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"Path Pro Golf Training Aid The NEW Path Pro is the ONLY tool designed to provide an unlimited number of positions and uses for whatever needs work in your swing. Regardless whether you are right-handed OR left-handled, you will learn to properly swing your arms and hands on the correct line, forcing you to immediately feel the correct position. You will see it, feel it and repeat it, improving up to 3X faster. Included with the Path-Pro * The Path Pro Swing trainer * Overswing 22"" Extension * FREE Setup and Basic Uses DVD * FREE Pocket Reference Card * FREE Path Pro Carry Bag * One year subscription to Golf Digest Primary Uses Of The Path Pro Eliminate Swaying Eliminate swaying by angling or pointing the pad towards the ground and positioning the Path Pro behind you. Take your stance with your back leg an inch or so from the pad. Set a ball down and make a swing. If your thigh or knee hits the pad on your backswing then you know you are sliding laterally too much and need to work on turning the hips more through the shot. Work on this until you no longer hit the pad. Proper Impact For the proper impact position, set the pad pointing upward and slightly ahead of your lead shoulder. Make sure there is enough clearance below the arm for the clubhead to pass. Set a ball down under the bend of the arm and hit shots trying to emulate the line the pad forms. This insures that you maintain a proper angle with your wrists and that your hands lead the clubhead through to impact. Eliminate Lunging Eliminate lunging by setting the Path Pro in the same position as shown above for swaying. But, in this case, position the unit just ahead of your lead leg. Set a ball down and hit shots while maintaining a firm left or lead side. Stay behind the pad through impact. If you hit the pad you know you are moving ahead of the ball. Expand the Impact Zone Expand the impact zone and swing along your target line by pointing the yellow pad at your target and parallel to the ground at waist high. Put a ball down and hit shots by first seeing the ball between your feet and the pad. As you master this, lower and move closer to the pad until you see the pad between your feet and the ball. This not only forces you to swing along your target line longer and with a squarer clubface, but also aligns you to your target and stops a slice by eliminating the over the top move. Proper Extension Insure the proper extension and follow through by setting the pad closer to the ground and pointing away from you and at the target. Set a ball down beneath the arm�s bend and start hitting shots. This drill will force you to stay down on the ball and extend through the shot as long as you can. You can angle the pad slightly upward to allow for easier clearance. ""Stuck"" or Trapped Position Eliminate the ""stuck"" or trapped position causing a hook by setting the unit up behind you and angling the pad upward and tilted back towards your shoulder. This will also allow you to check your swing plane. Set up with it against your trailing side and give yourself plenty of clearance. Put balls down and hit shots keeping your arms and hands in front of your body. If your arms drop too far to the inside, you will brush or hit the pad. Continue this drill until to consistently miss the pad. Eliminate Over-Swinging Eliminate over-swinging using the optional extension piece and positioning the Path Pro behind you and on your backswing side. Set the pad parallel to the ground, pointing towards the front and over your shoulder. Adjust it up or down depending on where you want your backswing to stop. Now hit shots engraining the position you want your backswing in every time. Maintain Balance Maintain balance and posture by positioning the Path Pro behind you with the pad behind your knees or in the small of your back. Hit shots to see if the pressure of the pad remains consistent. If not, you know that you are out of balance or that your spine angle is changing throughout your swing. Control Distance Control your distance by setting the Path Pro up behind you and on your backswing side. Position the pad parallel to the ground and pointing towards the front. Hit shots while restricting your backswing and letting your arms make contact with the pad. Make note on the distance each shot travels. You can then adjust the pad up or down depending on the distance you want to engrain. If you have any questions about this product or would like to order by phone, please call us Toll Free at 888-733-8383. We look forward to hearing from you!"
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