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Attention to details, innovations in design along with savvy marketing campaigns makes Bag Boy a highly regarded company of value priced golf equipment. The first Bag Boy cart, a walking pull cart, was designed and made by Bruce Williamson in Portland, Oregon in 1945. It was a humble cart made from two lawn mower wheels with flat tires mounted on an up-and-down folding, spring-suspension chassis that could be attached to a standard golf bag. From this original concept, the Bag Boy golf cart continues to evolve. Nearly two decades ago, Bag Boy led the move from the older golf pull-cart style to the more popular golf push cart, making golfers who prefer to walk without carrying their clubs are much happier. The Bag Boy three wheel push carts, designed to be pushed in front of the golfer, alleviates stress and strain on the back and shoulder muscles. These Bag Boy carts are very easy to maneuver since they roll forward with a simple push.

IN THE HOLE! Golf is proud to be an authorized dealer for Bag Boy golf equipment. We offer a number of Bag Boy three wheel push carts from the simpler models with their ultra lightweight tubing and maintenance free 12" non flat tires, to the three wheel Bag Boy push carts with an amazing one hand folding system, and finally to the high end Bag Boy remote control golf carts with electronic compass. The Bag Boy Navigator Electric Cart is a fully remote-controlled bag cart with an onboard compass to ensure the cart goes exactly where you want without you constantly steering it. The Bag Boy Navigator is backed by a 1-year warranty for the electronics, wheels, battery and 6 AMP battery chargers, as well as a 2-year warranty on all other components. In addition to the warranty, Bag Boy offers a Navigator Service Center, where skilled Bag Boy technicians are available to assist with any customer inquires.

Known for manufacturing push, pull and electric golf carts, Bag Boy increasingly is becoming popular in the golf bag industry. offers many different Bag Boy golf bag styles. The Bag Boy stand bag is one of the most stable stand bags in golf. Bag Boy invented the innovative Revolver cart bag that is ideal for both walking and riding carts. It has the patented Clip-Lok technology. Molded into each club compartment are small cutouts that act as rubber clips holding the golf club shafts safely to the bag so there is no more sliding or rattling of clubs. The NXO Revolver has a new innovative revolving top to hold your golf clubs. There are 14 large holes that hold a full-length divider where each club sits in its own well. This is great for organizing your clubs. To reach the club you need, you simply spin the top and all the clubs rotate around till the one you want faces you. Also, check out the Bag Boy accessories you can add to customize your Bag Boy golf cart.

Bag Boy designs a variety of travel covers for your golf bag and clubs. IN THE HOLE! Golf invites you to look at its less expensive but durable Bag Boy soft covers as well as the Bag Boy hard case golf travel covers that feature its patented nesting design that reduces a 48" hard case bag down to 24", making it easy to store. Depending upon the style, these hard case travel bags will fit up to a 10" cart bag or will accommodate up to an 11.5" tour bag. Also pause to look at the Bay Boy hybrid case, the ultimate travel case. Virtually indestructible yet still affordable these Bag Boy travels bags will protect your clubs and golf bag from the rough handling of any airplane travel. From introductory price point to real high-end products, Bag Boy is an industry leader in travel covers.

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