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Searching for Cobra Golf fairway woods brings you to, the premier Internet golf store for all your Cobra golf club needs. We offer an extensive selection of the most innovative golf equipment for men, women, and teens including Cobra Golf fairway woods, drivers, irons, hybrids, specialty clubs, and bags, golf training aids, golf apparel for men and women, golf accessories, and many unusual golf related gift items.

If you are new to golf, it may be helpful to have some understanding about the “woods” in your club arsenal. The typical woods found in the average golfer’s bag will include a driver and one or two fairway woods. The most common woods used are the 3-wood and/or 5-wood and perhaps a 7-wood for men. Women and seniors might benefit from adding a 7-wood or 9-wood to their 3-wood and 5-wood. The driver, also called the 1-wood, is the longest club in your bag. Fairway woods, just like irons, are progressive in their technical advantages. So, your 1-wood, the driver, will go the farthest distance and each wood there after will progressively go less. Distances with each fairway wood will vary from player to player. The folks at IN THE HOLE! Golf want you to know that there is no "right" distance. As you start playing, you will learn those wood hit distances that are unique to your ability. Do not compare yourself to professional players. The distances they hit their woods are in a completely different league from the rest of us.

Constantly at the forefront of golfing technology, Cobra Golf fairway woods are designed to maximize the games of all golfers. For players who seek maximum forgiveness, power, and control from the fairway, there are a number of Cobra Golf fairway woods that are worth considering whether you are a man, woman, or senior player.

Cobra Golf single handedly created the utility club market with the development in the 1970’s of their "Baffler" design with its patented soleplate design that was effective from various lies. Many years later, the Cobra Golf fairway woods engineers bring you the Baffler Rail Fairway, a sleek-looking, 17-4 steel club head that features a thin, high-strength 465 maraging steel clubface designed to increase ball speed and distance. With not only an elongated clubface and low-profile head resulting in a low, deep center of gravity to help golfers launch the ball with ease, but also a high moment of inertia for maximum forgiveness, this Cobra Golf fairway wood is just what a player who is struggling with hitting traditional fairway woods should have. According to Jimmy O'Shea, Golf Club Design Engineer, 4 years of golf club design experience, “…the Baffler Hybrid in terms of versatility and forgiveness, makes hitting fairway woods a lot more fun."

Another Cobra Golf fairway wood model to consider is the Cobra S3 Fairway series with a larger and hotter face. Its oversize profile increases the Sweet Zone® by 25% for higher COR (coefficient of restitution) to promote superior distance and accuracy when hitting from the fairway. FYI: Coefficient of restitution is a measurement of the energy loss or energy retention when two objects collide. This means that when the club head impacts the ball, there is a transfer of the energy from the head to the ball. The COR measurement is always expressed as a number between 0.000 , no transfer of energy is transferred from one object to the other, and 1.000 in which all energy is transferred from one object to the other. The goal with COR is to have a high measurement approaching the perfect 1.000. Interestingly, the current USGA rule limits the COR of a club head to be no higher than a measurement of 0.830!

For mid- to high-handicap golfers who want high draw-biased ball flight with forgiveness, suggests looking at the Cobra S3 Max Fairway. This Cobra Golf fairway wood series has an offset design promoting a square face at impact for longer, more consistent shots, helping those who tend to slice their ball. In addition the Crown Alignment design has visual cues to ensure proper alignment with target (the golf ball) and helps keep the club on your desired swing path.

The engineers of Cobra Golf fairway woods have not forgotten the ladies. There is a women's Cobra S3 Max Fairway set of clubs that includes the standard 3-woods, 5-woods, and 7-woods, as well as a 9-wood, all designed for maximum leniency when hitting from the fairway. Likewise the ladies can also enjoy the forgiveness, power, and control from the fairway found in Cobra Golf fairway woods, Baffler Rail Fairway clubs.

The technological advances on the newest Baffler design are worth noting. IN THE HOLE! Golf is impressed, as should you. This particular Cobra Golf fairway woods series offers an innovative four-way rail sole, which reduces the area of the club that comes in contact with the ground. This results in improved turf interaction and forgiveness from many different lies. The unique oversize Baffler head design with its very shallow face results in an extremely forgiving fairway wood that launches the ball with ease. And finally, the high strength steel face with its 9 Point Face Technology allows for 10% of the head’s weight to be strategically repositioned low and back, resulting in faster ball speed, improved launch and an even bigger Sweet Zone.

All Cobra Golf fairway woods have custom club, custom shafts, and custom grip options, as well as their standard offerings. You will find the specs and other features of each of the Cobra Golf fairway woods we offer on their individual product pages at If you are a “leftie” make sure the specific Cobra Golf fairway wood you want is offered as LH.

The folks at IN THE HOLE! Golf are happy to answer any questions regarding which Cobra Golf fairway woods are best for your game. Please feel free to give us a call at: 1-888-733-8383. is here to help you. And if you already know exactly which Cobra Golf fairway woods you want, we’ve made your Internet shopping easy from the convenience of your own computer, 24/7.

PGA professionals, and regular golfers as well as reviewers are enthusiastic about Cobra Golf fairway woods. You’ll be impressed by how your golf game will improve by playing with the Cobra Golf fairway woods sets we offer at

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