Performance Traditional sunglasses marketed in the performance eyewear category are faced with a choice of which lighting condition to sub-optimize. No single lens color can simultaneously address the range of light conditions encountered in a typical day outside. Protection from glare caused by a bright sky, sunny or overcast, requires a darker lens filter. However, a dark filter dramatically reduces the visual cues from the surface environment. A typical green grass surface reflects only 2% of the ambient light. Other sunglass manufacturers address this problem with interchangeable lenses based on weather and lighting conditions. Unfortunately, this is not an effective solution as most athletes are not willing to change lenses in the middle of an activity. Golfers are particularly impacted by the lens filter selected. While a gray neutral-density lens reduces the glare from overhead sun (or an overcast day as well), it filters out much of the visual information needed to see the contours of a green putting surface. An amber lens enhances a golfer's ability to visualize the variations on the green, however amber lenses tend to flatten distance perception and do little to protect a golfer's eyes from bright light.   Testimonials ""I finally broke 80 for the first time while wearing PeakVision for the first time. I don't think it was a coincidence, either. I've continued playing my best golf ever while wearing PeakVision. Putting line is so readable. Awesome!"" Charlie M. - Montgomery, AL ""Have been wearing the glasses 100% of the time when outside. Wonderful!"" Jon J. - PGA Professional ""This is the best sunglass for golf I've ever seen. I wear them all the time and recommend them to everybody I know."" John S. - Dallas, TX ""It's like you're not wearing them, I forget I have them on. You can read your line so much better, but you have to believe what you're seeing. They are so comfortable and clear, I've never had a sunglass like this before."" Roger P. - Leawood, KS ""I have enjoyed my PeakVision for golf so much, it's amazing. My wife complains though, because I never take them off. Well, almost never!"" Eric C. - New York, NY ""Yeah, PeakVision is great for golf, but for long trips in the automobile they are just as good."" Lyle P. - Dallas, TX ""I have been wearing my Callaway Ray Bans for 4 years. After playing with PeakVision, I threw my Ray Bans away. I am so relaxed when wearing PeakVision. Best sunglass for golf I've ever worn."" Kevin A. - San Carlos, CA ""PeakVision is the first sunglass that doesn't interfere with my game, and still protects my eyes from UV. As a golf professional, this is extremely important to me."" David M. - PGA Professional ""It was very cloudy for the front nine, so I didn't wear them. I shot a 54. The sun came out very bright on the back nine, so I put my PeakVisions on. I was so comfortable and relaxed even though the sun was shining bright. Since my first outing, I have dropped an average of at least 6 strokes off my previous scores."" Kent M. - Overland Park, KS ""I love how clear they are. I've tried just about every sport sunglass there is and they all seem to blur my vision. PeakVision are just the best for sharpness and clarity."" Betsy V. - Tulsa, OK ""PeakVision is by far the best golf sunglass ever. I see everything I need to see for the golf game so much better than ever before."" Gordon R. - Blue Springs, MO. ""This is the first sunglass that I've worn which I didn't have to take off when I putt. They really help me maintain my ability to read the green."" Nick U.- Wichita, KS ""I just can't believe how relaxed my face becomes when I put PeakVisions on. And they are so lightweight that I forget I'm wearing them, even after 2-3 hours in the sun. For my game, it's the best I've ever seen."" Steve M. - PGA Professional    "

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