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Searching for TaylorMade putters? Welcome to InTheHoleGolf.com, your #1 resource for the best golf equipment from drivers, irons, wedges to putters including Taylor Made putters, exceptional golf bags, golf carts and golf accessories, and outstanding golf training aids. InTheHoleGolf.com offers golfers the opportunity to compare all the latest TaylorMade putters. You can chose from TaylorMade Spider putters, TaylorMade Core Classic putters, TaylorMade Kia Ma putters, and TaylorMade Rossa putters. Taylor Made putters are unique not only in their individual looks, but also their innovative technical features.

TaylorMade has made a name for itself as a manufacturer of some of the most ingenious, high-tech, high-performance golf clubs in the market today. TaylorMade first introduced its metal-wood drivers over twenty-five years ago followed with introductions of their various leading-edge irons, and then their specialty golf clubs. Each year golfers look forward to the next golf club introduction from the TaylorMade engineers knowing that this golf club manufacturer will deliver something spectacular. Whether its their TaylorMade drivers, TaylorMade Fairway woods, TaylorMade Hybrids, TaylorMade Irons, TaylorMade Wedges, or TaylorMade Putters, TaylorMade clubs are successfully used every day by thousands of golfers, both amateurs and professionals.

From their early days, TaylorMade’s founder, Gary Adams worked with golfing pros, getting feedback on the various TaylorMade clubs the pros used. TaylorMade engineers would then make improvements for the next generation of that club. An example of this mutually beneficial collaboration in the redesign of one of their Taylor Made putters - the new Monza Spider Vicino. This nifty putter was inspired by the numerous tour pros who asked for a Taylor Made putter that delivers the stability and true roll of a Itsy Bitsy Monza Spider and a Monza Spider, but has a cleaner, more streamlined shape. All of us regular golfers using TaylorMade clubs greatly benefit from this mutually beneficial arrangement, particularly in regards to their TaylorMade putters.

Putters are used more than twice as much as any other golf club. Since putting requires the most “feel” action in golf, it is important to find the putter, which works for your game. As you read about the specific features found in the various Taylor Made putters models, customizing “feel” is an important component in their design descriptions.

TaylorMade putters are available in either a blade design or in a mallet design. If you are not familiar between the differences in these designs, basically a blade putter has all of it’s mass and center of gravity closer to the ball and the shaft, whereas a mallet style putter has its weight farther back, moving its COG (center of gravity) back and away from the ball.

One common design element found on all Taylor Made putters is their AGSI face insert technology. AGSI stands for Anti-Skid Groove System Insert. This 12-14-groove insert produces less “skid,” allowing your ball to begin rolling more quickly after the initial contact with the club. TaylorMade putters are more forgiving on miss hits by minimizing the skidding phase after the ball is struck.

Another technological feature you will find on many of the TaylorMade putters is what is called MWT, or Moveable Weight Technology. Movable Weight Technology features discretionary club head weights that you can easily redistributed to change the characteristics of the club. By using a proprietary TaylorMade wrench you are able to move differently weighted cartridges into strategically positioned ports. Placing more weight in the heel and less in the toe, speeds the club head rotation during the forward swing, which promotes a draw and/or reduces a slice. This flexibility increases a golfer’s chance of better balancing Taylor Made putters specifically to his/her putting needs. Although the TaylorMade putters with MWT technology come with two moveable weights, there is an optional weighting kit available. You can purchase heavier or lighter weights separately to customize your Taylor Made putters’ feel by increasing or decreasing their head weight.

By reading our TaylorMade putters’ individual product pages you will discover its unique features that differentiate each from the other Taylor Made putters’ models. For example: the TaylorMade Rossa Corza Ghost putter, a classic mallet, is designed with the goal to create a putter that is easier to aim than any other putter. The striking Rossa Corza Ghost’s "go-ball white" stands out easily against green grass so you don't have to strain to see its topline. The three black lines on the crown lend further alignment support while the two outer lines are spaced as far apart as the width of a golf ball. When you position the ball between those lines as you address your putt, you'll see how easy it is to tell where the putter’s face is aiming. In addition the circular hole at the rear of the putter head works in union with the three black lines on the crown and the golf ball to create a clear secondary alignment aid that gives you complete assurance that your aim is true. This attention to detail runs throughout all TaylorMade putters.

You may have questions regarding the many different types of Taylor Made putters available at IN THE HOLE! Golf. Please feel free to give us a call at: 1-888-733-8383, we will be happy to help you. For those golfers who know exactly which Taylor Made putters / putter you want for improving that critical short game, IN THE HOLE! Golf makes your shopping easy with its convenient 24/7 accessibility from any computer.

You will experience improvements in your short game by using these forgiving, confidence-building Taylor Made putters available at InTheHoleGolf.com. Your golfing partners will take notice! And you will become one of those golfers who understand what many PGA professionals, and regular golfers are raving about when they mention what a great putt they made with their TaylorMade putters.

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