The Teaching Towel

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The Teaching Towel

Place the towel between your feet and the ball. Make sure the right edge of the towel is aligned with the target. Place your feet and body parallel to the left edge of the towel. If your feet are equal distance from the towel you are aligned correctly. Your alignment is the key component for hitting a great shot.
You can determine the stance width using the yardstick feature on the teaching towel.  Stance width is a function of your body type and the length of the club you are using.  Use the Number zero ( 0 ) on the ruler to determine the center of your stance.  
Depending upon the particular club you are using (Driver, Fairway wood, Hybrid, or Iron) place a ball opposite the corresponding ball on the towel.  Place your left toe next to the arrow on the teaching towel which designates the left foot position.  This will train your eye to recognize where the ball should be relative to your left foot.
Notice in the top right hand corner that there are three basic starting directions for the flight of your ball.  Which one is yours? Straight is ideal, push is next best, and the pull is not a good starting direction.  Watch the direction your ball start and it will tell you about lesson #5 swing path…
Notice the swing path in the middle of the towel. To get the feel od the correct path to the hitting aea, hold a club abovr pne of the [aths anf practice moving the club on the same arc as tour club approaches impact. Start by making1o swings to get the feeling anf comfort of an inside to out swing path
The angle of the club face determines the side spin of the ball.  A closed face will make the ball curve left.  A square face produces no curve, and an open face creates a curve to the right.  Watch the flight of the ball, so you can analyze what your club face looked like at impact.
This is a great application of the teaching towel.  Place a ball three or four inches in front of the towel and practice making contact with the ball without hitting the towel.  Your divot with an iron should happen after the ball is struck.  Remember, ball first, ground second.
Notice the ball on the putting arc.  Place your golf ball on the towel. Note that the ball is 2 inches forward of the zero (0) on the towel.  Your toes of each foot should be equal on both sides of the Zero (0). For example: left toe on 6 and right toe on 6.  Go ahead and hit putts training your eye to know where the ball should be placed every time.
Practice the correct path of the putter using the dotted line.  Notice that the putter travels on an arc.  Path should feel inside to square to inside relative to the target line.  Practice taking continuous strokes with the putter back and through along this arc.  Try this for 1 to 2 minutes to get a feel for the correct path.
The numbers on the yardstick will give you a reference for distance.  A shorter backswing will create less energy, therefore a shorter roll.  Experiment with different back swing lengths to create the energy on the forward swing needed for the distance required.

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