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TaylorMade has made a name for itself for its high-tech, high-performance, and innovative TaylorMade driver designs. It is now the second largest manufacturer of golf clubs in the United States. More than twenty-five years ago TaylorMade pioneered the construction of metal-headed woods with its first Taylor Made driver developed by its founder, Gary Adams.

Welcome to InTheHoleGolf.com, your #1 resource for cutting edge golf equipment including TaylorMade driver products, exceptional golf accessories, and supportive golf training aids. InTheHoleGolf.com offers all the latest TaylorMade driver models from their TaylorMade Burner series, as well as the R9 series.

It may be reassuring to know that TaylorMade drivers are the preferred club by many professionals at PGA tournaments. But you don’t need to be a professional golfer to appreciate an innovative TaylorMade driver. TaylorMade golf drivers have unique features. They are easy to swing and to control. Whether you are a professional or an amateur, golfers feel comfortable when hitting their ball off the tee.

In the 1970’s when Gary Adams was first experimenting with different materials from which to develop a golf club that could hit the new superior two-piece golf balls further, who would have imagined thirty years later there would be a number of other golf club manufacturers with competing metal-wood drivers.

For many years, traditional persimmon and laminated wood were the materials of choice for making golf clubs. However Adams discovered that golf balls travel a greater distance when struck with a club made out of metal. By convincing players on the professional golf circuits to try his new Taylor Made driver so they could experience the astounding results and win tournaments with them, TaylorMade gained a significant sales advantage over other golf club manufacturers. The golfing public saw who was winning the PGA tournaments and what type of clubs they were using. Amateur golfers quickly followed the lead of the professionals and Taylor Made driver products became a commercial success that continues today. The first TaylorMade driver was nicknamed the "Pittsburgh Persimmon" for its steel construction, and with a nod to the past. Improvements to the TaylorMade driver continued in 1983 with the introduction of the Burner driver line. This driver’s design had dimples added on the head for better club head aerodynamics. It was during the 1990’s Taylor Made designers developed the Burner Bubble, named for its distinctive copper-colored head and bubble shaft that enabled golfers to swing faster without any extra effort. A Burner Bubble prototype became the first Taylor Made metalwood to win at the Masters Tournament in Augusta, Georgia. Within 12 months, a titanium version, the Ti Bubble 2 made its appearance on golf courses. Striving to stay ahead of their competitors, the present day design direction of TaylorMade driver products is on matching clubs to golf swings. For instance, the Taylor Made driver 300 Series provides three different drivers to match golfer's three main swing types. One of the most recent TaylorMade driver designs offers golfers adjustable shafts and loft angles. At InTheHoleGolf.com we offer a variety of Taylor Made driver models from their R9 series and their Burner series

We often are asked at IN THE HOLE! Golf : “What is it about a Taylor Made driver that makes it so spectacular?” We believe it is a combination of all their technological advances found in a Burner or an R9 club. Starting with TaylorMade’s famous Inverted Cone clubface technology where the face of the driver depresses as the ball is struck and then rebounds providing a little extra “oomph” to your shot, to the Dual Crown technology with its precision-placed CG ( Center of Gravity) for distance-enhancing high launch angle and low spin. In addition there is TaylorMade's Flight Control Technology (FCT). which allows the player to easily adjust the loft, lie and face angle. These design features help deliver a higher MOI for greater forgiveness and a higher spin rate, helping low-spin players keep their ball in the air longer for increased carry and distance. And the newest Taylor Made driver models offer more potential in speed, distance, accuracy, and forgiveness due to the Taylor Made Dual Crown Technology and its SuperFast Technology. With an expansive hitting area to max out “forgiveness” the newest TaylorMade Burner Superfast Driver offers the largest face of any Taylor Made driver. Also, the titanium club head found on some Taylor Made drivers provide a very strong but extremely light to use club. Whether you are a professional, low handicapper or high handicapper, TaylorMade has a driver for you.

You will find the specs and features of each of TaylorMade driver model on their individual product pages at InTheHoleGolf.com. We also offer some great sale deals on older models in order to open up more inventory space for the newest introductions.

If you have any questions regarding any TaylorMade driver available at IN THE HOLE! Golf, please feel free to give us a call at: 1-888-733-8383 or if you prefer, email us at: info@intheholegolf.com and we will be happy to help you. For those of you who know precisely which TaylorMade driver you want IN THE HOLE! Golf makes your shopping easy with convenient 24/7 accessibility from the convenience of your own computer.

Be amazed at how your golf game will improve with an exceptional Taylor Made driver available at InTheHoleGolf.com. And become one of those golfers who understand what many PGA professionals, and regular golfers are raving about when they mention what a great hit they made with their TaylorMade driver.

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