Travel Golf Bags

Whether you are traveling by airplane or in a car, train, or bus with your golf clubs, you need a travel golf bag to hold and protect your golf equipment.

Your search for travel golf bags brings you to, your best online resource for an excellent selection of travel golf bags, golf equipment, high tech golf clubs, and useful golf training aids. It doesn’t matter whether you have a stand bag, a cart bag, or a professional staff golf bag, IN THE HOLE! Golf has the travel golf bag that will fit your golf bag and satisfy your travel needs.

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Travel golf bags will store, protect, and secure your fully loaded golf bag when you travel. Deciding what type of travel golf bag design you will need depends upon not only how much traveling you do, but also the type of travel. Will you be traveling mostly by plane, car, train, or bus? For the majority of folks, airplane and car are the most common modes of travel.

At IN THE HOLE! Golf there are three basic types of travel golf bags available: hardcover, soft sided, and what is known as a hybrid. Each provides varying degrees of protection for your golf clubs. Travel golf bags also come in a variety of sizes. Some travel golf bags hold just your basic loaded golf bag. Other travel golf bags provide additional pockets so you can pack changes of clothing, personal toiletries, and still have room for items such as a cell phone, a GPS unit and rain gear or are capable of holding oversized golf bags. . You will notice on the IN THE HOLE! Golf product pages that there is information regarding what size golf bag will fit in that particular golf travel bag. If you choose to purchase the larger golf travel bags, be aware that the larger the bag, the heavier it will be, particularly when fully packed. Most travel golf bags have some type of wheels at their bases, which allows for easier handling.

Travel Golf Bags - Hard Cover/Case

Hard case travel bags at are the smart choice for golfers who travel with their clubs in planes. Hardcover or hard case travel golf bags are rugged bags designed to solidly protect your clubs from the potential rough handling of airline travel. Ask the airline when you buy your ticket if they will cover any damage incurred if clubs are shipped in a hard golf case. Or consider purchasing SKB ATA Golf Travel Cases that come with an Unconditional Lifetime Guaranty, as well as SKB's unprecedented $1,500 Content Coverage. This travel golf bag manufacturer is so confident in the quality of their product that in the unlikely event that your golf clubs or other contents are damaged by airline handling while transported in an SKB ATA Golf Travel Case, SKB will repair or replace any damage done up to $1,500.

Many hard case designs have metal rings that can accommodate optional TSA locks. The new TSA accepted and recognized locking latch systems provide for safe and secure travel, allowing airport security to inspect the case contents and then securely re-lock the latches. Depending upon the design, hard sided cases can accommodate anywhere from a typical bag of golf clubs to larger pro staff golf bags. Do be aware when it comes to storage at home or on the road, hard cases tend to take up more room than other travel golf bag styles. They also may be difficult to fit in the trunk of a rental car. However, some manufacturers such as Sweet Spot Golf have developed travel golf bags designs where the top half of the hard case can be conveniently removed, inverted, and then slid into the bottom half of the case saving considerable space.

Travel Golf Bags - Soft Cover

A soft-cover travel golf bag is frequently made of all-weather polyester, or heavy-duty nylon with PVC or Nylon Ripstop construction. They are padded on the inside with a hard bottom to protect your golf bag. These types of travel bags have wheels to make transporting the bag easier. Many soft-cover travel golf bag designs have pockets within the bag where you can pack shoes, clothes, or other golfing accessories. Most soft-cover travel golf bags will break down for easy storage in your hotel room or at home. If you are concerned about additional protection for your clubs, you can always buy a "stiff arm" accessory for the bag. Read the features on the product pages to see the size golf bag and longest length club the travel golf bag can accommodate. IN THE HOLE! Golf ‘s soft-sided golf travel bags give you a range of possibilities to choose from.

Travel Golf Bags - Hybrid

A hybrid bag is designed as a cross between a normal golf bag and a travel bag, with a hard case top to provide protection for your golf clubs. These are extremely versatile travel golf bags. Hybrid travel golf bags often weigh less than a standard hard case travel bag as well as take up less space than a regular hard case. Some folks feel there is less protection for clubs than what is provided by a proper hardcover travel bag when traveling by plane. Consequently, these folks believe the hybrid travel golf bag is better suited for car travel rather than airline travel. If you are concerned, talk to our IN THE HOLE! Golf customer service experts or to other golfers who use hybrid travel golf bags.

We have found that many golfers prefer hybrids to hard cases when traveling. Another selling point for a hybrid travel golf bag is that it tends to fit more easily into the trunk of a car along with the other luggage you may be taking on your trip. There are also hybrid travel golf bags such as the Cargo Golf X2, where the case expands in 1” increments up to 51.5'' for a custom club length fit and will collapse down to 24” for convenient storage when not holding your golf bag.

Whether you want a soft-sided, hardcover, or hybrid travel golf bag, IN THE HOLE! Golf is the online site for you with our large selection of travel golf bags in a variety of styles, colors, and price ranges. Some travel golf bags may even be customized with embroidery. In addition, IN THE HOLE! Golf offers free shipping, and we honor all manufacturers’ warranties. The warranties on travel golf bags range from a one-year limited warranty to a limited lifetime warranty- so read the fine print. The manufacturer of Izzo golf products is so confident in the quality of their travel golf bags to protect your clubs that they offer a Club Protection Guarantee that states “If any golf club shaft is broken inside the Izzo Golf High Roller Travel Cover while traveling by airplane, IZZO GOLF will have the club re-shafted at no expense to you.”

Our customer service experts will answer all your questions regarding which travel golf bag would best suit your needs. Give us a toll free call at 888-733-8383. And when you have made a choice, all our golf products including a travel golf bag are easy to purchase 24/7 at your computer.

Purchasing a great travel golf bag from to protect your golfing equipment is a smart choice. Let’s face it. You want to look forward to many great games of golf during your vacation and not worrying about whether your golf clubs are going to survive the trip.

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