Macro Golf PowerStroke Full Swing Golf Grip

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Macro Golf PowerStroke Full Swing Golf Grip

Macro Golf introduces the PowerStroke , a USGA Conforming golf grip designed to bring the consistency and the power of a true One Plane swing to your game.

macro golf powerstroke putter grip

With the most ergonomic shape of any grip in golf, PowerStroke provides measurably more tension free wrist flexibility than standard grips for smooth one plane full swing extension and firm left hand control, Set-up/address through impact.

Unlike conventionally tapered standard grips which are shaped only to counter the effect of centrifugal force, PowerStroke reflects the form of gripping hands and is designed to provide the specific physical grip requirements necessary for an efficient, and consistent, golf swing.

The patented, three-tiered design of PowerStroke is a new, USGA conforming grip with a comfortable ergonomic shape that provides measurably greater tension free swing wrist hinge flexibility and extension than conventional grips. The pictures below illustrate Powerstroke’s greater non-dominant left hand full wrist extension at address in contrast to the prominent wrist angle of conventional grips. The PowerStroke shaft stays parallel and in one plane with the forearm with both relaxed fingers and in a firm grasp; the conventional grip however is parallel to and in one plane with the forearm only when held loosely in the fingers. In a firm grasp the conventional grip forms an angle at the wrist hinge (the Fulcrum Effect*) placing the club and the forearm in two distinct planes. During the golf swing with a conventional grip, re-gripping of the left hand from the milder finger pressure of the set-up to the firmer grip of impact often occurs, further triggering the fulcrum effect and the undesirable swing arc variation it causes.


 • The full tension free extension of a repeatable One Plane set-up and swing
 • The smooth wrist cock transition at the top
 • A more powerful, resistance free full extension through release and impact
 • Eliminates swing event spine angle changes and mid-swing re-gripping


Tier 1: The Butt-top section

Tier 1 is 2.5" in length and has the smallest constant cross sectional diameter. The friction producing gripping surface pattern is the same as Tier 2 but different from Tier 3. The smaller diameter of Tier 1 is designed to be controlled in the firm grasp of the last two fingers of the non-dominant “left” hand. The constant diameter of Tier 1 results in a greater grasping wrist hinge flexibility than possible with conventional grips and along with its high friction surface pattern serves as a solid platform to eliminate the effects of swing torque and centrifugal force.

Tier 2: The middle/transitional section
Tier 2 is 3" in length and the gripping surface pattern of Tier 2 is identical to Tier 1. Tier 2 is a round, tapering transition separating the differing diameters of Tiers 1 and 3; the entire taper of the PowerStroke grip is concentrated here. The shape of Tier 2 ( together with Tier 1 ) act to eliminate the Fulcrum Effect, the unintentional lifting of the club head during the swing event caused by the fulcrum-like action of conventionally tapered grips in the tightening grasp of the closed left hand. This lifting action is clearly demonstrated by an examination of the images above. The ergonomic taper of Tier 2 also encourages a firm, confident left hand feel of control that stays constant throughout the swing event.

Tier 3: The Lower shaft section:
Is 4.5" in length and is straight in form. It has the largest constant cross sectional diameter of the three Tiers. The gripping surface pattern of this Tier is smoother and softer in feel than the gripping surface pattern of Tiers 1 and 2. The increased constant diameter and smoother feel of Tier 3, in contrast to the feel in the “left” hand when gripping Tiers 1 and 2, encourages a relaxed grip finger pressure in the right hand and helps to avoid right hand control and domination of the golf swing.

Macro Golf PowerStroke Putter Grip

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