Power Angle Pro

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Power Angle Pro

The "over-the-top" move is the #1 swing fault in golf. This is were the club moves way inside on the take away, lifted to the top of the back swing and starts out on the down swing. It guarantees a slice or pulled shot every time. If your swing is plagued with this problem your worries are over. Within 5 minutes The Power Angle Pro will have you swinging on plane and in the Pro Slot eliminating the "over-the-top" move.

The Ultimate Golf Swing Trainer

With the Power Angle Pro you will learn key techniques and methods that golf's elite players work on everyday.

* Correct Grip
* Perfect Take Away
* Precision Wrist Cock
* On Plane Backswing
* Full Extension
* Power Downswing Transition--Pro Slot!!
* Proper Release
* Balanced Finish

No other swing trainer comes close to providing you with perfect golf swing structure!!

"After 20 Years in the Golf School business and 30,000 students later I never dreamed there would be a training aid as effective as The Power Angle. The recent improvement of my students who train with The Power Angle is unlike anything I have witnessed before. Thanks for your contribution to the game!"
Bill Skelley
Bill Skelley School of Golf

"A lot of training aids talk about "The Slot", with The Power Angle I finally experienced it!"
Jack Flattery--Orlando, Fl.

How It Works

In a recent survey of over 200 Golf Profesionals the 3 most common swing flaws in golf were reported to be:
1. Improper Take Away
2. Insufficient Backswing Width & Extension
3. Incorrect Downswing Transition/Club Too Steep Coming Down

The Power Angle solves these three problems and much, much more!!
In each segment of the golf swing The Power Angle makes an ingenius contribution to the improvement of your motion. Your swing structure and sequence will become perfectly blended, producing longer, straighter, and more consistant shots. The golf swing is a highly sophisticated motor skill that requires precision movements of your body, arms, and hands. No training aid anywhere comes close to providing the perfect feedback that you'll receive from your Power Angle. If there is such a thing as muscle memory then for the first time ever you'll experience it!!

Take Away Benefits

* Perfect Arm To Body Relationship
* On Plane Club Shaft
* Correct Weight Shift

Backswing Benefits

* Increased Body Turn
* Full Wrist Cock--Club Perfectly On Plane
* Full Extension At The Top Of Swing

Downswing Transition Benefits

* A Perfectly On Plane Transition--In The Slot!!
* A Lagging Clubhead
* Exact Sequencing Of Body, Arms & Hands

Release & Impact Benefits

* Perfect Timing Of Clubhead Release
* Proper Arm & Hand Action Become Automatic
* A Flat Left Wrist Is Sustained Through Impact

Follow Through & Finish Benefits

* Maximum Extension
* Correct Weight Shift
* Full Balanced Finish

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By Milord**** from France on 11/05/2011
Pros: Michel Niedbala
Cons: Golf Course Architect
Recommended: Yes
Just the right way to play ! And play ! and play !
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Simple but effective
By James McClung from Englewood, FL US on 12/17/2008
For such a simple device,a bent aluminum rod with a molded grip,it is highly effective at correcting swing faults. It showed me that I was cocking my wrist at the top, which was causing all sorts of problems.This device shows you the correct positions in the backswing and at the top. It also puts you in the "slot" and creates "lag". As a person with decreasing flexibility, I found it helpful as a streching aid. I was hesitant to spend $70 on something with no moving parts, but find it well worth the money if you are serious about correcting swing faults such as casting or coming over-the-top.
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Fantastic Golf Training Aid!!!
By Golftec Charleston from Mt. Pleasant, SC US on 01/30/2008
Excellent Golf Training aid for proper full turn, swing width, and club set at the top...excellent aid that is a must for all who want improvement...learn proper "in front" club position.
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Power Angle Pro - Works
By Lester Journet from Fairfax, VA US on 01/11/2008
I expected that the Power Angle Pro would improve my backwswing, and it did! It also improved my top-of-backswing set, and the transition and release stages of my swing! I'm looking forward to much better ball striking as a result of using the Power Angle Pro.
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Excellent training aid
By Bill Power from Medford, MA US on 12/28/2007
Looks strange, but it works just great. The DVD that comes with it explains how to use it. After watching the video, I was able to see my problem, which the "Power Angle" is helping to correct. I don't have to think about the corrections,....they just happen. I look foward to a better, lower scoring game.
Oh yeah, it's also fun to use.
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