Sureshot Golf GPS

What better way to help your game of golf than with a Sureshot Golf GPS device from View our large selection of high tech Golf GPS devices, innovative golf drivers, sporty golf shoes, golf irons, exceptional golf accessories, golf bags, hybrid golf clubs, stylish golf apparel, juniors and ladies golf equipment, and memorable golf gifts.

IN THE HOLE! Golf recognizes that more and more golfers will be using these handy handheld units, particularly since the landmark PGA decision to sanction the use of golf GPS devices in competition. Because most golfers play without a caddie giving them information about distances to the hole, location of hazards and club suggestions, having a personal caddie in the form of a SureShot golf GPS device can make a tremendous difference in their game.

The Australian company, Tee2Green Technologies, developed the SureShot golf GPS technology. IN THE HOLE! Golf is proud to be an authorized dealer of the SureShot golf GPS products now revolutionizing golf course distance-measuring information technology.

The Sureshot Golf GPS is designed specifically to make its operation easy for you. A golfer does not want to be distracted from his/her game trying to figure out a golf GPS unit. The Sureshot Golf GPS has multiple levels of operation and the player decides which level they want to use. The simplest Sureshot Golf GPS level gives distances in either yards or meters to the pin or recorded hazards with only the press of one button at the start of each hole. The distances are displayed in real time and updated with your movement towards to the green or hazards. The Sureshot Golf GPS shows the distances of up to 15 hazards per hole including bunkers, doglegs, run outs and lay-ups. The measurements to the front of the hazard and the carry are displayed, as well as the left, right or centre position on the fairway. If a golfer wants more information or desires to map a particular golf course, an advanced level of operation with additional easy to use function keys is available. For instance, the Sureshot Golf GPS can keep a record for up to 14 clubs of your average driving distance. By enabling this Sureshot Golf GPS feature, your device is able to make club recommendations depending on the ball’s distance to the green. You will also be able to track and analyze your shots and game statistics. A summary of the gathered information is displayed on the color LCD 2”x2” screen after each 9 holes and can be saved on the unit for future reference. Whatever level you choose, the Sureshot Golf GPS operation is easy to use.

The engineering wizards along with the international sales professionals at Tee2Green Technologies are constantly brain storming to improve the SureShot golf GPS design. In its newest generation, the SureShot golf GPS has a brighter screen, longer battery life lasting at least thirteen hours, and is WAAS (Wide Area Application Services ) compliant. WAAS compliant means that your SureShot golf GPS device is going to optimize its GPS and internet communications, allowing you to get the information you need about the hole you are playing and your golf shots quickly and accurately. In addition, the price of the newest SureShot golf GPS device includes a year’s subscription to golf courses around the world. Currently the SureShot golf GPS offers over 12,000+ courses worldwide. With the SureShot golf GPS technology that allows golfers to add their “ player mapped” courses, more golf courses are being added daily.

For golfers who travel the world, the newest Sureshot Golf GPS model, the 8800, has the capacity to hold 3 to 40 golf courses at anytime, depending on the level of your annual membership: Platinum Plus, Platinum, Gold, or Silver.

For PC users, the Sureshot Golf GPS model 8800 is compatible with Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/Vista with 16 MB of RAM and at least 2 MB of available hard disc space. For MAC users you will need a background Parallels Desktop for Mac that allows a user to run a Virtual machine inside a windowed environment. The SureAnalysis Software application for the Sureshot Golf GPS functions properly in this MAC environment.

If you have any questions regarding the Sureshot Golf GPS, please call our golf GPS experts toll free at 888-733-8383. brings you the latest and most innovative golf equipment, helpful training aids, important practice equipment, and golf accessories available on the internet. All our exceptional golf products, including our Sureshot Golf GPS devices, are easy to purchase 24/7 from your computer with just a click of your mouse.

Play a more informed, focused game without getting slowed down trying to figure out distances to hazards or to the hole by guessing or by pacing off distances. With its anti-glare color screen, simple user interface and multiple options, the Sureshot Golf GPS is a must have device for all serious golfers. Your search for a Sureshot Golf GPS brings you to the best resource for the most advanced and exciting golf equipment,

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