GOLFSTR+ Golf Swing Training Aid

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GOLFSTR+ Golf Swing Training Aid

The GOLFSTR swing trainer is a revolutionary new golf training aid which helps you feel your arm start to bend during the back-swing as the gently curved end of the GOLFSTR lifts off the back of your arm. It's a BRAIN TRAINER which allows you to see your success while you play a round of golf. Repeating success builds muscle memory and is the best way to improve your golf game.


Professional golfers keep their leading arm straight during the back-swing for consistent hits and more power. If it was easy, you would have done it long ago. To help you learn your new swing you can now practice and play 18 holes with your "portable pro": GOLFSTR

* See results as you play
* Hit more fairways and greens
* Reduce your mishits and swing with more power

golfstr golf training aid

How To Use The GOLFSTR

The GOLFSTR is a golf training aid for use when practicing your golf swing at a driving range, prior to a round of golf or while you play 18 holes. [It is not allowed for use by golfers during a competitive golf match of any kind.]

As you feel the curved end of the GOLFSTR lift off of the back of your arm you will know that your arm is bending at the elbow. This is a reminder that you have reached the limitation of your backswing. A straight arm is preferred but a slight bend of the elbow is acceptable. [Most professional golfers keep their leading arm rigid for maximum torque during the swing.]

Flexible golfers can hold their leading arm straight during the back swing but aging and less flexible golfers need the GOLFSTR to recognize that magic moment when their arm is starting to bend. Limiting the back-swing at that point is critical for the success of your swing. As the curved end of the GOLFSTR starts to lift off the back of your arm, it is time to transition to the forward swing. Feeling the point of lift off is an awakening moment to train your brain. Repeating success in your hits will help you learn to limit your swing for a more consistent game.

NOTE: A slight bend is acceptable but this is the magic point where you need to transition to your forward swing. A bent arm during the swing causes mishits and reduce power in the swing.

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It Works!
By Tony from San Mateo, Ca on 10/19/2013
Pros: Small, portable, affordable
Cons: Can leave a bruise
Recommended: Yes
Was looking for a device/aid that limited overextention of the backswing. Ordered this, delivered, and have used it for about two weeks. Took it to my lesson with my teacher for his input as well. We think it works! It seems to give just enough "feel" to make you aware of the overextension without much interference in the downswing. Asked my teacher if he thought it was placebo, but we decided no. So, I'm using it. You can play a round with it on, but most of my time with it has been on the range. Is prone to giving a bruise to the tricep after numerous balls (+50). Good product for me and my issue.
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