"It's been a fast 4 weeks. I have been working out 3 days a week and it has made a BIG difference. I have regained a flatter stomach and have a much better look to my whole body. As far as my golf is concerned, I've regained some of the distance that I had lost, and also don't feel the least bit fatigued on the back nine. In fact, I won the Class "a" championship this week end at my home club." — Greg

"I do feel stronger and a bit more balanced and in control of my body. My scores have been good. I posted a 77 & 75 over the weekend for a tournament where all is putted out, so I feel good about that (I currently have a 4.8 index)." — Roger Woostman

"Thanks Mike, I'm happy to report a loss of 15 lbs and my handicap has improved from 14.6 to 11.3." — Mike Rahrig

"Mike, the golf fitness program is great and I enjoy doing the workouts and my distance in a few short weeks have improved." — Harvey Rubin

"I know that you have not heard from me in a while, but I finally broke 90. I shot an 88 last week just two days after I turned sixty. Thanks for guidance and tips." — Lee Bryant

"I've lost 20 pounds and I don't get exhausted on the course. In fact, I feel stronger as the day goes on. I am committed to continuing my workouts. Thanks for everything." — Kirk Maynord

"Believe it or not I played in a tournament today & after only one day I could feel the difference. I'm glad I joined your program." — Gregory Falk

"Mike, my program is going very well. I have definitely seen improvements in my physical appearance. As far as my golf game is concerned I am hitting the ball longer by maybe 5 - 10 yards with all clubs and have less back pain. I am encouraged and committed to improve my game." — Walter Gawronski

"The program is great. I have taken some golf lessons along with your program AND am practicing the routines. I have not mastered them all but I will continue. I did hit a drive 300 yards plus and I am 64 years old!" — James Stone

"Since starting your golf exercise program I have had more endurance to last me 45 holes now, before I would barely finish with enough energy to pull out a scrambling par on the eighteenth. I have maintained the same weight (I am trying to gain), but I have way more added power. My pitching wedge was going around 95-100 last month and today it was sending the ball between 115 and 120. I was overshooting pins, I'm hitting it too long in the short game, but it's a dilemma I don't mind right now." — David Banales

"A great WIN for me is that I can comfortably play 36-holes in a day, which was a struggle for me 6-9 months ago! I've gained greater distance off the tee (Driving 240-260 meters consistently now) and have had NO INJURIES this year. Another great thrill for me is my 3-Wood. When using it, I have out-driven other players using there drivers (Distance 220-meters). Your program has helped me improve my golf game, my level of fitness, and appreciation of this great game - SO A BIG THANKS!" — Warren Michael

"I'm getting down to a target weight, having lost well over 20 lbs, and have gone down a pant size since January, I feel more energized, and I'm not fatiguing when I walk the course carrying my bag this year!" — David Irwin

"Program is going great! Almost too good... as I notched up the handicap at the Ocean Club on Paradise Island to +2.0 , a tidy 200 percent improvement from scratch. Overall I am really pleased with the increase balance and improved consistency as a result of the work in the gym. Working on getting the game down to a 10 hdcp from the left hand, or at least that is my goal for the end of the summer." — Michael Toporowski

"Mike, Im definitely stronger and I can see it in my body. I'm hitting the ball more powerfully than I have in the past. Im having more birdie chances, just not sinking the putts.I have done my second workout today. I like what I have seen so far and look forward to seeing results in the very near future." — Joe Louden

"Mike, I have started my custom golf training program! Already, I have found the streching exercises extremely beneficial. Thank you for your follow-up. My goal is to break 90 this summer. Your programing and encouragement, along with a dedicated effort on my part will produce this desired result. Wish me luck!" — Walter Gawronski

"I play off 24 and have never consistently broken 90 - yesterday, I played St. Annes Old Links - one of Britain's oldest golf courses and a qualifying venue for the Open Championship. I shot 86 gross!! Including a 2 at a hole where Jack Nicklaus once shot a 9!! That's 14 over par on a course I've never played before, despite the fact that the wind was blowing in true links style. My drives are a good twenty yards longer, but the biggest change is to my stamina. I only dropped 4 shots on the back nine, where I usually would be starting to flag around the 14th hole. My playing partner was struggling on the back nine and I told him about your golf fitness program - so expect to see him sign up soon. Thanks for the great program!" — Andy Millburn

"I have done my second golf workout today. I like what I have seen so far and look forward to seeing results in the very near future." — Mike Lyman

"After 30 days on your program, I do feel better. My knees don't bother me nearly as much as they did before I started your golf training system. I believe my flexibility for golf has increased and I am driving the ball approximately 15-20 yards farther and more often straighter than before. Thanks for checking in with me." — Ron O'Connell

"Am starting to hit the drives and mid irons consistently, and 20 to 30 yards longer then last year. Am back to playing the blues and occasionally the tips and breaking 85 again, which is not bad for a 66 year old who was starting to accept rounds in the 90's as my fate." — Dave Willets

"This program has given me visible results much faster than any other program (and I even skipped a week in spring break!)." — Dan Griffith

"I am very happy with the progress to date, I used to dwingle in the rough because of poor shots. I have realized that the problem was my muscles were not coiling properly, with training program my folks are worried as I am driving my driver from TEE to 220-230 metres(i.e my tee-shot). I am no more doing 6 shots my target is a birdie or par, because some par 4 I land with my second shot on the green. You are doing a very important job Mike." — Pakiso

"I was able to lower my handicap this past summer from a 20 to 12. I'm hitting all my clubs longer and have added about 20 yards to my drives. I feel better than I have in years. So at 67 yrs. of age I'm feeling very good about myself. My wife likes me healthy also." — Larry Nicholas

"I played Wentworth on Tuesday and followed your "First Tee Warm Up". Guess what? I was the only one in my 4 ball who drove straight and long(ish), I think it was a combination of warming and the confidence from knowing I had warmed up." — Stuart Poonawala

"I tried your recommendation for the downswing and I can't tell you how the ball fly's. I know it's early, and I need more experience and fitness but the technique seems to not only make sense but it works. I can't express how appreciative I am. Golf is my passion and I"ve taken many lessons but never was instructed on this move (drop the hands). Again, thanks so much." — Alex Petroski

"I have done the program for two months on a regular basis. I have to admit that my distance and accuracy has been greatly improved. My ball compression is really amazing. The ball seems stuck on the face of my club on most of my shots. To bad the season is almost over." — Joe Brown

"I just wanted to tell you what a great job you are doing. Since opening my sports performance business, I have waded through most of the marketing and small business stuff out there. Your website is very informative and your customer service is awesome! I really like the follow-up emails that you send, makes someone feel like they are really on your team. Great Work!" — Jim Hlavacek

"I enjoy your weekly messages— they're inspiring. My game has improved greatly, thanks to flexibility and strength exercises, as well as some focused instruction. But the main reason for my improvement is the effort I've made to gain flexibility and strength through exercise. Your compelling messages moved me to act, and I'm a better golfer as a result." — Phil Dougherty

"I played one of the "hardest" courses I have ever played last Friday. I went to Denver last week and played Mariana Butte in Loveland, Colorado. It has a slope of 130, and a yardage of 6604 but it played much longer than that. It had rained most of the week, and stopped 1/2 hour before wee teed off. The ball would almost plug in the fairways off the drive, and sometimes bounced back a foot or two, so we got no roll on any tee shots. Long story short, I shot a 93 with a course handicap of 25, so I shot 4 under my handicap, and that was with 5 three putts. I have never played on such fast greens before, and they were soaking wet... They must be like glass when it's dry! I felt great after the round (and the next day too!). It must be the new golf muscles!" — John Kleczewski

"I'm excited about my game and my health. My tennis elbow has healed, I'm back in the weights and my core strength is the best ever thanks to your program. I'm hitting my drives like never before. I love the stability ball and medicine ball exercises. Keep up the good work! And how cool is that ball cleaner? That will solve a problem I've had for a while - always dragging a large wet towel around the greens!" — Tim Sharp

"I have been in your program for nearly two years. I have seen my handicap go from around a 2 index to a + 0.5. I have gained a few extra yards with my irons and my woods, but most of all I am stronger and my back has held up well during the golf seasons. I have more energy during the latter part of the rounds and my legs are noticably stronger for those long match play events. I would rule my investment with your program a success. This season I was very solid and I think I will be the player of the year in the state of Wisconsin. I use all areas of your site and links help improve my game. Thanks for helping me take my game to the next level!" — Syd Moore