3Bays GSA Pro Golf Swing Analyzer

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3Bays GSA Pro Golf Swing Analyzer

Small enough to be attached to the end of a golf club, the lightweight, battery-operated 3Bays GSA Pro Golf Swing Analyzer captures more than 10,000 data points for each of a user's golf club swing. The data would be transferred to one's mobile device for instant animated review of the swing. The information could also be sent to remote coaches for online coaching.

Features: 3Bays GSA Pro Golf Swing Analyzer
 • records your golf swing motion
 • sends the data immediately to your mobile device through bluetooth.
 • Improve your game!
 • Compare swings:  club head speed, club face angle and more
 • 10,000 data points.
 • Share your swing through social media or send it to your golf coach.
 • 9 grams only - Ultralight. No influence to swing motion.
 • Extended play time
    Equipped with power button. Extend play time to 5 hours.
 • No need to re-adjust after every swing
    Smart mechanical design to avert adjustment for every swing.
 • Visual aid to guarantee and correct proper club head position
    Proven technology and assist you to setup correct club head position.
 • Fit on all golf clubs
    Simply apply to the butt end of grip of all drivers, woods, rescues, irons, wedges.
 • Support iOS devices
    Through GSA PRO app, 3BaysGSA PRO device is compatible with iPhone,
    iPad, iPod touch, and Android devices.
 • Suitable for both left-handed and right-handed players
    3BaysGSA PRO can automatically detect and generate the correct swing profile
    for both left-handed and right-handed players.
 • Rugged design
    Weather proof and shock proof design. Enjoy your swing indoor and outdoor.
 • Real time monitoring your swing arc motions
    Review swing motions and information on smart phone instantly after each swing.
 • Analysis and record a variety of different swings
    Chipping and full swing motions, 3BaysGSA PRO can automatically analyze the
    captured data and display comprehensive parameters and records.
 • Compare your current swing with the consistent one
    GSA PRO app can compare your current swing arc and data with your best 
    one or coaches'.
 • Complete swing arc re-play
    GSA PRO app can play back your swing arc in front-view or side-view, you
    can even view it in slow motion.
 •  Facebook sharing
    Share your swing data and records to your friends or coaches on Facebook
    and other social media sites.
 •  Review your swing histories
    Review all your swing performance in detailed swing histories.
 • Seamless Bluetooth connection

Specifications: 3Bays GSA Pro Golf Swing Analyzer
 • Size: 29.3 x 18 mm (excluding pin)
29.3 x 43 mm (including pin)
 • Weight: 9.8g
 • Play Time: Up to 5 hours
 • Bluetooth: version 3.0 + EDR
 • USB Port: micro USB (charging purpose)
 • Compatible Devices: iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S, iPod touch (4th generation) 
iPad, and Android devices.    (Requires iOS 4.0 or later)  
 • Dedicated App: GSP PRO for Apple iOS and Android

App Parameters:

1.   Consistency

This compares each swing just played with your best one or coaches’ and shows how close ( in % ) each swing is repeated.

2.   Club Head Speed

This gives you how fast the club head is traveling as it hits the ball. It is a general indication showing how your swing performs.

3.   Face Angle

Face angle tells you where your club face is at impact relative to the target line: OPEN, SQUARE, CLOSED.

4.  Tempo

Swing tempo presents the rhythm ( in ratio ) of your swing speed during the backswing and downswing. The ratio is derived from the backswing time and downswing time. 4:1 means your backswing is 4 times slower than downswing.

5.   Back Swing Time

Back swing time gives you the time taken to swing from set up to the top of the backswing in seconds. It can be shown up to 2 decimal of a sec.

6.  Down Swing Time

Down swing time gives you the time taken to swing from the top of the backswing down to the impact point in seconds. It can be shown up to 2 decimal of a sec.

7.   Impact Force

Impact force presents the amount of force in lbs/kg when you hit the ball. The higher the number means more solid you hit the ball, it is a good indication for short game especially if you can’t feel the strength.

8.   Attainable Ball Speed

This gives you the attainable speed of golf ball when it leaves the club head at impact.

9.   Attainable Shot Distance

This gives you the attainable distance of the golf shot, from impact to landing.

10. Swing Path

The swing path is a very important piece of information, it shows what path your club is just before impact.

There are three types of path:

1. Square
- the club is in line or square with your intended target line as the club
strikes the ball. Combining this with a square face angle, you can hit a
straight shot.
2. Outside 
- the club is coming from the outside of your intended target line as the
club strikes the ball.
3. Inside 
- the club is coming from the inside of your intended target line as the 
club strikes the ball.

How It Works:

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best in class
By ed bluementhal from san diego CA on 07/28/2013
Pros: light, small, location, accurate
Cons: none
Recommended: Yes
best in class , the 3Bays GSA Pro Golf Swing Analyzer is the future of technology and sports
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