Golf Twitch Trainer - Golf Training Aid

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Golf Twitch Trainer - Golf Training Aid

Finally a training aid that delivers. The Twitch Trainer is specifically designed to train your golf swing by breaking bad habits and rebuilding new ones. Maximizing your rotational efficiency and the ability to produce higher club head speeds, the Twitch Trainer and its progressive training program, Twitch Movements, will awaken your inner Golf-lete.

“The Twitch Trainer is by far the best swing speed training aid I’ve ever used.”- Cameron McCormick

For years lag has been understood in the golf swing to produce higher club head speeds for maximizing distance. The misperception is that it is only found in the angle of the wrists to club. Many of todays training AIDS have adopted this one-dimensional concept overlooking that fact that the body segments drive power and speed, not just the hands. Lag and speed throughout the swing truly exists in the timing of the sequential release points of each body segment. How those match up in a rotational sequence will dramatically effect ones ability to produce club head speed and add wanted distance off the tee.

Twitch Golf Trainer


A few swings of the Twitch Trainer are all it takes to warm up and bomb it past your buddies. Plus, when you make this unique training program part of your routine your swing enjoys all the benefits. Designed for anybody at any level, this quick and easy regimen focuses on improving the coordination of your rotational sequence and developing the core drivers of distance — the fast twitch muscles in the lower body and torso.

The Golf twitch Trainer is specifically designed to re-program a wavering rotational sequence. Simplifying the complexity of the swing through drills and progressions aimed at placing the body in motion the twitch trainer will re-awaken the athlete within. Conditioning the body in both strength and speed, twitch training will improve coordination, tempo, sequence and release by providing swing feedback that you can't get from a normal golf club. These methods built on change of direction, weight distribution and deceleration will maximize speed, cracking the whip at impact.

Features: Golf Twitch Trainer
* Golf's first light weight and portable "all in one" strength and speed trainer
* Add 10 to 15 yards off of the tee instantly
* Gain 2-4 mph club head speed in 5 minutes
* A perfect warm up tool for the tee box when time is tight
* Enhance your lag, tempo, sequence and release for maximal speeds

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