Powerchute Golf Swing Trainer

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Powerchute Golf Swing Trainer

Powerchute is the ultimate in golf performance training technology. Powerchute's patented design generates shaft and clubhead resistance to significantly increase clubhead speed and driving distance while delivering significant improvements to the golf swing.

powerchute golf swing trainer

Powerchute was originally conceived for World Long Drive competitors and has been redesigned and reengineered by Jim Sowerwine, creator of the award winning Inside Approach 'Slice Correction Trainer', (awarded the 'Swing Trainer of the Year' by 'Golf Digest Magazine' 2004 and 2005).

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How it Works?
Why Powerchute?

Benefits to Novice, Intermediate and Beginner golfers

To the recreational golfer, the Powerchute will provide much more than just increased clubhead speed. Swinging the Powerchute on a regular basis has been proven to improve technique, particularly with the 'transition' (the sequence of movements from the backswing to the forward swing), arguably the most critical move of the swing. Due to the chute resisting the club from releasing early in the downswing, proper body motion is triggered to swing the chute through to the finish. Consequently, the optimum sequence of movements is introduced and 'lag' is developed.

(Note)- The Powerchute was tested by the Titleist Performance Institute's 'Three-Dimensional Motion Capture System'. This technology is used to identify and measure golfers' 'sequencing' and 'lag'. In summary, all golfers tested improved sequencing and increased 'lag'. What this means in simple terms – the better one's 'sequencing' , the more efficient the swing.

The most common result of poor sequencing is releasing the clubhead early. (This is often referred to as 'Casting' or 'Throw')

96% of recreational golfers release the club early.

It is also the very reason why most recreational golfers have a difficult time consistently making solid contact when the ball is on a tight lie, and it is the main contributor to lack of distance. Simply explained, when the clubhead is released early, maximum (clubhead) speed occurs before the clubhead reaches the bottom of the arc.. When this happens, the clubhead actually passes the hands before contacting the ball, thus inadvertently adding loft to the clubface and making it virtually impossible to compress the ball off a tight surface.

Benefits to Low-Handicap Golfers:

Even though a low 'handicap' golfer or professional golfer may already have a technically sound golf swing and efficient sequencing, training with the Powerchute will increase clubhead speed and progress technique. A common theme reported among Tour players and low handicap golfers who have trained with the Powerchute is the feeling of increased clubhead speed through the hitting zone, increased torso rotation through the ball and into the follow-through, and improved balance awareness. (If the golf swing is not perfectly balanced, Powerchute will expose it.)

Patented Technology

Powerchute was scientifically designed to swivel freely around the trailing side of the golf shaft. Through patented technology, Powerchute will create resistance ONLY in the appropriate locations throughout the golf swing.

Why Training With Weighted Clubs DOES NOT Increase Clubhead Speed

In fact, using weighted clubs can actually produces negative results. The video below provides research which validates our claim as it relates to baseball and golf training. (Golf segment begins at 4 mins, 15 secs.)

Source: Discovery Channel: Sport Science

Performance Tests - Before And Afters

What follows are the actual swing analysis results as recorded by TrackMan, one of the most sophisticated swing analysis systems in the world as used by Tour Professionals, club manufacturers, and leading Golf Schools.

The participants were first asked to warm up, and then TrackMan recorded and averaged several of their 'drives' (the 'Before'). They were then asked to swing the Powerchute approximately six swings, followed by 5-6 regular 'driver' swings (the 'After'), which was then recorded and averaged once again.

The results were dramatic. After only six swings with the Powerchute, all participants saw a significant change in their overall distance. While swing speed is the primary factor that determines distance, the ability to hit the ball in the center of the clubface also plays a role. You will notice that one of our participant's results was only an increase of 5.7 yards. However, you may find it interesting to know that this demonstrates an increase for a 25+ handicapper who is over 75 years of age. Repeated use of the Powerchute will only help this golfer continually improve swing speed, ball striking, and center-face contact.

Increases clubhead speed Improves Balance
Of all recreational golfers tested, the average increase of clubhead speed (at impact) has been between 4 - 6 mph. Swinging the Powerchute magnifies imperfect balance tendencies, which in turn identifies the deficient source.
Increases 'driving distance' Improves angle of approach
Of all recreational golfers tested, the average increase of driving distance' has been between 14 to 21 yards. As one's sequence of motion improves, so does the angle in which the club is delivered to the ball
Develops Proper 'sequencing' Improves center-face contact
The transitional sequence of movements from the backswing to the forward swing; arguably the most important move in the golf swing. As one's sequence of motion improves, the path and angle in which the club is delivered to the ball improves. If these improve, then so will the ball contact.
Eliminates 'casting' or 'throw' Increases the ability to pinch a ball off a tight surface
Releasing the club early from the top of the swing is the most common fault among recreational golfers Releasing the club early from the top of the swing is the most common fault among recreational golfers
Increases 'lag' Promotes a full finish
Maintaining the hands ahead of the clubhead throughout the downswing. All long ball hitters posses 'lag'. As one's sequencing improves and 'casting' is eliminated, a complete follow-through will occur involuntarily.


"If you can increase your swing speed by 3 or 4 mph, That's 15 yards or more...that's a pretty nice thing for a person to have."

Jack Nicklaus


"I can't believe that feeling… I like it because what I'm feeling is that my body is starting to rotate better."

Henry Young, (Two-Time Michigan Teacher of the Year)


"Your body just figures it out; your mind doesn't have to. I don't think I've ever felt that kind of clubhead speed before; it's a 'Cool' feeling."

Richie Bassett


"My tendency is to not finish the swing, and after swinging this, (my swing) went so far around that I almost went over backwards; I've never been in that position before, it just frees up the whole body…"

Dan Hearon


"I feel like I can finish easier... I didn't know it was going to go through quite that fast."

Steve Earsley


"It's unbelievable!"

Tommy Fazio


"The instant gratification is such a plus with the Powerchute. I used it for just a few minutes and immediately felt the "lag" that we all hear about. That seemed to put me in a position to hit the ball farther and straighter with such balance. For the first time I was able to consistenly hit solid shots with my irons from the fairway. I just swing it a few times before I go out to play so I can remember that "lag" feeling. It's something I'll use forever just to keep my swing in check."

Cindy Yablonowski

  • Patented technology
  • Durable construction
  • Simple to install - no accessories or tools required
  • Use anywhere you can swing a golf club
  • Portable (Nylon travel bag included)
  • 2 year warranty with optional product registration (standard 30 day warranty included)

  • Specifications
  • Weight: Less than 5 oz.
  • Fits all golf clubs (42" of length or greater).
  • Colors: Black and White

  • Included with the Powerchute
  • Powerchute
  • Instructional Manual
  • Getting Started Video (View on Website)
  • Nylon Carrying Case

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