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Check Go Pro - Golf Ball Sweet Spot Finder

Ever make a beautiful 10-foot putt on a level green only to notice the ball curve away from the hole at the last second? If you thought there must be something wrong with your equipment-you were more correct than you knew. Believe it or not, a perfectly round golf ball has never been manufactured. While most balls are well balanced, you don’t know which ones they are. Allowable tolerances make it impossible to manufacture consistently, a perfectly balanced ball. The good news is, using Check-Go, you can determine for yourself the best point of balance for every ball you put into play. Just like automobile tires appear to be perfectly round-yet they still need to be spin balanced before being driven at high speeds. The same holds true for golf balls. The inherent lopsidedness of every ball works against you off the tee and on the green. The Check-GO automatically realigns the balls heaviest areas along its equator, so that the ball no longer has a tendency to wobble, but rather roll more accurately on the green and drive further of the tee with fewer hooks and slices.

 •  High Speed 10,000 RPM Gyroscopic Action
 •  Works with all Brands of Golf Balls
 •  New Ergonomic Design
 •  New Balance Timer (shows the exact moment to mark the ball)
 •  New Built-in Alignment Cup (to create your own partial or bold line)
 •  Quick and Easy to Use
 •  Batteries and Pen Included

The Science    
GO generates Fxi which is the force that spins the ball in the direction of the arrow.
Upon impact the ball shoots forward with a velocity of about 50-100 MPH. At the same time the loft angle of the clubhead causes the ball to spin at about 2,000-10,000 RPM.
The effect of the back spin imparted generates two newtons of lifting power (five times the power of gravity). This is called the Bernoulli principal. It is the lifting principal which determines the flying distance of the ball.

Arthur E. Chagnon's Hole in One
I was using a Pinemeadow, Senior Flex, 3 wood, and a TopFlite XL 2000 Super Titanium ball that had been centered with a Check-Go Sweet Spot Finder. It was a nice sunny day, in the 50's; my son-in-law (Peter) and I were playing golf at The Links at Outlook, in South Berwick, Me. We were on the 8th hole, a 175-yard par 3 with a carry over a marsh, I said to Peter, "you see that black & white cow in the field, I think we want to line up on her." Using my 3 wood, I hit the ball exactly where I was aiming for as it rolled off the slope on the green and in the cup. Peter got excited and said it went in the hole, I said "Maybe, we will see when we get there". Shore enough, a hole in one.

I am 68 and my handicap is 23. My two oldest sons got me started when I visited them 10 years ago, in North Beach, MD. and I have been hooked ever since.

—Arthur Chagnon

I just wanted to pass along a quick note to inform you that the Check-Go units have become a "big hit" for my daughter's high school golf team, La Reina H.S. in Thousand Oaks, CA. The kids are so convinced that the units give them a competitive advantage that the coach has made it mandatory for each player to mark their ball prior to the match. The school is ranked #1 in the county, so their opinions are not hollow, and have translated into great play on the course.

Aside from the check-go units, the two piece golf balls we purchased have also been a roaring success. The kids feel the balls give them greater distance, and every one of the balls is perfectly marked so the kids ensure themselves of proper balance when putting.

The coach was getting a bit concerned when his supply of golf balls was dwindling this past week....hence the additional 5 dozen ball order I placed yesterday. You make a great product that truly works. Keep up the great work!

Rich Katz
Account Manager

I thought so much of your product, The Check Go, that I have asked to work for the company !

I am a 10 handicap player at a local course in Las Vegas. The first time I hit my golf ball after marking it with the Check Go, I hit it right down the middle of the fairway. On the 2nd hole, a long par 5, I hit down the right side of the fairway with a bit of a fade. Before when I hit the ball with a fade it would keep moving right another 10 to 15 yards and often go out of bounds. The ball seemed to hang on the right side line and came down well in bounds. I thought at the time that I had hit it out for sure.

I kept the same ball in play for the entire round. That in itself is a miracle.

I hit shot after shot in play and often down the middle of the fairway. But it was the push and pull shot that seems to find a straighter line after coming off the club that impressed me the most. The ball just seemed to hang on the pulled or pushed line and did not move out the additional 10 to 15 yards that would have taken the ball out of bounds.

So ok now, just a good day hitting the ball ? I did it again on the second round after marking the ball with the Check Go.

Again to my surprise, the ball continued to fly in a "in bounds" trajectory. No out of bounds penalties for the second straight round.

Finally, a word about putting. I am not the best putter in the world. The greens at Black Mountain are big, fast, and slope down with severe speed. The first round after using the Check Go, I did not 3 putt one green. The ball seemed to hold its line on longer putts. Putts that would move 5 to 10 feet off line would stay at the 3 to 6 foot distance and make the putt makable.

I will continue to play with the Check Go marked balls for the next few months and I expect to lower my scores by 2 to 4 strokes per round. The boys at the club skins game are in for a few rough days until I can get them to buy one for themselves, thanks for a great product.

You probably know all of the things first hand that I have talked about above.

Simply, the ball seems to fly straighter off of the club and stay in bounds on pushed hits that would normally hit hard and continue another 10 to 15 yards right. I haven't mentioned anything about a longer ball, but it just went with the entire days events. Just like the long putts, when the ball stayed on line longer it increased the distance of the hit by not moving dramatically right or left. I consistently hit 1 full club less on almost every shot after my drives. How's that for distance with the product on the first few trys.

Honestly, I am looking forward to a long relationship with your company.

—Norm Bailey
Las Vegas, NV

"It was a pleasure to talk with you today and learn for certain that there is no objection by the USGA regarding us of the Check-Go device. I must admit, it does seem a little like cheating when I play with other golfers not yet using it."

"I have been using your Check-Go Sweet Spot Finder for the past two months in Florida, and I am amazed at how well it has improved my game off the tee and especially on the green. The idea of dynamically finding and marking the natural spin axis of each ball for better allignment and truer ball direction has been more successful for me than than trying to select the best brand of golf ball. I've already dropped two strokes in handicap. Thanks for bringing advanced technology to bear on the game of golf! If I can help it, I won't play with a ball that isn't marked by your little device."

—Dr. R Huebner, Sr.
Retired Physicist and Research Manager

"We at DV Golf are totally involved in our custom fitted client's golf game and we were especially happy to recommend the Technasonic Sweet Spot Finder to them. Our own tests consisting of tee shots and putting made us eager to put this machine in our line of products that we insist our client's have to help them improve their scoring. Professionally Fitted Golf Clubs AND The Technasonic Sweet Spot Finder, what a combination!"

Thank you for this product!
—Dave Freed,
Owner/Golf Professional,
DV Golf/Flex-Fit Tour Golf,
Akron, Ohio.

"My wife bought me the Check-go and I have never been longer or hit the
ball better than I have this year. I compete in the RE/MAX World Long Drive
Championship and have for many years. I wish I could use your product at
the events, as I know I could win them all! Thank you for a great product and please contact me if you need any other information."

—Howard H.

"Love your little gadget. Must have shaved at least 5 strokes from my
game. One thing though, where can I purchase replacement markers for the Check-GO?"


"I had a hole in one on a 125 yard, par 3 on August 14; the Check-Go Sweet Spot Finder was a gift from my husband on August 1... thanks for the thrill."

—Candace F.

"I have been able to shave several strokes off my game, consistently, since marking my golf balls with the Check-Go"...thanks.!"

—Jeff S.

"I believe knowing where the sweet spot is and marking it has helped me add 20-25 yards to my shots. I use the equator line in my teaching. . .showing the student if the ball is stroked properly the line will remain straight, if not, the line will wobble... Thanks for this great little device."

—Walt P. Golf Pro

If you have any questions about this product or would like to order by phone, please call us Toll Free at 888-733-8383. We look forward to hearing from you!
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Check Go Ball Liner & 4 Color Pens

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