Swing Perfect Golf Training Aid

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Swing Perfect Golf Training Aid

Swing Perfect! is a revolutionary new golf swing trainer that helps you set the perfect swing path into your muscle memory. Swing Perfect is the only swing trainer that analyzes swing plane and club face position simultaneously through your complete swing and gives you immediate, continuous feedback when you swing any club, anywhere, indoors or out, at home, on the driving range, even on the course. An instructional video on how to use SwingPerfect! is also included. Swing Perfect is universal for both right and left handed golfers.


SwingPerfect Golf Swing Trainer Golf Swing Training Perfect Golf Swing
Snap SwingPerfect onto
any club in your bag.
Secure the Strap. As you play, vibration feedback through the club handle tells you if your swing is off plane.


The Swing Perfect trainer uses advanced electronic microcircuitry, a minature swing analyzer gyroscope and a unique four-position switch to help align your swing to within 3* of the perfect plane. If you move beyond the plane, don't rotate or transfer your weight correctly, you'll feel a slight vibration in the grip, just enough to alert you to adjust what you're doing.

Swing Perfect! is manufactured by a leading ISO certified aerospace firm and calibrated to 0.010 of an inch tolerance. The SwingPerfect trainer is durable, with no mechanical moving components within the swing sensing system.

The Swing Perfect Golf Training Aid is simple:
* Lightweight - just 2.3 ounces, won't affect club head weight.
* Compact - fits in your palm, pocket or golf bag.
* Easy to use - simply snap Swing Perfect! on directly under the grip on any standard 5/8 size shaft, attach the safety band and you're ready to practice.

Swing Perfect is advanced:
* Uses cutting-edge, patented, aerospace technology to help align your swing to within 3 of the perfect plane.
* Uses Vibe Feedback to alert you immediately if your swing mechanics deviate from the perfect plane.
* Backed by 7 years of development with 5 U.S. patents

Swing Perfect is versatile:
* Universal for Right or Left Handed Golfers
* Works if you're short or tall.
* For beginners to advanced players.

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