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Vision Track Pro Golf Swing Training Aid

Features & Benefits of the Vision Track
* Alignment guide (feet, shoulders, clubface).
* Ball placement guide.
* Distance from feet to ball guide.
* Clubhead takeaway guide.
* Eye Positioning - revolutionary technique for building a correct swing path.
* Promotes keeping head behind ball at impact.
* Promotes swinging through contact area vs. hitting at ball.
* Clarifies swing path as it relates to target line.
* Practice at home or at the golf course. (Fits in your golf bag).
* Works for adults and children. Also reversible for Left Handed players.
* 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
* 5 Year Limited Warranty

Eye positioning Information
Eye positioning is the primary reason for developing VisionTrack. It is a technique involving a direct look at the path (pre impact). The Track provides a clear and precise image to the brain as to where the clubhead should swing prior to impact.

The "target line" is a positive influence in relation to alignment but becomes a negative influence when projected behind the ball. If the center of a clubhead connects to the target line several inches prior to impact, it is on it's way to a slight cut-across motion at impact.

Vision track Golf Swing Trainer

If clubhead connection to the line occurs a foot or more before impact, then a severe right-to-left motion at impact will occur. unfortunately, most of this problem is related to "target line influence" which is a natural, visual problem most of us unknowingly have to deal with. We desire linear ball flight but we must swing a clubhead on a curve. Any logical thinking mind would have difficulty with that one.

The few inches at impact where a down-the-line connection is desired is simply a reaction to where we are swinging prior to impact.

VisionTrack becomes a simple visual cure to what I believe is predominately a visual problem.

More Eye positioning Information
There are 3 eye positions on the Vision Track placed 4" apart. Numbers 2 and 3 are progressively more inside the line than #1 and they are even more detached from the ball. This means, that the eyes and brain are more path and track oriented.

Vision Track Golf Trainer

This visual task alteration is important if an immediate change in the swing path is desired. If using #1 is sufficiently creating improvement than #2 and #3 are not necessary to use.

Also, as you look further back at #2 & #3, there is a tendency to close the clubface sooner, causing a draw or hook to the left. The whole idea is to promote a push-draw vs. a pull-cut.

Other reasons to utilize #2 or #3 would pertain to shoulder angles and upper body positioning throughout the swing. Aligning the shoulders left of the line (open) is a common fault. Moving or tilting the head in front of the ball prior to impact is also a typical problem. Positioning the eyes further back on the track, helps in both departments. You will understand the benefits as you practice with these positions.

Vision Track Golf Bruce William Devlin
For the last 40 years I have noticed even the great professionals struggle at times with their golf games.

Most of the time their poor play is caused by straying from the basic fundamentals of alignment, ball position and swing path. I have heard them say, "I wish I could look at myself while I swing the club".

VisionTrack, in my opinion, is a great helper to the finest professionals because it allows them to continually check alignment, ball position and swing path. This of course holds true "in spades" for the average player.

Learning the swing path with VisionTrack eliminates the possibility of memorizing the "over the plane" swings that we have all suffered with at one time or another.

With the continual use of VisionTrack, I can assure you that golfers of all abilities will improve their golf game.

If you have any questions about this product or would like to order by phone, please call us Toll Free at 888-733-8383. We look forward to hearing from you!

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