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Dynamics Swing Glove - Golf Training Aid Glove

The Swing Glove can help all golfers from beginner to touring pro. Playing with the Dynamics Swing Glove can improve your game's consistency within 2-3 days. You can use the Swing Glove on the range, or even while playing on the golf course. The Swing Glove is a high quality leather golf glove with a revolutionary wrist guide that will stabilize and improve any golf swing.

The guide which is sewn into the glove is made of an ultra light material, and is also molded at an angle to keep your wrist at the proper swing angle and swivels to guide your wrist into the proper position through the golf swing.

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In Practice and Play, The Swing Glove Helps You Achieve a Consistent Swing for Lower Scores!

Top instructors have confirmed that a softer grip on the club delivers more power than a grip that is too strong. The Swing Glove enables a softer grip, allowing the hinged-plate to better guide your wrists, and helps reduce to much excessive pressure caused as the Swing Glove works to correct your wrist position.

 The Dynamics Swing Glove offers golfers of all skill levels noticeable improvements in the following areas of their game:
 •  Precise swing path and correct club for all golf shots.
 •  Improved swing mechanics that increases shot distance and longer drives.
 •  Corrected swing flaws leading to a more fundamentally sound golf swing 

 •  AAA Grafe Cabretta leather for form, comfortable grip
 •  Durable and breathable for playability in any weather.
 •  All leather index finger provides a more secure grip with no slippage. 
 •  Velero closure with Dynamic Swing Glove logo on back.
 •  Double band in the cuff and wrist provides a more comfortable to fit around the wrist.

 How it works

Your hands are the only point of contact with the club. Improper wrist position at any point in your swing can cause trouble. At the critical moment of impact, your wrist must be straight or you simply won't make solid contact.

As shown below, the Swing Glove's patented Swing Gear technology is an innovative hinged-plate that keeps your wrists and hands in the proper position through the entire swing.

Guides takeaway to proper cock angle at the top of your swing

The Swing Glove guides the wrist to the proper cock angle at the top of the swing helping to prevent the wrist from bending at all the critical points of the swing.

Guides down swing to proper wrist position at impact

The Swing Glove's patented Swing Gear technology is an innovative hinged-plate that keeps the wrists and hands in proper position through the entire swing.
The Swing Glove guides your wrist to the proper cock angle at the top of your swing eliminating the "flying elbow". The Swing Glove helps to prevent you from bending your wrists at all the critical points of your swing. In addition, the hinged-plate support of the Glove keeps the golfer at the correct angle making each swing more dynamic.
Most golfers seem to ignore the significance of the "Take Back" which follows the cock angle. Many golfers are likely to bend their wrists towards the inside or outside of the ball's position. The Swing Glove is even more helpful as you start your backswing as the Swing Glove prevents the dreaded "outside in" swing.
Your hands are the only point of contact with the club. At the critical moment of impact, your wrist must be straight or you simply won't make solid contact. The Swing Glove's patented Swing Gear technology is an innovative hinged-plate that keeps your wrists and hands in proper position through the entire swing. Use the Swing Glove on the course or driving range to help guide your swing to solid impact every time with every club.
Rick Smith and other top instructors agree that a softer grip on the club delivers more power than a grip that is too strong. This softer grip allows the Swing Glove's hinged-plate to better guide your wrists. Once you're in perfect position at impact, the Swing Glove steers you on to a perfect follow through producing more accurate swings with greater distance.
Using the Swing Glove allows the club head and wrist to work together causing the club head to reach further out during the follow through, thereby creating a larger arc resulting in drives that are twenty percent longer and consistently straighter. The Swing Glove will help stabilize your hands and begin the muscle memory process that will save strokes and lower your scores


"The Swing Glove does a phenomenal job of keeping the (leading) wrist where it needs to be, and allowing the body to just rotate through the shot. For your 25 handicapper down to your 2 handicapper it's something that's just going to promote the best position for the (leading) wrist coming through the ball into the impact zone to produce the most consistent shot."
Travis Coker, Golf Operations Assistant, Treetops Golf Resort

"The Swing Glove is more than a training aid, it helps correct fundamental problems with your swing right away and improves your play immediately. The Swing Glove encourages a softer grip allowing your wrists to maintain the correct position and alignment throughout your swing. Training with the Swing Glove induces muscle memory as you play, keeping your wrist straight for solid contact with every swing!"
World Renowned Top 5 Golf Instructor

"I bought your glove about 3 months ago. I noticed an improvement right away. Unfortunately, shortly thereafter, I suffered a minor stroke and seizure (no fault of the glove - of course). Today was my first golf outing since my stroke and am very pleased and excited to tell you that I had my first hole-in-one on the 3rd hole at the David L. Baker Memorial Golf Course in Fountain Valley, California.By the way, I just truned 72."
 Joe M.

"I just want to say, this is a must have. I play at a 4 handicap and my ball striking has never been better since I tried the Swing Glove. This glove keeps you in the right position from start to finish. Best training aid I've ever seen."
Rick B.

"After receiving my Swing Glove on Thursday I wanted to play golf on Friday but it was raining too hard. On Saturday I played and was able to wear my glove for the first time. On the 17th hole which is 136 yards par 3 I got my first hole in one after 32 years of playing golf. Do you think it was the Glove? Yours truly"
Don P.

"What a great product! I am a 2 handicap golfer, so not too many training aids get me going, but this is one product that I am glad that I took a chance on. It really puts my wrist in the proper position at the top which inevitably leads to an on plane downswing. It has enabled me to really release the club through the impact zone. It's a great tool for me to use as a reminder to keep a flat wrist at the top and to keep a solid left wrist at impact. Have truly picked up more distance and accuracy with the use of the Swing Glove. I have even ordered a second one and also one for my son who is avid about this great game of golf. Thanks much,"
David, Chicago IL

"I am a 6 handicap, but have always struggled with inconsistent ball striking. I have always struggled with cupping of my left wrist on my backswing and at impact. This would result in pull hooks and pushes if my timing wasn't just perfect. I ordered a Swing Glove 1 month ago and practiced for several weeks with the glove. I then went on a golf trip with 56 buddies to Mesquite, Nevada and on my fourth round playing with the Swing Glove I shot a 69 on the Palm course. The round included 5 birdies. My ball striking was remarkably more consistent with longer straighter drives and approaches. Thank you for this great product!"
Vince D.

"I am a 13 handicap but I hadn't broke 90 this year. However, since I received the glove and figured out how to use it, my last two scores are 78 and 80. The glove really worked for me. Thank you."
Bob S., Modesto CA

"Thank you, sincerely (for the Rick Smith DVD). I really am a fan, but even more importantly, I really like the glove. I have a net at home and began practicing with it immediately. I also have a swing-speed radar machine. With a little practice with the Swing Glove on, my swing speed was up nearly 10 mph. I think it corrected a major power leakage in my golf swing. I'm going to practice with it a lot!"
Rich, H., Nevada City CA

"Note from satisfied customer. I got my glove last week and had no time to practice with it. Saturday I got to the course to play my buddies, only had time to hit 10 balls on the practice range, and decided to play with it on. I shot 80, with 4 missed putts under 4 feet. Can't wait for my next round! I'm hitting much straighter, especially my irons. Thanks!"
 David F., Gulf Shores AL

"I got used to the Swing Glove in 15 minutes and showed improvements within those 15 minutes"
 Ben G., Boyne Falls MI

"Of the students that come through the Rick Smith Golf Academy, about 95 would benefit from using the Swing Glove"
Jeff Goble, Instructor, Rick Smith Golf Academy at Treetops Golf Resort

"When I get to the top of my swing, the hinge angles and I don't really have to worry about where my wrists are at, and what's going to happen when I bring the club down to impact. The Swing Glove seemed to improve my driving the most I hit it longer and straighter."
 Justin K., Gaylord MI

"It allows your wrist to hinge properly but doesn't allow you to cup or shut the face on the way back. I would certainly highly recommend it to all of my students, especially beginning golfers."
Chris Bronson, Head Teaching Professional, Forest Dunes

"I've only played a few years, and since I put the glove on and practiced with it, it gives me the confidence to eliminate some of the things I have to think about in my swing."
Linda M., Gaylord MI

"At first it seemed to restrict my wrist movement, but I found out that this wrist movement was wrong and needed to be restricted."
Mason B., Gaylord MI

"I could tell if I didn't have the glove on I'd hit a bad swing, but it corrected it, and really helped my drive, to keep it under control and keep it in play."
 Ron O., Petoskey MI

Rick Smith Swing Glove Golf Training Aid

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