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Golf fitness is an important aspect of the game whether you are a man, woman or junior player. Tiger Woods, as well as a number of other top golf professionals, take their golf fitness seriously. Men’s Fitness Magazine June/July 2008 issue named Tiger Woods as the fittest man in America. However there are many folks who play golf and are not as physically fit, as they should be. Whether you are a professional, a serious low handicap player or a high handicap player, your golf fitness will affect your game.

Golf Fitness and the Golf Swing
A golfer’s full swing is an unnatural, complex rotation of the body aimed at accelerating the club head to a great speed while trying to hit a small ball. Every player’s golf swing needs to starts with good basics: grip, aim and set up. The proper swing involves switching weight from one leg to another, winding your upper back and shoulders to make a coiling motion that unleashes the power of the swing while your hips stay balanced beneath you. Flexibility and mobility in your shoulders, legs, arms, hips and back are all-important. believes that being golf fitness “fit” will allow a golfer to gain more power, more distance, and have greater endurance during a round of golf. In addition, staying golf fitness “fit” will minimize the risk of injury because healthy, flexible and mobile muscles have the ability to create the efficient spontaneous movements needed for a consistent golf swing.

Golf Fitness - Golf Training Aids
Every golfer is able to improve their game by conditioning their physical body for optimal golf fitness and golf performance. Strengthen your golf specific muscles and be ready for golf anytime with select golf fitness training aids specifically aimed at your shoulders, back, hips, and abdominal muscles, as well as hands, wrists and forearms. Reduce the risk of injury and develop greater strength and endurance. A number of the golf fitness training aids are easy to use at home, in the office, or on the road.

The Importance of Abs in Golf Fitness
Many sports require strong abdominals, oblique muscles, and lower-back muscles. Often golfers tend to neglect this part of the body, the mid-section, when considering a golf fitness program. However, developing and strengthening these muscle groups will lead to better balance, quicker turns and swings, and increased speed and power. In addition they will help absorb shock. When a golfer’s mid-section muscles are golf fitness ready they will help reduce much of the daily stress placed on back muscles and lower lumbar vertebrae during golf, which often results in lower back injuries. carries golf fitness training aids such as the GolfGym Balance Ball.

Golf Fitness and Over-Use Injuries
For amateur golfers one of the most common occurring injuries is “golfer’s elbow” and the inflammation from over-use or tearing ligaments and muscles of the wrists or shoulders. The rotator cuff muscles are particularly vulnerable. One of the better ways to prevent these injuries is to strengthen the forearm and shoulder areas during your golf fitness workout. Take a look at some of the golf fitness training aids at IN THE HOLE! Golf that address this problem, including the Golf Gym Power Swing Trainer.

A golf fitness program targeting your golf specific muscles is an important aspect of your game. However, since golf has such a repetitive nature to it, in your drive to strengthen these muscles don’t neglect the rest of your less golf specific muscles. If you are repeating over and over the same explosive swing motion, unequal forces are placed on one side of your body. Those muscles will become stronger to the detriment of the other side. More subtle changes in posture and muscular balance could occur over time putting a disproportional amount of strain on your body. The result could be lower back pain. At IN THE HOLE! Golf we say, “Don’t forget to practice your swing in the opposite direction as well. The practice will definitely help when your ball is wedged against a tree, and you must hit it from your opposite side. Less obviously, it will help keep your body’s muscles’ structure more balanced and prevent golf injuries.”

Golf Fitness and Flexibility
Flexibility through stretching is an important component of your golf fitness workout. Stretching muscles promotes their relaxation and helps prevent injuries. Stretching also improves your swing mechanics. Mike Pedersen's Golf Stretching DVD For A Better Swing is an golf fitness training aid that will help release and stretch out those tight, golf-specific muscles.

Golf Fitness Helps Everyone
Some folks have the mistaken idea that golfers are not athletes. IN THE HOLE! Golf knows this is not true. Physical traits such as power, strength, flexibility, balance, body awareness, and core stability are helpful for all golfers. With a well-rounded golf fitness and conditioning program that includes golf specific strength training, stretching, and flexibility exercises, more golfers, young and old, will improve their over-all performance.

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