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Alignment - Golf Training Aids

Alignment, or aim, is a fundamental of golf that is often overlooked. Proper alignment can go a long way in improving the scores and accuracy of golfer's game. A well-aligned drive results in the club head striking the ball with the clubface straight on so that the ball moves directly towards the intended target. Two "incorrect" or non-straight shots are the slice or the hook. Both these shots are caused by alignment problems. Practicing proper alignment with golf training aids from will have a positive impact on your consistency, accuracy and ultimately, scoring.

Fitness - Golf Training Aids

Every golfer can improve their game dramatically by conditioning their body for optimal golf performance. Strengthen the golf specific muscles at your shoulders, back, hips, stomach, as well as hands, wrists and forearms with our select array of golf training aids. You can reduce the risk of injury by developing greater strength and endurance. IN THE HOLE! Golf “fitness” golf training aids are convenient to use at home, in the office, or on the road.

Grip - Golf Training Aids

Your handgrip is the only physical connection you have with a golf club. By placing your hands properly on the golf club, you better control the position of the club's face at impact. The correct natural grip delivers the clubface squarely to the back of the ball, keeps the club from slipping during your swing, enables the swing to be a fluid continuous motion, and transmits power through the ball. Our “grip” golf training aids will help you not only to learn and become comfortable with the proper grip, but also to maintain the proper grip. IN THE HOLE! Golf has training aids that will also help you develop the muscle memory important for properly holding the golf club. A fundamentally sound grip should be firm enough to maintain control, yet soft enough to feel the club head. To play golf with any degree of success, you must have a sound, natural grip and the golf training aids from will help you achieve that goal.

Weight Transfer - Golf Training Aids

Proper weight transfer is a pure lateral movement to the right and then to the left. Many golfers either transfer too little body weight or none at all. The golfer's body is his power base as well as his center of gravity. His distance and accuracy depend on his body awareness. Weight transfer is the foundation of the entire swing motion. Without proper weight transfer, nothing else in your entire swing will work properly. Correct weight transfer produces additional power and enhances accuracy. IN THE HOLE! Golf has golf training aids that teach and help train your body to achieve proper weight transfer as part of learning how to improve your golf swing.

Swing Analysis - Golf Training Aids

One of the biggest problems that most amateur golfers make in their quest to improve their swing is to try one 'tip' after another rather than having their problem diagnosed. The best way to improve your golf game is through proper analysis of your swing and instruction on how to correct any swing flaws. offers a variety of golf training aids for swing analysis from the more simple devises to the highly sophisticated 3D golf simulators. The most basic golf swing analyzer is a small electronic contraption that can be attached to a club shaft. As the golfer swings the club, the golf swing analyzer records the club speed and computes a distance projection. For more complete feedback, home golf analyzers are available with sophisticated computer software packages. IN THE HOLE! Golf carries many of the best swing analysis golf training aids.

Short Game - Golf Training Aids

About 70 percent of the shots in a round of golf are taken 75-100 yards from the pin or closer, making the short game the most significant factor in a golfer's score. The short game is different than the full swing in feel, in finesse, in tempo, and in stance. Short game instruction usually includes putting, chipping, pitching, special lies and situations, and reading greens. The short game cannot be learned on the driving range and does not require strength or athleticism to really excel. IN THE HOLE! Golf has effective golf training aids that will help improve your short game. See additional golf training aids under our putting section.

Impact Position - Golf Training Aids

Impact is the moment of truth in the golf swing. It is the instant when the golf club contacts the golf ball. Although there are variances in swing techniques among professionals, they all arrive at impact basically the same. This position is universal and is necessary for solid and consistent golf shots. IN THE HOLE! Golf has golf training aids that teach the correct position and feel for that moment.

Release - Golf Training Aids

During the downswing, club release or wrist uncocking refers to the angle made between the club shaft and the plane of the arms driving down towards the golf ball. Today we have the technology to measure and analyze this action objectively with the result that manufacturers have developed various golf training aids that help teach “correct release” – resulting in the ability to hit straight shots without hooking or slicing the ball. offers a number of golf training aids that will duplicate the feel of the proper load and release during the swing. In some cases you need to use these golf training aids only a few minutes a day to improve your swing and lower your scores.

Club Head Speed and Distance - Golf Training Aids

Your golf swing speed will affect your club-head speed the most. When attempting to increase the club head speed, there is more involved than just trying to swing harder. If you want more length, get more speed and if you want more speed, you will need to work not only on your strength, but also your technique. Whether the golf swing speed is used at its maximum for length when you drive on a fairway or in a controlled fashion when you need complete accuracy, it takes an understanding of what is involved in the complete golf swing. IN THE HOLE! Golf has golf training aids that will improve your core strength and flexibility, ensure your rotational movement is correct, and enhance and improve the dexterity and coordination between the upper and lower body. The result will be your driving through the ball with maximum speed. We also carry “club head speed” golf training aids that are the perfect weight and length for junior golfers of all ages. They will help the young golfer learn how to produce maximum swing speeds resulting in their balls traveling the maximum distance.

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