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The Golf Mojo

Over the last few decades, training has evolved from general training to sports-specific and finally to motion-specific isolation of the particular muscles that come into play during your specific motion. Scientific testing has proven overwhelmingly that lower arm strength and conditioning is too often neglected. Thus, it is apparent that proper strength and conditioning is extremely important in all sports today. This known fact encourages individuals to train correctly and effectively if they wish to be competitive and productive while holding on to their respective sports equipment during a swing motion.

The most important aspect of performing any exercise is being able to isolate the area of focus. The MOJO golf swing trainer incorporates targeted isolation weight resistance of the forearms and its biomechanical design strengthens and conditions the wrist and hands as well. The isolation principle of sports and motion-specific training is the true difference between good efforts and great results.

The Golf Mojo graduated weight system of three different weights and recommended incremental grip positioning is not only versatile, but very effective. It promotes proper overloading and encourages necessary underloading of the muscle fibers during motion-specific drills. The heavier weighted MOJO combined with slower speed reps establish strength and endurance through the recruitment of slow twitch muscle fibers while the lighter weighted MOJO coupled with faster speed reps tap into the fast twitch muscle fibers for speed and quickness.

The cylindrical weight's distribution of mass and strategic positioning located very close to the user’s hands establishes correct muscle memory for peak acceleration and explosive power where it matters - through impact. MOJO® weight increments of 3.5, 5.5 and 7.5 pounds are designed to help you progress in powerizing yourself safely and correctly, allowing individuals of all strength levels to benefit from MOJO® swing dynamics technology. The weighted cylinder also encourages an even more dynamic approach to increasing swing power via its power band attachment mechanism strategically positioned on the face of the cylinder. Most everyone is much stronger with one arm over the other, so being able to perform one-arm swinging drills with either just the lead or impact arm or with just the trailing arm is so crucial with establishing a double-barrel approach to generating power via these two levers of force-velocity.
The golf grip handle's shorter length and required larger grip diameter is biomechanically designed from clinical research and electromyographic testing for optimal isolation of the forearms, wrists and hands, creating incredible gains in club head speed and swing power through the impact zone. The handle’s design is also very effective in strengthening the fingers that specifically hold onto your club. In fact, golf’s most prolific ball striker Mr. Ben Hogan use to work on strengthening his key fingers only because consistent grip pressure is so very important with ball striking consistency. The Mojo® is perfectly designed to incorporate his key finger strengthening philosophy. If right-handed, Swing the Mojo® and focus on holding the grip with just the pinky and middle two fingers of your left hand and the two middle fingers of your right hand. Try it and your golf grip strength will greatly increase, stay consistent and produce more repeatable swing results.

"The game starts with the arms and remember a golf swing is about consistent repetition. I care mostly about my wrists and forearms in each shot. This is why my goal is to build up strength in my forearms and wrists. I believe the MOJO® will build your lower arms to where you can cock your wrists on a better plane which will allow you to get through the ball a lot quicker. As a right handed player, my key is to make sure my left arm is stronger than my right arm. This is why I swing the MOJO® in my left arm all the time. The MOJO® is going to make you hit the ball not only farther but most importantly straighter and that's the most important thing in golf is to hit the ball straight. A stronger left arm through impact will help you do this. The MOJO® is really great because I can swing it anywhere and anytime year round while continually working on strengthening and conditioning the most important parts required for a repetitive and powerful swing motion……."
John Daly
2004 PGA Tour Comeback Player-of-the-Year, holder of 11 PGA driving distance titles

"Without question, you have created a product that can make a major impact with golf consumers because I feel all golfers want length, but you have a medically designed golf specific strength and conditioning device that strengthens correctly for length but also teaches the release as good as anything I have ever seen in my life which equates to incredible accuracy with phenomenal length........PERIOD! I've learned to rely less on natural ability and more on technical ability. I've become a student of sources of power in the golf swing. I've analyzed film and still photography of the world's longest hitters, interviewed teachers all over the world and evolved into an expert on the subject of power golf. Experience in the competitive arena, as well as exhaustive research has taught me the primary keys for power golf are a player's hands, wrists and forearms, plus his or her overall flexibility. Trust me, these are the principle components for generating club head speed and improving distance. Too many people believe that the legs alone generate power in the golf swing, WRONG!…… Let's not forget what holds onto the club and that club head speed equates to power. 80% of your power comes from your hands, wrists and forearms and the lower arms just happen to be the fastest moving parts of the human body....adding force and strength to these areas is naturally perfect."
Art Sellinger
Founder and CEO of the LDA Long Drivers of America; two-time national long drive champion; senior writer of Golf Tips magazine.

"I've tried your MOJO® device and feel that anyone who uses this instrument will be doing themselves a favor because they are strengthening the parts of the body that actually swing the club……"
Eddie Merrins
Pro Emeritus of the prestigious Bel Air Country Club, author of the very successful and enlightening "Swing the Handle" videotape and DVD collection, former head golf coach at UCLA

"I use to be a scratch golfer in my younger days. As you grow older you begin to lose your flexibility and quickness. I love this MOJO® device because it prepares me better to swing the golf club with proper extension and if I can't get to the driving range, swinging the different weighted MOJOs® thirty times is like hitting seventy-five balls……"
Jay Randolph
Hall of Fame sports broadcaster.


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