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Hammy Putter

The hammY Putter is available in two sizes with two different head styles. For players 5'8" or taller, select the 38.5" putter. For Players under 5'8", select the 37" putter. A milled face and a polymer insert face are available, to suit all preferences.

Triple Bend Shaft
The hammY Putter is designed with an innovative triple bend shaft, allowing for a more consistent roll and feel. Setting up with the hammY back in your stance, just inside your back foot, enables you to have a natural forward press. This forward press forces the ball to have an immediate and more accurate roll down the target line. The triple bend shaft also makes it possible to clear your left side (for right handed putting) out of the putt, promoting an open stance. This open, forty five degree, stance provides you the ability to view the line with both eyes. Using both eyes to track the target line is just one of many advantages to the revolutionary triple bend shaft and split grip combination of the hammY Putter.

"When I take the club back I stay nice and low to the ground and when I go through, with an open stance, I stay on line right at the target. I do believe, if I was using the hammY Putter, I would have won twice as many tournaments in my career."
Doug Sanders
PGA Tour Legend & 20 Time Winner

Split Grip
hammY's revolutionay split grip allows you to finally putt with control and accuracy. By having your hands spread, you will maximize your control over the putter. Anything you do in life that relies on control and accuracy requires spreading your hands for optimal success. Imagine you have to bunt a baseball or take a slap shot in hockey; the only way you will consistently succeed is by spreading your hands for control and accuracy. Therefore, the hammY Putter's split grip will now provide consistent success in putting. By placing your lower hand on the bottom grip, you will gain the control required to bring the putter head straight back and straight through on each putt. The lower grip will result in a natural roll on the ball, as if you were rolling the ball with your hand, helping to eliminate three putts. The other hand grabs the top grip, working as a guide, to eliminate unwanted wrist break in the putting stroke.

"Like the bunt in baseball the hammY's split grip gives you a nice, easy, swing control to the putter head. I have found that it helps me immensely."
Eric Soderholm
Former MLB Star & 6 handicap

View The Line
With the open, forty five degree stance, that the hammY Putter promotes, you will now use both eyes to find and track the target line. Golf studies have shown that sports vision is the number one reason people struggle with putting. Alignment and eye dominance come into play with the traditional stroke, often causing one to miss a putt even after making a good stroke. As traditional putters we often use one, usually less dominant, eye when addressing the ball. This problem presents an entirely different perspective from the time you align a putt and the point in which you address the ball. With hammY style putting you keep the same aligned perspective, can read the green easier, localize your target, and maintain the same alignment at impact.

"The hammY Putter is brilliant from a sports vision perspective. As an optometrist, who has dedicated his life to improving the visual system, I don't know why anyone would go back to putting in a traditional style again."
Dr. Brent Dunlap
Optometrist & Avid Golfer

Roll The Ball Theory
If we asked you to roll a ball to the hole instead of putting it, how would you do it? You would open up and face the hole, bend slightly at the knees, and roll the ball with your palm at the target. The hammY style is the same setup as rolling the ball. Fortunately, hammY has developed the perfect putter to allow you to implement this stance, and combine it with a stroke as simple as rolling the ball in with your bare hand. We've all been rolling the ball since we were small children. Now the hammY Putter gives you a new way to putt, even a 3 year old is comfortable with.

"The hammY Putter has made my teaching putting simple. All I do is ask my students to image they are rolling the ball in with thier hand. Anyone, including young children, can relate. It is easy and prevents their minds from getting cluttered."
Greg Miller
PGA Prefessional & Instructor

If you have any questions about this product or would like to order by phone, please call us Toll Free at 888-733-8383. We look forward to hearing from you!

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