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Perfect Connextion Golf Swing Trainer

Perfect Connextion - Short Game In A Box

Once You Put It On You Won't Want To Take It Off

Hundreds of teaching professionals already know why. The Perfect connextion takes an unconnected pitch swing and gives you a proficient one. It will allow amateurs to chip just like the pros, and it will turn your handsy putting method into a solid shoulders only stroke. Developed along with PGA Master Teaching Professional, Carl Rabito, the Perfect Connextion golf training aid is the essential link between feeling and learning the perfect short game golf swing.

The Power Triangle

With the Perfect Connextion, you'll automatically form the Power Triangle - the absolute core to every stroke in golf. The product can be used at home, on the range, and on the course. Now it is simple and fast to get a reliable short game. So there goes the theory that you can't buy a golf swing, it comes in a box.

Perfect Connextion Golf Swing Training Aid

Perfect Connextion swing trainer dramatically transforms the way your golf swing looks, feels and performs. It builds learning and feeling, effortless strength for creating an easy, repeatable swing with control, accuracy, and power It teaches swing awareness, good posture and easy, graceful movement. Perfect Connextion swing trainer improves flexibility, agility and economy of motion. It can even help alleviate back pain. Professional golfers have known the benefits of connection for decades. Top athletes use it for strength, flexibility, and power. A miracle? Not really. Developed from the Anatomical-Kinetic techniques of Carl Rabito, "Structure governs function," Perfect Connextion swing trainer is a safe, sensible interactive development product using your own clubs, that will help you know and feel your very best golf. No matter what your age or condition, it will work for you.


The Perfect Connextion Three-in-one Swing Trainer comes in three sizes:

The important difference is the cuff size. To determine the size best for you, take a string and measure your bicep.

* Small - Bicep under 11", which is for juniors, many women and some men
* Medium - Bicep 12-14", which is for most men and some women
* Large - 15" and up, which is for larger men

The stabilizer bar easily adjusts to from the specific Power Triangle for full swing, chips/bunker and putting.

 The Benefits of Perfect Connextion

1. Simple: The Perfect Connextion defines disconnected and redefines CONNECTED:
Perfect Connextion swing trainer gets your swing connected with your body. By emphasizing proper connection, correct spinal and joint alignment, and complete concentration on smooth, flowing movement, you become acutely aware of how your swing feels, where it is in space, and how to control its movement. Proper set up is essential, and helps you execute movements with maximum power and efficiency. Last but not least, learning to move properly can reduce stress. Perfect Connextion swing trainer is the only equipment that automatically provides these desired results. With Perfect Connextion swing trainer you AUTOMATICALLY form the Power Triangle-the absolute center to every swing in golf (full swing, chip & putt).

2. FAST - This is a learning product…..NOT a swing aid:
Swing aids talk to the brain. Perfect Connextion swing trainer talks to the mind of the body-FEEL. Feel is the fastest path to learning. It can't be taught. It can only be learned. It can only be learned by physical experience.

3. UNFORGETTABLE - Learn and see for yourself:
Perfect Connextion swing trainer gives you that physical experience. You learn for yourself by feeling and seeing for yourself what's right. Once you learn that powerful trust of right, you'll never go wrong again. You own it! You'll be better for good!

5. Develop a strong swing - big muscles connected to the small muscles, "The Power Traingle"
Building on the principles of Perfect Connextion swing trainer drills develop a strong "core," or "Power Triangle" The absolute core to all golf swings. The core consists of the big muscles connected with the small muscles. Control of the core is achieved by connecting the trunk and shoulders while properly engaging the 6 major joints and spine in a proper kinetic sequence.

6. Create an evenly conditioned swing and prevent swing errors
In conventional swings, weak small muscles tend to dominate and strong muscles tend to be left behind. The result is kinetic imbalance - a primary cause of injury, chronic back pain, and swing inconsistencies. Perfect Connextion swing trainer conditions the whole body, even the ankles and feet. No muscle group is over trained or under trained. Your entire skeletal anatomy is evenly balanced and conditioned, helping you enjoy golf with greater ease and less chance of injury.

7. Learn efficient patterns of motion
Perfect Connextion swing trainer trains several muscle/joint groups at once in smooth, continuous movements. By developing proper technique, you can actually re-train your body to move in safer, more efficient patterns of motion - invaluable for optimal golf.

8. The Power to improve X3
No other swing trainer is so gentle to your body while giving it a challenging swing workout. No other swing trainer provides learning for all 3 golf swings. The drills are performed with your own clubs, allowing for (x1) full swings, (x2) chips, and (x3) putts. Perfect Connextion swing trainer can be used during play (x1), at the range (x2), or at home (x3), with or without a ball.

9. How Fair becomes Good; Good becomes better; Better becomes great
Perfect Connextion swing trainer is an extremely flexible learning system. Modifications to the drills allow for a range of difficulty ranging from beginning to advanced. It also is a personal report card for what you are doing right or wrong. Get the learning that best suits you now, and increase the intensity as your golf swing improves.

10. Repetiton is the power source to learning
The more you use Perfect Connextion swing trainer, the more feel feedback you get and the faster and deeper your learning. This is learning that will never leave you. You'll be better for good! What would that feel like?


Why Perfect Connextion?
Disconnection creates MANY faults while Connection is ONE fix to eliminate MANY faults:
Hitting from the top Flying right elbow Lifting the club
Poor alignment Poor Balance Poor Tempo
Over swinging Casting Swaying
Lack of distance Lack of control Lack of accuracy
Slicing Hooking Skulling
Pops Tops Shanks
Reverse Pivot Fat Shots Chicken wing
Erratic chipping Erratic putting Confusion

The Perfect Connextion is the essential link between learning and feeling the core of the Perfect golf swing - The Power Triangle! This three-in-one swing trainer automatically helps the golfer form and maintain The Power Triangle - the absolute core to every stroke in golf - full swing, chipping and putting.

The Perfect Connextion automatically connects your big muscles to consistently swing the club in rhythm with your body—maximizing your power, control and accuracy for all swings.
Perfect Connextion will help you;

* Feel the connextion of your shoulders, arms, and chest as you rotate your backswing.
* Reinforce the proper right elbow position at the top of your swing; keeping the club stable.
* Prevent over swinging, which encourages a proper forward swing sequence.
* Improve your swing by creating a repeatable and sound swing, thus a repeatable motion.
* Eliminates the slice swing by keeping your arms connected and in synch with your body.
* Prevents a short arm or chicken wing stroke.
* Enhances proper swing balance by allowing your left and right arms to fold correctly in the follow through, encouraging a full-finish.
* Eliminate swing demons by teaching you to generate repeatable swings that will automatically remain steady—even under pressure.

If you lose that "loving feeling" simply pull the Perfect Connextion out of your bag and take some practice swings to regain that feeling. The three-in-one swing trainer automatically helps you form The Power Triangle—the absolute core to every stroke in golf—full swing, chipping and putting.

You learn for yourself by feeling and seeing for yourself what's right. This instant feedback develops physical memory.

The Perfect Connextion is NOT an aid or trainer! It is a piece of equipment kinetically and biomechanically designed to automatically provide and maintain the proper swing mechanics (The Power Triangle) with a built-in self check mechanism. It is portable, convenient, and usable with ALL clubs, ALL swings, ALL ages while playing or practicing.

Simple: The Perfect Connextion defines disconnected and redefines connected. With it you automatically form The Power Triangle; the absolute core to every stroke in golf—full swing, chipping or putting. That's the power X3 to improve.

Fast: This is a learning aid, not a teaching aid. Teaching aids talk to the brain. Perfect Connextion talks to the mind of the body-feel. Feel is the fastest path to learning. It can't be taught. It can only be learned from physical experience.

Unforgettable: Perfect Connextion gives you that physical experience. You learn for yourself by feeling for yourself what's right. Once you learn that powerful feeling of right you'll never go wrong again. You own it. You'll be better for good.

It can be used during play, at home or at the range - with or without a ball. The Perfect Connextion does help with every club in your bag, and with all different types of shots.

Fair golfers will learn faster-good golfers will improve faster-better golfers will advance faster. Whether your full swing needs better distance and consistency; your chips need better control and accuracy or your putts need better line and speed. Everyone and every swing will benefit from Perfect Connextion - guaranteed!

With the Perfect Connextion you will automatically form The Power Triangle; the absolute core to every stroke in golf - full swing, chipping or putting.

That's why it gives the power to improve X3.

One feel is worth a thousand words You'll feel what it's like to be connected with Perfect technique like the Pros. And once connected you will have the physical memory to play a better game - guaranteed!

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