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TaylorMade golf clubs are synonymous with such adjectives as high-tech, high-performance, and innovative. If you are in the search for new golf clubs, Taylor Made golf clubs are an excellent place to begin looking.

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It is impressive to know that TaylorMade golf clubs are the preferred drivers, irons, and fairway woods used by many professionals at PGA tournaments. One reason is the innovative metalwood technology found in Taylor Made golf clubs makes it possible for each player to customize his/her own club. Please allow our InTheHoleGolf.com expert to explain the most important technological advances found in the various Taylor Made golf clubs.

TaylorMade’s Flight Control Technology (FCT) allows a golfer to easily adjust the club’s loft, lie, and face angle. On Taylor Made golf clubs which feature FTC you will find a metal sleeve positioned over the tip of the shaft. The sleeve can be rotated into different positions, changing the characteristics of the head by loosening the bolt that secures the sleeve and shaft into the club head

TaylorMade’s Moveable Weight Technology (MWT) offers a discretionary club head weight that can easily be distributed by the player to change the characteristics of TaylorMade golf clubs. By moving differently weighted cartridges into strategically positioned ports, the Taylor Made golf clubs center of gravity location can be optimized by the player. It is interesting to note that by positioning more weight in the head and less in the toe, the speed of the club head rotation during the forward swing will promote a draw and/or reduce a slice.

TaylorMade’s Inverted Crown Technology (ICT) optimizes the way the Taylor Made golf clubs face behaves at impact to create an expanded COR zone. Our InTheHoleGolf.com expert wants you to know that ICT is incorporated into every TM driver since the R500 Series. Originally developed for TM drivers, ICT has also been successfully incorporated into Taylor Made golf clubs irons such as the r7, r7TP, and Burner.

TaylorMade’s Z Groove found in TaylorMade golf clubs wedges with their larger volume results in added room to prevent channel clogging. Fresh grooves and a rough surface promote maximum backspin and control. Remember, when your wedge’s grooves wears down, your precision wears down.

TaylorMade’s Anti-Skid Groove System Insert is for Taylor Made golf clubs putters. The Anti-Skid Groove System insert promotes forward spin and reduces skid and bounce for superior distance-control and accuracy. And the weight saved from the Titallium insert is redistributed on the perimeter of the putter head increasing the Moment of Inertia (MOI), thus making the putter more forgiving on miss hits. Remember that the higher the MOI measurement, the more stable and resistant to twisting the putter’s head will be. ­This is a technology that any golfer can appreciate.

As you read the descriptions of the TaylorMade golf clubs offered by IN THE HOLE! Golf, you will see these technological advances mentioned.

Because of the number of various Taylor Made golf clubs available at InTheHoleGolf.com, you may feel the need to discuss your options with someone who is knowledgeable. You can contact our InTheHoleGolf.com TaylorMade golf clubs experts at 1-888-733-8383. We personally test, review, and evaluate all TaylorMade golf clubs, so IN THE HOLE! Golf can provide you with the highest level of customer service.

Choosing your golf clubs is very important, so do not rush into it. Take your time looking and learning about the incredible array of Taylor Made golf clubs IN THE HOLE! Golf has for you. Once you have made your purchase, you can look forward to an incredible day on the links. As one happy purchaser of TaylorMade golf clubs said: “Best clubs I have ever hit. They are very forgiving, easy to get the ball up in the air, and have a great feel. I would rate these Taylor Made golf clubs at the highest level. I believe they are great for all handicaps.” The folks at IN THE HOLE! Golf couldn’t have said it better!

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