Special Promotion - Free Accessory Kit - Buy a Bat-Caddy X3 Electric Push Cart and you'll receive a complete accessory set (Set Includes: scorecard holder, cup holder, and umbrella holder), a $65 value for free!!

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Bat-Caddy X3 Electric Push Cart w/ Free Accessory Kit

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2018 Bat Caddy X3 Electric Golf Cart

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The Bat Caddy X3 Golf Caddy is our second brand new and highly innovative manually controlled electric battery powered golf caddy with even more features, functionality and performance at world-class quality and very competitive pricing. The X3 design has been modeled after the successful concept of our best selling flagship remote controlled X3R. It features a lightweight high tech aluminum frame with an easy-to-use one click/one piece set up and fold design, a powerful noiseless 200 Watt motor, a seamless rheostat speed control with battery charge indicator, timed advance distance and cruise control functions and a more powerful, long-lasting battery. The trolley can also be easily pushed without battery power, so you will never be stuck out on the course. The X3 is without doubt one of the highest performance and well equipped manually controlled battery golf push carts in the market for motorized golf push carts, and like our other models it represents what really counts in this market: A Great Balance between Functionality, Performance, Practicality and Value!

Features: Bat Caddy X3 Pro Golf Cart
 • Powerful, Noiseless, Fast Motor - The X3 features a powerful 200 Watt, virtually noiseless DC electric motors. Works and lasts like a tank!!!
 • Rear Wheel Drive - does not lose traction uphill nor does it spin the front wheel while lifting or turning, unlike with all front wheel drive caddies. Beware of front wheel drive caddies which also have the motor weight that needs to be lifted every time you turn!! The Bat-Caddy Golf Caddy is smartly designed as an electric golf push cart and not just a retrofitted push cart!
 • Off- Power Freewheeling Mode Feature - In Off-Power mode the X3 is completely free wheeling, so even if you ever run out of battery power you can push the X3 just like a manual push cart!!. Many caddies don't have this capability and you will be stuck on the course if you lose power!
 • Lightweight and Efficient 12V 26Ah Battery - Sufficient for a minimum of 27 Holes on a full charge! The X3 now comes with the strongest battery in the market for a manually controlled cart! Charger included.
 • High Tech, Rubberized Adjustable Front and Wide Track Rear Drive Wheels with Magnesium Look Rims for easy maneuverability and superior traction - Smooth turning, great traction on wet inclines and NEVER left out on the course with a flat tire! The 2010 front wheel comes with rounded edges and strengthened rubber tread optimizes turning and abrasion resistance on rough surfaces. In addition the front wheel can be adjusted with a tracking adjustment mechanism.
 • Innovative Handle Functions - The newly designed T-Handle controls include a 3 LED battery charge indicator, an On/Off button, timed advance function controls, cruise control function, as well as the manual seamless speed control rheostat button. This handle emphasizes the high tech design of the X3R and gives you total control over the caddy at all times.
 • Weatherproof - The Bat-Caddy X3 also has a weatherproof design, i.e. the heart of the electronics, the controller box, is installed in a water resistant sealed plastic compartment underneath the battery, so no water can penetrate from below or above. The handle design and the wiring are equally water resistant, so your caddy will be reliable even in the wettest conditions. We guarantee that you will quit before the X3 does!
 • Easy One-Click Fold Design - collapses into one piece (not three like others) in seconds to fit in any vehicle trunk - No engineering degree required!!
 • High quality and innovative accessories, such as scorecard holder, umbrella holder, beverage holder, carrying bag, rain cover or a sand dispenser bottle can complement the X3R package. The scorecard holder is automatically included in caddy purchase


Free Accessory Kit

Specs: Bat Caddy X3 Pro Golf Cart
 • Speed Control - Manual seamless Rheostat, Cruise Control, Timed Advance Function (10, 20, 30 M/Y), Function: Forward
 • Motor - Power: 1 x 200 Watt, 12 V DC Electric
 • Drive Train - Rear Wheel Drive, Gear Ratio (17:1)
 • Battery - Power: 12V, 26Ah (upgradable to 33/35Ah) or higher, Average Charge Time: 4-8 Hours, Lifetime: 150-200 charges
 • Charger - Input: 110-240V AC, Output: 12V/2A-3A DC Trickle Charger
 • Weight - Net Weight Caddy: 25 Lbs (11.5kg), Net Weight Battery: 25 Lbs (5.5 kg), Total Net Weight: 50 Lbs (17 kg)
 • Speed - 5.4 m/h (8.6km/h)
 • Distance/Range - 15 m (25 km)/36 Holes
 • Maximum Load - 66 Lbs (30kg)
 • Climbing Ability - 30 degrees
 • Dimensions: Unfolded - Length: 46", Width: 20", Height: 39"
 • Dimensions: Folded - Length: 34", Width: 20", Height: 16"
 • Rear Wheels - Airless, rubberized tread
 • Front Wheels - Airless, rubberized tread
 • Materials - Frame: Aluminum, Bag Support: ABS
 • Colors - Painted: Silver
 • Complimentary Accessories -Scorecard Holder
 • Optional Accessories - Cup Holder, Umbrella Holder, Carrying Bag, Rain Cover, Sand Dispenser
 • Warranty - 1 Year on Parts & Labor (6 months on battery)
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works great
By Rogermw from Cheyenne WY on 08/02/2014
Pros: carries a heavy bag up and down hills effortly
Cons: display window
Recommended: Yes
I purchased my X3 Bat Caddy to get out of a cart and start walking again. I have a fully loaded bag which does not bother the X3 at all. The only problem is the tinted display is very hard to see. I replaced it with clear lexan (covered the areas around the LEDs in black)and now no problems. I talked to the Bat Caddy folks and they were very helpful but agreed the display was an issue. They sent me a new head unit but same problem.They are very easy to work with and quick to respond to any issues. All and all a great unit
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super super super!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By hitem straight jones from vallejo,ca on 06/25/2013
Pros: ligh easy storage
Cons: can't fine one yet
Recommended: Yes
This is the best thing for me since sliced apple pie. I am not a walker in golf ,but by me not having to push ,pull a cart up hills or on the course the caddy does it for me. all my golf scores since I have had the caddy as I call it have gone down.
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Can Easily be Improved
By JR from Aiken, SC on 06/24/2013
Pros: Easy setup, rolls easily, good speed control, lightweight, good battery
Cons: Top bag holder's yoke is too short, Easilty tipped backwards, Poor top bag strap, Battery connector needs to be reloacted away from the frame bar.
Recommended: Yes
1.Increase the length of the top bracket yoke by 1.5". This will move the irons away from the body shaft and the scorecard holder.
2. Move the wheel shaft 2" to the rear of the shaft's current location. This should greatly improve the tipping problem.
3. Move the battery connector 2" to the rear of the connector's connection away from the frame shaft.
This will make it easier to make the battery connection.
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Bat-Caddy X3 Does Its Job
By jacgolfer from Aiken, SC on 05/15/2013
Pros: Lightweight, easy to assemble/disassemble, very good speed control with slow start feature, great battery, good power on hills
Cons: Rear-end heavy (will tip backwards going up a hill if front wheel rises too high, such as a bump. Also tips over if attempting to go up a sidehill. Noisy: metal seat rod rattles while moving + items placed in metal seat will also rattle. Card holder too
Recommended: Yes
The Bat-Caddy does it's job of carrying the golf clubs so I don't have to. Easy to control - both speed and direction. Have to be careful when going up/down/or across hills - could use a small wheel at the back to prevent tipping backward.. I've played up to 31 holes and the battery is still fully charged.
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Happy Owner
By Matty from NYC on 05/05/2013
Pros: Easy to handle and clean
Cons: Bag strap broke
Recommended: Yes
I find the bat caddy one of the best buys i ever made. I play 18 holes without fatigue. The battery lasts two rounds on a hilly course.
I also found the customer service very resonsive to my concerns.
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