STX SS5 Putter

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STX SS5 Putter

 Features:STX SS5 Putter Garmin Approach S1 GPS Golf Watch
 • 335 grams
 • Toe down
 • Available in black, red, and green inserts
 • Heel-toe shafted blade putter with a flare neck hosel to keep your hands slightly forward during your stroke
 • F.E.E.L. (Friction Enhancing Elastomer Lyaer) dramatically increased the coefficient of friction to put a greater amount of topspin on the ball and keep your putts on line

Soft face keeps ball in contact with the putter longer for control

 • All Sync Series putter utilize a stepless shaft, Golf Pride grip and include a premium STX head cover
 • Sync Series Putters were used to win twelve PGA Events and one major from 1995-2005

Specifications: STX Sync Series Putters
Model Loft Lie Length Left Handed
SS1 3 71 34",35" YES
SS2 3 71 34",35" YES
SS3 3 71 34",35" NO
SS4 3 71 34",35" NO
SS5 3 71 34",35" NO

Face Insert Technology

There's no mistaking it. Tests show even blindfolded golfers can truly feel the difference between an STX putter and any other.
Yes, technology can make you a better putter. STX's soft inserts have characteristics that will help you roll better putts. Our elastomeric inserts cradle the ball during contact, resulting in more dwell time and less skidding on the green. STX takes face insert technology to a new level with its variety of inserts that elicit a remarkable feel under any condtion for greater accuracy, consistency and confidence.

STX's color coded face inserts, which vary in softeness and resiliency, are literally changing the face of putting.

Face Options

Improved Putting Control

The two main aspects of putting are direction and pace control.
Direction control is sending the ball out on the path you have chosen. Pace control is getting the ball to consistently travel the appropriate amount of distance. STX pioneered Face Insert Technology (FIT.) to allow the golfer to affect the way that the ball reacts when it is struck by an STX Putter. In addition to direction and pace control there are various actions that will affect the accuracy of a golfers putting. Here are the actions that STX examines when engineering a putter or an insert.

When putters strike the golf ball, they propel it in the forward direction generally without much spin.
It starts out flying a lithe bit above the ground as the loft on the putter gets the ball up out of the grass. When the ball touches down, the bottom of the ball grabs the ground and slows down a bit. The top of the ball does not slow down, so the ball tumbles and starts to roll over due to the friction caused by the grass. Whenever the bottom of the ball touches the ground, friction causes the bottom to grab and slow down some more, further increasing the spin rate.

Just like a skidding car, a skidding ball is out of control, both in direction and speed.
During the skid phase, the ball is at the mercy of every imperfection in the green's surface, with each lithe bump that it hits changing the ball's direction and speed. By the time the ball begins a true-roll, it may be traveling on the wrong line. Therefore, it is advantageous to minimize the distance that the ball skids before it starts its true roll.

Better Control and Quicker Roll

Tests using high-speed cameras have show that some STC inserts make golf balls skid less and roll sooner than do other putters and inserts.
On one such test, the softest STX insert skis distance was 40% shorter than some competitor's products.

The key to reducing skid is to give the ball as much topspin as possible before it leaves the putter face.
Although a golfer could brush the top of the ball with the putter, that would be hard to control. STX's soft face inserts take a big step in the right direction with their chemically formulated longer dwell time and high coefficient of friction (COF). The higher COF will grab the ball at impact and impart a quicker roll.

Dwell Time

Dwell time refers to the amount of time the ball remains in contact with the putter face.
The longer the dwell time, the more opportunity the putter has to "hold" the ball for the purpose of imparting topspin and better directional control. IN addition, a longer dwell time improves the feel of the putter. Testing shows STX putters have almost twice the dwell time of putters with harder inserts and nearly three times the dwell time of metal faced putters. The difference is due to the fact STX offers the softest legal faces in golf.

Compression Deflection and Resiliency

When a hard faced or metal putter strikes a golf ball, the ball compresses
(becomes shorter from front to back and wider from top to bottom) for an instant, and then rebounds to its original shape, causing the ball to explode off the putter face. It is this spring action that affects the control that a golfer has on the golf ball. STX inserts reduce the amount that the ball is compressed at impact to impart a truer on line roll. Chemically, STX can put the control of the golf back into the golfers' hands. STX has formulated inserts with various resiliencies to enable the ability to customize your putter based on the conditions of the greens that you are playing on and what you prefer.

For fast greens golfers can choose one our inserts with a lower resiliency for added control.

For slow greens golfers can choose one of our higher resiliency inserts which will add distance without changing their stroke.

STX also offers inserts that fall between the high and low resiliency, enabling the golfer the ability to fine tune the STX putter quickly and easily based on their stroke and the conditions of the greens. STX is dramatically changing the face of putting, again!

Why STX?

 • Superior directional control, positive feel and the synergy between our faces and the ball
 • Decreased skidding of the golf ball for added pace control
 • Intcreaased dwell time to produce more top spin, feel and pace control
 • Lower compression distortion of the golf ball for increased accuracy
 • Pin point distance control utilizing our FIT system to control resiliecy


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