Golf Wedges

The short game of golf is about control, and the right golf wedges can play an important role in how successful you are at getting your golf ball onto the green. By hitting precision wedge shots, your putts can be shorter, leading to lower scores.

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Although they are really a subclass of irons, some folks consider golf wedges a separate class of clubs. With their very high, short trajectory combined with the backspin they generate, golf wedges are more specialized than regular irons. Most golf wedges are used for a variety of high-accuracy shots when your ball is 100-120 yards or closer to the green. If a golfer finds his golf ball in a sand trap or needs to get his golf ball over obstructions such as trees, rocks or extreme terrain levels, golf wedges are the clubs he will reach for. With the new advancements made in the designs of golf wedges, most professional or amateur golfers carry three or four golf wedges in their golf bag, allowing them a selection of golf wedges for any situation that might arise.

Golf wedges are seldom numbered like other clubs. Golf wedges are usually identified not only by their loft which is somewhere between 45 to 68 degrees, but also their function. Today, golf wedges are made from many different materials and come in many different finishes. However most golf wedges are designed with steel shafts unless the golf wedges are part of a set of graphite clubs. A major design element found in golf wedges is the “bounce angle”. This angle is formed by the leading edge of the golf wedge’s club head and the ground. Golf wedges are designed so that in a difficult shot the club will not stop short in the rough or sand, but rather pass cleanly under the ball. Designers of golf wedges must take into consideration the sole of the club and the distance of the sole width between the leading and trailing edges known as “heel-toe camber”. Sand golf wedges have the greatest distance to help the club move smoothly through sand, while lob golf wedges have the least pronounced sole distance thus ensuring that the club gets under the golf ball on a flat lie. In addition, manufacturers of golf wedges create unique ways to impart precise spin on the ball helping it hold the green upon landing. You will find that IN THE HOLE! Golf offers the most advanced designs in golf wedges on the market.

There are four types of golf wedges one must consider. Their loft differentiates each of these golf wedges. The longest wedge used for approach shots is the pitching wedge- (PW). This club will usually come as part of a golf club set. The loft on these clubs is between 46 and 50 degrees. The pitching wedge is used anywhere from 125 yards into the pin and because it's most often hit from the grass, it has minimal bounce. The gap wedge- (GW) is usually purchased separately. Since this is a newer golf wedge design, the gap wedge comes in many variations. The loft on these golf wedges is between 51 and 54 degrees and has a bounce of 5-12 degrees. If you are unsure of which gap wedge to purchase, check with our golf club and equipment experts at 1-888-733-8383. Choosing a gap wedge is not an arbitrary decision. As a general rule, the average player should separate each of his/her different golf wedges by 4 degrees in loft. The sand wedge- (SW) is another club that frequently comes with a purchased golf club set. Like the pitch wedge, which was known as the 10-iron in earlier golfing days when wedges were still part of the iron club family, this wedge was called an 11-iron or sand iron. The loft on sand golf wedges is between 55 and 59 degrees and is designed with lots of bounce. Sand wedges are the clubs you reach for when your golf ball is in a sand trap, a green side bunker or the deep rough. Its unique underside design allows the sand wedge’s sole to skim over the sand or deep rough. The final golf wedge is the lob wedge- (LW). This is a finesse wedge with lofts from 60-68 degrees used for delicate shots around the green, no more than 60-65 yards out, that need to get the ball into the air quickly and have it land softly. It is unlikely that the average golfer would need a lob wedge with a loft of 64 degrees or higher although they are available.

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