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Smart Stick Golf Training Aid with Free Martin Hall DVD

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The Smart Stick - Laser Training Aid

The Smart Stick is a technologically advanced golf swing training aid that provides instantaneous visual feedback throughout the entire golf swing. The Smart Stick is a result of the tireless dedication by one of golf's premier teachers, Martin Hall, recently ranked #12 of all teachers by Golf Digest.

The Smart Stick Golf Training Aid utilizes two green lasers and an innovative wrist bar that will teach you the proper position of a flat left wrist at the top of your swing, how to hinge your wrist 90 degrees, as well as how to maintain club head lag on the downswing. The two high powered green lasers of the Smart Stick are designed to be used indoors as well as outdoors.

 Included with The Smart Stick:
  1 Instructional DVD with Professional Golf Lessons
 • Wrist Bar
 • Military Grade Lasers
 • Works for left and right handed players
 • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

 Smart Stick - What is It? Smart Stick - How Does it Work?

The Smart Stick is a technologically advanced golf swing training aid that allows for continual visual feedback as to where your club is throughout your entire swing. The device will teach you the three P's of golf: Plane, Power and Precision.

By using this device, you will eliminate ugly slices and hooks from your golf game. Training with this device provides you instant feedback, allows you to see mistakes, and helps you make immediate corrections. No expensive video equipment required!

The Smart Stick can be used anywhere indoors or outdoors and at a time that is convenient to you. It is simple to use and requires no special devices other than a straight line used to simulate the aim line. The Smart Stick is compact and is easily stored in your golf bag. Staying sharp and on plane has never been easier. Easy to travel with, The Smart Stick is permitted by all airlines.

The built-in lasers are industrial lasers built with a 4000 hour diode - equivalent to five-hundred eight hour days of laser "on" time. The lasers are utilized by the U.S. Military on many of the rifles used in the field. The power of these lasers allows this device to be used outdoors in the brightest of sunlight with the beam showing up clearly on the green grass. No other lasers provide this outside performance.

Click Here to watch a video with Martin Hall as he dicusses Plane, Power, & Precision with the Smart Stick

 Smart Stick - How & Why It Works Smart Stick - How Does it Work?

Two green lasers in the Smart Stick, one on each end, enable the teacher and student to clearly see the path the club is traveling from beginning to end of the swing. Utilizing the green laser technology allows the lasers to be seen outside on the grass in the brightest of sunlight. No other laser can provide this performance. The human brain learns muscle memory fastest through visualization. Once you see the lasers traveling on the wrong path an immediate correction can be made. Feedback to the brain is instantaneous.

The Power portion of the Smart Stick comes through the use of the wrist bar. The wrist bar shows proper positioning of the wrist - both at the top of the swing and at impact.

Precision comes through the ongoing use of the Smart Stick in your practice sessions. With the Smart Stick you will be practicing perfect with the visual feedback of the lasers moving on the proper path. You won�t have to guess if you�ve got the club in the correct position.

Click Here to watch a video with Martin Hall as he dicusses Plane, Power, & Precision with the Smart Stick


"For the golfer that wants positive visual feedback this is the only training aid I use for the full swing."
Craig Perks - PGA Tour Player & Winner of THE PLAYERS CHAMPIONSHIP

"This is a must have swing training aid that I recommend to each and everyone of my students including my tour players."
Mark Blackburn - PGA Teacher who is teacher to Robert Karrlson, Heath Slocum,& Boo Weekley

"I received my Smart Stick and quickly picked up something in my swing that immediately helped my game. It is easy to use for instructors of any caliber of player and is a must have to practice perfect."
Tony Sessa - Golf Professional Augusta National Golf Club

"Recently we found a product called the Smart Stick that will teach you the swing plane. After using the product for a couple weeks I quickly saw that my students were able to make changes that prior to the Smart Stick were difficult to correct."
Rob Noel - Rob Noel Golf Academy

"Can you send me another Smart Stick so I can take on tour with me? I am lost without it."
John Reigger - PGA TOUR PLAYER

"We have had a huge response and great success with the Smart Stick. I have 70 ladies in indoor clinics and we have all of them using the Smart Stick with unbelieable success."
Code Vanos - PGA Professional Blythefield Country Club

"For the golfer that wants positive visual feedback this is the best ever golf training aid."
Bob Lennon - PGA Teaching Professional

"My #1 player, who has been hitting the ball awful for about a week, used the stick for 30 minutes before his round today (grooving his takeaway) and shot 68 - thank you!"
Erin Brilhart - Head Coach, Mt. Saint Mary's University Golf Team

"After only a couple of weeks with the Smart Stick, I hit the ball with an ease and into places never before accomplished. I was one inch away from a hole in one on a 178 yard par three."
Beasley Reece - Former NY Giant All Pro and Current Sports Anchor

"Had a great trip to Bandon Dunes. Played great, and I think it is due in large measure to the smart stick getting me back on plane."
Andy Rubin

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Give it a try
By Bob from Austin Texas on 08/13/2012
Recommended: Yes
My first reaction after opening the box was "it is very over priced" . However, I felt a little less taken when I noticed the lasers are a very good quality. I have been using it now for over a month and my swing has improved dramatically. Knowing what I know today I would pay 3 times what I paid if that was the only way I could get it. It is the first game improvement training aid that I have purchased in 30 yrs. of golf that has worked. Give it a try.
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Was this helpful?
By Mike from st louis on 07/15/2012
Pros: fast easy
Cons: none
Recommended: Yes
EXCELLENT Experience
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Was this helpful? +1
It Works!
By R.G.C. from New York, NY on 02/13/2012
Pros: Great design, Martin Hall DVDs a plus
Cons: Durability to be determined
Recommended: Yes
A worthy investment in my game for the long term. The Smart Stick showed me precisely where my swing was too flat. With a couple weeks of practice, I'm feeling the perfect alignment of my left arm, left wrist, and shaft on plane at the top--a new sensation!

With a proper neutral grip and pivot turn, the laser doesn't lie about where your shaft plane is throughout your swing. The real time feedback in slow motion practice as well as at regular swing speed is huge--much more effective than watching video of yourself after the fact.
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Smart Stick Review
By K.Y. from Woodland Hills, CA US on 06/09/2010
You do get a general sense of what may be a correct swing plane when you�re using this device; however, it is difficult to know whether or not you�re making a ôpreciseö swing plane (as this device claims to teach you) because depending on various factors such as your slight wrist actions, your variable distances from your stance to the end of the laser point, your body�s lateral movements, and where you place your grip on this thin plastic tube, you CAN have the laser pointer follow a straight line AND still be off the ideal and correct swing plane. In other words, you CAN still make mistakes even if the laser pointer follows a straight line. Also, the grip is slippery (actually there is no grip; it�s just a single thin & short plastic tube, so you don�t get the sense that you�re holding a golf club). Nonetheless, if you keep practicing, you will find your tweaks to match your style of swing, and this device can be somewhat helpful for beginners and alike.
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Was this helpful? -1
Smart Stick Review
By oliver rosen from New Canaan, CT US on 01/30/2009
It does require a lot of practice to improve your swing however, if you stick with it the results will certainly show.
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