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The Golf Gym Power Swing Trainer - Masters Edition

The Golf Gym - Masters Edition contains all three PowerCord resistance levels.

The original golf-specific training device—first introduced in 1988 in the pages of Golf Magazine and Golf Illustrated. No other golf training aid can make this claim. It continues to be used by fitness instructors, trainers, golf and health professionals, and chiropractors around the world to improve, strengthen and refine the specific muscles used in the game of golf.

* So simple, anyone can use it.
* So effective, anyone can benefit.
* So portable, you can use it anywhere and anytime.

Designed by golf professionals and sports physiologists the Golf Gym PowerSwing Trainer patented combination of the biomechanically unique strengthening qualities of pure, hand-dipped Latex PowerCord and the ProPerfect Training Grip develops proper swing habits and muscle memory by exercising golf-specific muscle groups, including the rotator cuff region of the shoulder, hips, back and stomach muscles. The PowerSwing Trainer features a molded-grip designed to help users grip the club correctly-and securely. By increasing strength, flexibility and clubhead speed, it provides a golf-specific workout and muscle resistance while reducing the risk of injury.

Golf Gym Power Swing Trainer GolfGym Power Swing Trainer
Shoulder and Back Muscles
Twenty-five exercises designed to strengthen the muscles used in golf, including the rotator cuff region of the shoulder, hips, back and stomach muscles. A program of just 10 minutes a day, three times per week is all most golfers need to remain golf-ready*. Besides improving muscle strength to add yards to your game, use the PowerSwing Trainer in the off-season to stay in condition and for warming up before your round. It is the perfect all around golf fitness regimen.

Grip and Hands
Grip specific exercises help to improve your golf grip, and strengthen your hands, wrists and forearms by utilizing the GOLFGYM® ProPerfect Training (reminder) Grip. These muscles are frequently overlooked, but are extremely important to your setup, take away, impact and follow through.

Easy to Use
Anchor with either foot for several exercises or incorporate a closed door for additional exercises. Either way, using the PowerSwing Trainer is simple. No complicated instructions, weights, settings or set-up required.

Number One for Sixteen Years! Why?

* The Patented PowerCords
No other resistance band-based fitness device has these qualities: pure hand dipped latex rubber, reinforced connections at the handle for safety, strength and long-lasting use. Most importantly, the center pad keeps the bands from tangling with your body and ensures the fluid motion necessary to mimic the perfect golf swing.

* ProPerfect Training Grip
The ProPerfect Training Grip is designed to give you the "feel" of a perfect grip while training (reminding) your fingers and hands to stay in that position throughout your entire swing, and it's available in both right and left hand configurations.

* Complete Training Online Video and Exercise Program Manual
A 24 minute online video and poster-size exercise program manual accompanies every PowerSwing Trainer Personal and Masters Edition. No tool is effective without thorough educational materials; just another way to ensure your program is not only golf-specific, but golf-safe.

Each Golf Gym PowerSwing comes with a 25 minute instructional online video that demonstrates how to:
* Develop proper swing habits and muscle memory by exercising golf-specific muscle groups including the muscles
* in the rotator cuff region of the shoulder, hips and trunk
* Build a more consistent golf swing to improve club control and shot accuracy.
* Promote added strength and club speed while adding distance to shots
* Develop better balance and posture while enhancing overall fitness
* Guide movement to simulate the motion and "feel" of a golf swing at home, office or on the road.

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