Explanar Golf Training System

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Explanar Golf Training System

The Explanar Home Training System is a revolutionary development in golf instruction designed by Luther Blacklock. It is the complete golf training system based around the fundamental principles of the swing plane and the biomechanics of the body. The Explanar swing trainer teaches the golf swing by turning your swing thoughts into feelings, in the same way that training wheels on a bicycle offer guidance during the process of learning to ride.

Click Here to watch a video with Luther Blacklock, the inventor of the Explanar Golf Training System.

Click Here to watch a video with PGA Professional Brad Brewer discussing the Explanar Golf Training System.

Included with The Explanar Home Training System TaylorMade Burner SuperFast 2.0 Driver
 • The Multi-Adjustable Explanar Hoop
 • Explanar Long Power Roller (Additional Power Rollers, and the Short Power Roller Are Available Here)
 • The Plane Fin
 • Radial Stance Mat
 • 75 Minute Explanar Training DVD

March 9, 2009Explanar Golf Training System & Y.E. Yang

Explanar Golf delighted as YE Yang Wins the Honda Classic

Explanar user YE Yang won his first PGA Tour title at PGA National when he secured the Honda Classic.

In just the past two years Explanar has come to the attention of Tour Players on all the main Tours and already Explanar can proudly claim a share of a PGA title.

The Explanar hoop is used in conjunction with a weighted Power Roller. You step inside the Explanar rest the Power Roller on the hoop and take your grip and stance in the centre of the Explanar with the Power Roller in the central ball position. The Explanar is then adjusted to the correct angle in order that you can swing the Power Roller on your optimum biomechanical swing plane.
 Benefits of using The Explanar Home System

Improved Understanding

Any golfer knows that taking your swing from the practice ground to the golf course is rarely easy. This is because knowledge, however well imparted, often leads to mental confusion which in turn restricts the body from performing effectively. After viewing the acclaimed instructional DVD by Top Teaching Professional and Inventor Luther Blacklock, the Explanar will give you an instant appreciation of how the swing should feel.


Greater Consistency

The weight of the Power Roller plays a critical part in training and retraining the swing and eradicating ingrained faults in established players.
Practice on the range doesn't guarantee a repeatable swing. Regular use of Explanar rapidly transforms a motion resulting in a more repetitive and therefore consistent swing. This builds confidence and helps lower scores. See Explanar testimonials.



Fitness through Specificity

Regular training on Explanar targets the muscles specifically used in the golf swing.
By using Explanar for just 10 minutes a day you'll experience a dramatic improvement in your core stability and an increased level of rotation. Your forearms and legs will also feel the benefit of the Power Roller� as your muscles are gently extended and developed. You should see a positive change in your physical appearance over time and as you progress you can acquire the fitness Power Roller.

Do I need training to learn how to use the Explanar?
The Home Training and Golf Fitness Systems include an instructional CD/DVD.

How much space is needed?
The minimum space required is 4m (13ft) wide, 2m (8ft) deep and 2.5m (8ft) high (if in a covered area).

Can the Explanar be easily moved & stored away?
Yes. Both the Pro Model and the Home Training and Golf Fitness System foldaway to a maximum of 2.4m (7ft) long, 1.5m (5ft) high and 0.6m (16") deep. All Explanar Systems have wheels and can be moved with ease.

Can you use a club and hit balls from the Explanar?
NO. This would be extremely dangerous, would irreparably damage the System and would invalidate the warranty. The Explanar is designed as a teaching, training and golf fitness system and only the Explanar Power Roller should be used on the Explanar.

Is the Power Roller fixed to the Explanar?
NO. The Power Roller allows for a fluid movement, catering for different swing styles, whist remaining true to the Plane theory. The standard Explanar System includes the longer power roller for Driver to 5i swings. A shorter 6i to lob wedge roller is also available. Additional Power Rollers can be purchased by clicking here.

Why does a Power Roller have to be so heavy?
The Explanar is designed to re-train and develop, in a slow and steady motion, the muscle groups that are crucial to the golf swing. Research has proven that the weight of the Power Roller meets that requirement quickly and effectively.

Does the Explanar come with the mat?
Yes. The Explanar includes the Radial Stance Mat and the instructional CD/DVD explains how to use this to develop a variety of shots.

Is the Explanar just another swing hoop?
Absolutely not! The Explanar is the most complete teaching, training and golf fitness system in the world. Designed by PGA Professional, Luther Blacklock, the patented Plane Fin, Radial Stance Mat, Power Roller and sturdy frame, deliver a unique combination that ensures golfers of all standards gain the maximum benefit. To view customer testimonials Click Here

Can my son/daughter/wife/husband use the Explanar?
The Explanar benefits ALL golfers and can be used by anyone 5' to 6' 6". It truly is a fantastic family training system.

Is the Explanar adjustable?
Yes. The Explanar is fully adjustable (with calibration indicators) for the height of the golfer, enabling you to practice a range of drills.

Can the Explanar be used by a left handed person?
Yes Explanar is effective for both left and right handed golfers.

 Explanar secured my Tour Card - Mark Hensby
Mark Hensby of Australia has spoken of the part Explanar has played in what must rank as the PGA Tour performance of 2007.

Lying 151st in the Money List, Hensby had failed to submit his entry to Tour School and in his words had I not delivered I wouldn't have had a job next year.

I came into the Fry's feeling confident after a good performance on the Nationwide Tour in Utah. I've been working on Explanar every day and night and as a result I've gained 15 yards on my drives in the last 6 weeks. With the Nationwide being in Utah and the Fry's being near my home in Arizona I was able to work on my Explanar the whole time and its really paid off. There's no question that I'm straighter and longer and fitter too. Check the stats. Explanar hasplayed a big part in securing my Tour card.

Mark, a proven Tour winner, has had to battle recovery from a serious road accident late 2005 which resulted in a loss of form which has seen him drop to 345th in the world rankings. What makes Hensby's performance all the more remarkable is that he was 5 over par after just 10 holes of the first round, (he started at the 10th). Four birdies in the next 8 holes gave Hensby a credible 71 (+1) but gave no indication of what was to come. A career best second round 61 (sixty one) catapulted Mark up the leaderboard and a third round 66 put him in 2nd spot tied with Mike Weir and just one behind Carl Pettersson.

Pettersson faded and carded a 74 but a great nail-biting duel developed between Weir and Hensby which went to the wire. Knowing that he needed at least the runner-up spot to secure his card Hensby's nerve held strong and shooting a solid 69 his second place took him from 151st to 99th and guaranteed full Tour exemption for 2008. Hensby was first to praise Mike Weir, whose win was his first in 87 starts. Hensby said "Mike deserved to win. He played great."

Tony Clark of Explanar commented: "Mark's a real talent and has had to cope with a great deal over the past 2 years. He's a terrific personality and a genuinely nice guy and his strength of character has seen him through. His swing held up under the most intense pressure and this has to stand out as one of the best performances of 2007. We are extremely proud to be associated with him."



After having watched the Explanar video, I set up the Explanar training system the night before playing at a local country club here in Salt Lake City, Utah. I worked on the Explanar that evening and then again the next morning before playing. I managed to have the best round of golf ever, a 76 (four over par). At that time, my handicap was 12 for that course. In the few months since, my handicap index has dropped to 7.6. I am a true believer.
Very truly yours,
Frank W. Compagni Salt Lake City, Utah

It is very nice of you to introduce me to the new Explanar Training System, and of course my appreciation for your professional and dedicated coaching. I am pleased to tell you that I finally broke 100 this morning with just 97 score for 18 holes in Beijing Hone Shee International Golf Club.
My consistency and distance with my iron clubs have increased considerably, especially I am hitting quite solid with my driver. I have improved my score even playing from blue tee. This makes my game much more enjoyable.
See you soon.
Edwin Lau, Hong Kong

I am now in to my third week using the Explanar, albeit the first week was a little haphazard, but I really must tell you how excited I am with my purchase. I have won the sweep in our group for the last three weeks, with Saturday last being especially good as I shot a gross 78 off 15 handicap, securing 39 points off  handicap and winning by 5 points! I cannot wait for my daily 10 min session and not only has it boosted my confidence, my level of expectation has increased dramatically. I have never been better than 14 handicap but I am sure that this is the year. My golfing colleagues are saying that I have an unfair advantage now and want me to throw an Explanar party. Thank you for giving me a boost in my quest to improve my golf.
Hugh Gilmour, Scotland
2nd Testimonial from Hugh Gilmour

After 4 weeks of winning, my golf colleagues came over and put a padlock and chain on Explanar so that I couldn't use it for practice before our annual outing. I have the picture! I scored 69 in the medal last week and got cut 1 shot to 14.
Hugh Gilmour, Scotland

I got home Wednesday 6.00pm after picking up my Explanar, got it set up by 8.00pm, watched the DVD then thought I would have 20mins. Wrong. After 5mins I was knackered. Anyway I've played with the same lads for years and for the last two of them I've never had 36 Stableford points off my 16 handicap. However I had 5 x 10 min sessions on my Explanar, teed off Friday and had 39 Stableford points and money in my pocket thank you very much Explanar!
Regards Ian Taylor, Lincoln, UK


This is the very best golf swing trainer I have ever used! I am a 6 handicap and my second round after using the Explanar was a 74. Maybe this will be the year to get into the 60's? I want to quit my job and start selling these!
Hugh Davison St Louis, Missouri, USA

Thanks for teasing me with the EXPLANAR. I can not tell you how good I was hitting it the day after you got me on it. I picked up 30 yards on my driver and I am one club longer with irons. I have to get one the golf pros in my area to buy one. I have told so many people about it but it is hard to convey how great it is until you actually get on it. If I had one I would get on it for 15 minutes a day and who knows how good I could get. Thanks you for taking the time to show it to us and let me know when the Home Trainer is available.
Troy Bilderback Laser Link Golf, Wisconsin, USA

I've been having lessons with Nigel Coles (PGA Pro in Germany) and after 2 lessons on the Explanar I played in my first competition of the year. I played the best round of my life and reduced my handicap from 25 to 19 .
Heinz Reuffer, Zimmerner GC

I was on the Explanar for just 5 minutes. It felt great. When I next played I hit my shots so much straighter. I can't wait to get back on it.
David Hartwell, Stratford-Upon-Avon, England

After using the Explanar I've reduced my handicap by 2 shots. I'm playing better than ever. I can't imagine a lesson without Explanar.
Tony Norton, Ipswich, England

After the Explanar I scored 11 shots better on day 1 and a further three shots better on day 2

Leonard, Florida

I'd had two disastrous practice rounds of 98 and 86. After a session on the Explanar I went out and shot a 77. It's truly amazing!

Ed Dalton, Virginia

Incredible. I was only on the Explanar for a few minutes and went straight out and shot 78, hitting 12 fairways

> Mike, Florida

Explanar saved me 9 strokes today
Leo, Philadelphia

I went from Explanar to the first tee and hit a 280 yard drive dead straight and moved up 7 spots today
Tom J, Georgia

I did it again. Shot 79 on a tougher course and I'm first in my flight
Ed Dalton, Virginia

One lesson on nar and I broke 90 for the first time in FIVE years!
Horst, Germany

I'm a 4 handicap and today after Explanar I shot 10 shots better. It's incredible!
Andy, Philadelphia

Guys, thanks for the lesson. Today I shot 10 shots better!
Harley, Utah

Wow; that planar really works. I shot 14 strokes better Roger,

Best training system ever had one delivered last thurs and after 1 week shot a 77 and the day after 76 and I have a 20 h/cap cant wait for season to start
Stevie Slight, UK

I wanted to let you know that my Explanar arrived Friday and is already set up. It is nice to see that you can still buy something that is as sturdy and easy to assemble as advertised. This is a serious training aid. I have watched the DVD many times while waiting for my unit to arrive and it is a terrific complement. I used it for the first time yesterday and can tell that faithfully using Explanar correctly is going to help me feel the proper swing plane. Explanar has assumed the appropriate position is my garage and will be a permanent part of my training.
Regards Carver Wickman, New Jersey

I received the instructional DVD last week, and I want to congratulate you, and especially Luther for it. As someone who bought endless number of DVDs, books and videos, I think that you've produced a masterpiece here. I also believe that Luther is one of the best golf pros around. I have actually improved my swing without having the Explanar, just from watching him. I therefore, suggest that you Fedex me 2 extra DVDs, which I'm going to give to the head pros at my 2 clubs. I feel that after they watch it, it would be difficult for them not to purchase the Explanar.
Best regards David Califa, Israel

I have been on the Explanar and it is fantastic, I play off 3 and it is unbelievable how bad we swing, even after hundreds of golf lessons. the other guys are equally impressed.
Regards Lee The Flooring Agency

As I mentioned to you on the phone, after having watched the Explanar video, I set up the Explanar training system the night before playing at a local country club here in Salt Lake City, Utah. I worked on the Explanar that evening and then again the next morning before playing. I managed to have the best round of golf ever, a 76 (four over par). At that time, my handicap was 12 for that course. In the few months since, my handicap index has dropped to 7.6. I am a true believer.
Very truly yours, Frank W. Compagni Utah


Explanar Jr. Training System

Explanar Power Roller

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