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Golf balls are the only piece of golf equipment used for every golf shot. Knowledgeable golfers understand that using the proper golf balls not only can maximize their shots from the tee, but also help them control their pitches, chips, and putts around the green. Many of the world’s best players trust their games to Callaway golf balls.

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Present day golf balls have come a long way from the earliest known golf balls, which were first made from solid wood and later were cowhide spheres stuffed with goose feathers. Modern golf balls are technological wonders with manufacturers always striving to develop ball designs that give superior feel and spin without sacrificing distance and durability. Today, for the average and beginning golfer, choosing the best golf balls for his/her game can be a confusing process. Manufacturers design their golf balls with tremendous technological features for distance, spin, and durability. It’s rather extraordinary to realize that the United States Golf Association includes almost 1,900 balls on its "conforming" list of golf balls that may be used in its sanctioned events. Premium golf balls from a number of well-known golf ball manufacturers abound in the marketplace. No wonder it can be overwhelming trying to choose the best golf ball. Many players just don’t realize how much their golf ball selection can impact the outcome of any shot. But the designers of Callaway golf balls are well aware of the impact the proper golf ball has on the a golfer’s score and have created a number of different types of golf balls to satisfy those players looking for help with both distance and greenside control, as well as distance and accuracy. IN THE HOLE! Golf offers golfers many excellent choices with a variety of different Callaway golf balls narrowing your search considerably.

Understanding some of the technological advances that are found in Callaway golf balls will help you in deciding which Callaway golf ball is best for your game. When most non-golfers imagine a golf ball they see a dimpled small white ball. However, the designers of Callaway golf balls have replaced the traditional dimples with a HEX cover geometry. HEX Aerodynamics is a quantum leap in the “cover geometry” of a golf ball’s surface by eliminating flat spots on the ball's surface to reduce drag resulting in longer, more efficient ball flight. Traditional dimple patterns cover up to 86 percent of the surface of the golf ball. With HEX Aerodynamics you get a seamless cover and 100 percent surface coverage. Callaway Golf engineers continue to fine-tune the aerodynamic characteristics so your shot will penetrate the wind for even longer, straighter ball flight. The (RIM) Reaction Injection Molding technology found in the Tour i(s) and Tour i(z) Callaway golf balls injects two pressurized liquid components into a cavity that precisely centers the mantle layer-covered core within the golf ball. The solid cover material resulting from a chemical reaction results in a more durable golf ball. In addition, the more consistent cover thickness delivers a very steady launch, tighter dispersion, and, ultimately, a better-flying ball.

Just as a golfer is concerned about MOI (Moment of Inertia) when purchasing golf clubs, the Callaway engineers have designed a groundbreaking golf ball model by improving the ball’s MOI. To achieve the higher MOI in the Tour i(s) and Tour i(z) Callaway golf balls, the outer core and mantle layer are made with a denser material to move its weight from the center to the perimeter of the golf ball.

Callaway Golf engineers use multi-material construction to customize the performance of their different golf ball designs. Two-piece, three-piece, and now four-piece golf balls each offer various performance attributes. Two-piece distance Callaway golf balls spin less resulting in fewer slices and hooks. They also may launch higher because the firm polymer cover, which is less likely to show damage from abrasion, tends to slide slightly up the clubface at impact. However, because two-piece distance Callaway golf balls spin less, some golfers may have more problems around the green. A two-piece golf ball such as the Callaway Warbird Plus Golf Balls is extremely reasonably priced. The two-piece Big Bertha golf ball features a firm outer-cover with a low compression core for excellent distance, low dispersion, and soft feel.

Callaway also has three-piece golf ball models, which offer distance control. Consider the HX Hot Plus, which is Callaway Golf’s longest “traveling” three-piece golf ball. Callaway Golf’s new HX Bite also features a three-piece construction. It is designed to generate spin around the green with a soft, thin cover. In order to maintain distance off the tee, the HX Bite has a firm mantle over a medium compression core.

You will find in the premium, four-piece Callaway Golf Tour i(s) and Tour i(z) balls a dual core construction. The two cores work together to provide low spin off the driver for greater distance down the fairway while still providing great spin around the green. While considerably more expensive than their two-piece or three-piece golf balls, these premium Callaway golf balls are well worth it.

When you read the reviews on models of Callaway golf balls, you will find a growing number of raves. Surprise your golfing buddies with a better game using one of the various models of Callaway golf balls you’ll find at IN THE HOLE! Golf.

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