Golf Putters

When purchasing golf putters, itís important to keep in mind that your putting stroke demands exacting kinds of putters. Whether itís a mallet or blade, has movable weights or specific inserts, there are golf putters designed just for you. Your search for golf putters brings you to, the best resource for the most advanced and inspired golf equipment, golf clubs, golf putters, golf training aids and golf carts. See our impressive array of exceptional golf drivers, golf gifts, golf shoes, golf irons, golf accessories, golf bags, golf wedges, hybrid golf clubs, golf apparel, juniors and ladies golf equipment, and golf balls. All of the equipment we carry, including our large selection of golf putters, are reviewed and evaluated by our professional golf equipment experts to ensure the highest level of quality and service to you, the customer.

Compared to the other clubs in your bag, the varied designs of golf putters are unquestionably the most unusual. Ranging from light to heavy, big to small, blade to mallet, cast to precise milling, moderately priced to high end, todayís golf putters are anything but boring. Cutting edge technology in weight science, metallurgy, and polymers have enabled designers of golf putters to push the boundaries of MOI (Moment of Inertia), skid reduction, weight distribution, and feel, to achieve new breeds of golf putters created to accommodate the needs of all golfers. There are even a few models of golf putters that give you the freedom to self-adjust the putter to meet your own criteria. We carry many brands of golf putters including Tour Edge, MacGregor, Aserta, Yes! C-groove Putter, Gauge Design, Guerin, Gaim, Rawlins Golf, Heavy Putter, Big Oaks Putters, Hippo Golf, Daito Golf, Pinfire, Elite Sports, and Magique. Your search for golf gifts has brought you to, your most comprehensive site for all things ďgolfĒ related. See our huge selection of golf carts, golf balls, golf drivers, golf gifts, golf shoes, golf irons, golf accessories, junior and ladies golf equipment, golf bags, golf putters, golf wedges, hybrid golf clubs, and golf apparel. Avoid the malls and standing in line at the post office by having the professional golf gifts representatives of IN THE HOLE! Golf assist you. You choose your golf gifts and weíll ship it anywhere you wish. offers golf gifts for under $50.00, golf gifts between $50.00 - $125.00 and golf gifts above $150.00.

The design of golf putters has evolved in recent years from conventional mallet shaped golf putters to the more futuristic shaped modern designs. Golf putters are considered by many to be the most important club in the bag. Golf putters can win or lose the hole or game, so it is critical that you are comfortable with the putter you finally choose. wants you to understand why lie, length, grip, and weight are the four fundamental criteria to consider when looking at golf putters. How the club sits relative to your hand and body position affects how well you putt. Golf putters that are too upright or too flat can cause the club to drift off line, even if your mechanics are sound. Getting fitted for lie angle, the angle you rest the golf putters sole on the ground, is key to making a center hit on line. Since the length of golf putters directly affects your stance, a club that is too long or too short will compromise your ability to create the desired forward and back pendulum movement necessary for a smooth swing. Be aware of the weight of golf putters. If the putter is too light, you might overcompensate by adding too much right hand into the stroke that will result in your pulling the putt. Finally, the size of your golf putters grip can change not only the way your arms and hands move during the swing, but also your setup and stroke. At IN THE HOLE! Golf we recommend that you consult a club fitter to assure you are purchasing the right golf putter. You donít want to end up with a closet full of discarded golf putters! A fitter will find your proper length, lie, loft, grip, and head style to match your physique, stance, stroke, and preference.

Since choosing your putter is very important, do not rush into it. Take your time looking and learning about the incredible array of golf putters IN THE HOLE! Golf has for you. Whether you are a professional or a weekend golfer we want you to find the golf putters that provide superior accuracy, better control of distance and direction, and the genuine feel and consistency youíve always dreamed about. InTheHoleGolf.comís huge selection of golf putters, golf balls, golf drivers, golf gifts, golf shoes, golf irons, golf accessories, golf bags, golf wedges, hybrid golf clubs, golf apparel, junior and ladies golf equipment, and golf carts are easy to purchase, 24/7, with a click of your mouse. Have a question regarding golf putters? You can contact our golf equipment experts at 1-888-733-8383. Now that you have the perfect golf putter, itís time to play golf and experience the delight in seeing your short game improve. is the #1 resource for golf equipment on the web. We are confident that we can supply you with the most appropriate golf putters whatever level golfer you are.

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