Eyeline Golf Ball of Steel (3 Pack)

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Eyeline Golf Ball of Steel (3 Pack) - Golf Putting Training Ball

At 5 times the weight of a normal golf ball, with the Eyeline Golf Ball of Steel you'll instantly know if you are hitting the sweet spot. This ball takes away the need to think mechanically and lets your natural senses guide you to incredible putting. Better Contact = Better Touch = Fewer Putts!

The Ball of Steel Gives Instant Feedback on Several Common Putting Flaws.

Putting Mis-hits:
The weight of the EyeLine Ball of Steel means it rolls off the putter face slowly- any type of mis-hit means the ball of steel will move so slowly you will probably double or triple hit it.

Eliminate a decelerating putting stroke:
If your stroke is losing momentum as it approaches the ball, your distance control will suffer. The weight of the Ball of Steel demands a stroke with energy at impact.

Putts hit on the toe or heel, high or low on the face of the putter:
The heavy ball will let you know immediately if there is a mis-hit.

Places all your focus on a solid hit:
Since the goal of the Ball of Steel is to create a solid stroke, it takes away other thoughts about distance, target, or method. This focus translates into much quicker improvement!

All your muscles have to remain in motion:
With the heavy ball, there is no popping”stroke or deceleration at impact. All the muscles that motor your stroke have to continue through the ball and stay connected. You will feel this connection in just a few strokes of the Ball of Steel.

Your body will adjust the shaft angle for consistent loft:
The weight of the Ball of Steel demands that there is no pre-release of the putter head. This could happen during setup - with the shaft leaning away from the target. It could happen during the stroke if the hands flip. Not with the heavy ball! You will find yourself delivering the putter head and shaft in the correct position without thinking.

"It is impossible to hit a solid putt with the heavy ball and flip the putter head. You have to stroke through solidly with the shoulders, arms and hands connected." - Sandy Lyle, former British Open and Masters Champion

Getting Started with the Ball of Steel
Start your putting practice with the Ball of Steel by trying to roll putts a few feet, make about 25 strokes. You won't be used to the weight of the ball, so don't be surprised if you double hit a few before you learn to carry your momentum through the ball. You will get the hang of it by your 10th stroke. It's a blast!

The Ball of Steel Demands a Square Putter Face
Since the ball is so heavy, it rolls absolutely true off the face... it will not be bumped offline :) Learning to hit the ball solid has never been so quick.

Caution: The Ball of Steel is made for putts of less than 6 feet. Attempting to hit longer putts may cause damage to your club or personal injury. Use at your own risk.

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ball of steel
By mike from henderson on 12/14/2013
Cons: too heavy
Recommended: Yes
it's true that the product helps your putting stroke while insuring a solid follow through. after using the product a normal golf ball will flow of the putter head with ease.

i believe the product would be better and easier to use if it were only 3x the weight of a normal golf ball vs 5x. at 5x it seems that the user has to fight the ball to putt. just my opinion
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Was this helpful?
Steel Balls
By J W from NEPA on 07/23/2011
Pros: Excellent tool to finish putting stroke, helps get ball to the hole.
Cons: None
Recommended: Yes
Redirects the way you continue to finish the putting stroke, forcing you to stroke the putter on a fuller forward stroke in order to get the heavier ball to the hole.
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