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The design of golf balls has evolved over many years. The history of golf balls started somewhere on the eastern shore of Scotland in the mid fifteenth century when golf balls were first made from wood. In the early 1600’s a new type of golf ball, the Featherie, created by handcrafting a cowhide sphere stuffed with goose feathers was introduced. In 1848, Gutta golf balls made from the dried sap of Sapodilla trees enormously enhanced the game of golf with their new durability and lower cost. Later, the surface textures and patterns impressed into the gutta-percha balls greatly improved the balls’ flight. In the early 19th century the development of the rubber ball with its various outer surface designs dramatically changed the game of golf. Today, the high technological golf balls in the golf market are a far cry from those first humble wooden golf balls from so long ago.

Your search for golf balls brings you to Welcome to the best online resource for the most advanced golf equipment, golf clubs, golf putters, golf balls, and golf carts. See our impressive array of exceptional golf drivers, golf shoes, golf irons, golf accessories, golf bags, hybrid golf clubs, golf apparel, juniors and ladies golf clubs and golf training aids. All of the equipment we carry, including our large selection of golf balls, are reviewed and evaluated by our professional golf experts to ensure the highest level of quality and service. IN THE HOLE! Golf is proud to be an Authorized Dealer for the many brands of golf balls we carry including Bridgestone Golf, Precept, Precept Lady, Srixon and Volvik Crystal Balls.

Experienced golfers recognize that using the proper golf balls not only can maximize their shots from the tee, but also help them control their pitches and chips around the green. For the average or beginning golfer, finding the best golf balls for their game can become a tiring and confusing process. Today, manufacturers design golf balls for distance, spin and durability with tremendous technological features. Trajectory, distance, spin, as well as, feel, compression, cover material, number of dimples, club head speed, price, and playing level of the golfer are factors that need to be considered when buying golf balls. So which type of golf ball will best suit your level of golf? IN THE HOLE! Golf has a choice of golf balls for all levels of players. If you generate fast club head speeds as you tee off or drive you golf balls down the fairway, IN THE HOLE! Golf recommends high performance, high compression golf balls. Take a look at our Bridgestone Tour golf balls that are engineered for serious players and Tour professionals seeking exceptional distance, accuracy and soft feel. If you’re a medium to slower swinger, lower compression core golf balls will give a softer feel on all shots for added control. Senior, junior, and lady golfers tend to buy golf balls with the lowest compression. See our Precept golf balls for ladies. The Precept Lady S III golf balls provide super soft feel with damped vibration and increased lift, leading to unprecedented long distances even though the swing speed of the player is only between 70-90 mph.

Advances continue in the construction of golf balls with manufacturers always striving to develop ball designs that give superior feel and spin without sacrificing distance and durability. As you search for the best golf ball designs you will discover there are two-piece golf balls, three-piece golf balls, Balata and Surlyn golf balls, wound golf balls, liquid-center golf balls, titanium-center golf balls, "senior" golf balls, "ladies" golf balls, golf balls that offer "extra distance" or "extra spin" and many hybrid golf balls that combine all these characteristics. United States Golf Association includes close to 1,900 balls on its "conforming" list of golf balls that may be used in its sanctioned events. No wonder it can be overwhelming trying to choose which golf ball design will best improve your golf game.

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