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Your search for a personal golf GPS system brings you to, the best resource for the most advanced and exciting golf equipment including an impressive number of golf GPS devices, golf clubs, golf putters, golf training aids and golf carts. View our large selection of innovative golf drivers, golf shoes, golf irons, exceptional golf accessories, golf bags, golf wedges, hybrid golf clubs, stylish golf apparel, juniors and ladies golf equipment, and memorable golf gifts. IN THE HOLE! Golf is proud to be an authorized dealer of the Garmin GolfLogix, SkyGolf, iGolf, Sonocaddie, SureShot, and other golf GPS products now revolutionizing golf course distance-measuring information technology.

Global Positioning System technology, shortened to GPS, is a satellite-based navigation system made up of a network of 24 satellites placed into orbit by the U.S. Department of Defense. Originally intended for military applications, the GPS system has now become a widely used aid for navigation worldwide, and a useful tool for map-making, land surveying for commerce and scientific uses as well as to determine the precise location of a vehicle, person, or other asset, such as a golf ball in relationship to hazards or the greens on a golf course. The recorded location data can be stored within the tracking unit, or it may be transmitted to a central location data base, or internet-connected computer, using a cellular (GPRS), radio, or satellite modem embedded in the unit. The more advanced devices for aviation, marine and golf GPS systems are often augmented with other packages designed to allow the user to import maps or charts.

With a golf GPS system golfers now have the means to quickly and easily determine accurate distances on the golf course which is imperative for better club and shot to shot decisions. Golf GPS devices give real time yardages to all critical targets on the golf course without the golfer having to pace out, and add, subtract, or guess at distances on each hole. Not only does a golf GPS help a player calculate the distance from the tee to the pin, but also helps them know exactly where they are with relation to features such as water hazards, hidden bunkers, or the green. is confident that by having the correct yardages supplied by your golf GPS system, you can significantly improve your golf scores. And at a time when one of the gameís biggest annoyances remains the pace of play, a golf GPS device will speed up play by eliminating the need to pace off yardage, to consult a yardage book or to make ill informed distance decisions that may result in more wayward golf balls.

Although the USGA and R&A both recently sanctioned in 2007, the use of satellite-based yardage measuring devices during competition, IN THE HOLE! Golf recommends that you check with your golf professional prior to use in a USGA sanctioned event. Golf GPS devices have always been permitted for handicap scoring in recreational rounds.

Tour professionals retain knowledgeable caddies, recreational golfers now have their golf GPS system giving them, all with the touch of a button, the precise distance from their golf ball to any spot on the course, on the green, to any hazards or trees, plus the distance to the front, center and rear of any green, as well as the distance of their last shot. From the beginner who requires just the distances to the center of the green, to the more advanced golfer who will appreciate such additional information as distances to hazards and lay up areas, the various golf GPS systems from IN THE HOLE! Golf offers advantages to golfers of all skill levels. With the advent of satellite technology, golf GPS personal hand-held rangefinders are available for use on numerous golf courses in the world. Many golf GPS devices hold up to 20 golf course maps. Far different from other golf yardage devices such as laser range finders and yardage books, golf GPS results are instant and exact from any location on the golf course and eliminate the need for reflective targets or aiming a laser. Never again will you have to search out markers on the course to estimate your distances! Does the lay of your ball prevent you from seeing where you want your next shot to go? There is no problem since golf GPS range finders even work when the target is not visible.

The new golf GPS devises range in size but are basically small and convenient. You can easily carry the golf GPS devise to the ball to get more accurate distance data. No longer will you have to deal with scheduling and hiring a caddie. Your golf GPS system device fits your schedule and is ready to provide professional, accurate information anytime, anywhere. Golf GPS system can provide you with information for golf courses all over the world. Golf GPS manufactures designed their software with the knowledge that golfers travel for both business and pleasure. You will be able to download their software on any compatible computer at home or away. IN THE HOLE! Golf suggests you read the golf GPS product information from each manufacture carefully. All of these golf GPS units are PC compatible and many are MAC user-friendly as well.

Most golf GPS devise systems are designed with a simple to use mapping capability allowing you to map your favorite courses if they are not already on the database. Some companies will map your course if you simply submit a request. They will notify you in a few days when it is mapped. Itís that easy and convenient! For most golf GPS devices there is an annual membership at a very reasonable price giving you the ability to download an unlimited amount of golf courses worldwide and access to product enhancements and upgrades. However, as more products are introduced, more options are being offered, such as free course downloads, or pay only per download, but no annual fee.

If you have any questions about which golf GPS product would be perfect for your game and needs, please call our golf GPS customer service experts toll free at 888-733-8383. is dedicated to bringing you the latest and most innovative golf equipment, training aids, practice equipment, and exciting accessories in the golf industry. All our golf products including our golf GPS devises are easy to purchase from your computer with a click of your mouse, 24/7. Carrying many recognized brands including SkyGolf, Garmin, iGolf, SureShot, Golf Guru, Bushnell, Sonocaddie, and Izzo Golf Swami among others, all products IN THE HOLE! Golf sells are covered by a full manufacturer's warranty. It really is possible to achieve your goals of playing better golf. And what better way to help accomplish them than with the newest golf GPS systems from As you walk the links, your golf GPS range finder rapidly provides you with the critical information you need to improve your game! You now will have the advantage of a tour caddie mounted on your golf cart or in the palm of your hand! Enjoy your new golf GPS system and have a great day of golf.

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