The Anchor Training Aid

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The Anchor Training Aid

Whether you're driving, chipping, or putting the golf ball, every shot on the course depends on a very important yet often overlooked element: the stability of your lower body. The Anchor, a unique golf swing training aid, addresses this critical aspect of your swing by keeping the flexion of your back knee in a stable position throughout the entire golf swing.
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Developed by Dr. Brian McKeon, a world-renowned orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine expert, The Anchor is the ultimate golf swing training aid. Best of all, it's as easy to use as it is effective. The Anchor is fully adjustable, and can be used to improve any shot, regardless of the setup. Comfortable, durable, and completely safe, this golf swing training aid is engineered to maximize the natural physics of your swing by securing your lower body and ensuring proper balance. With a stabilized base, you’ll immediately sense a more balanced, compact swing with no excessive motion.
 How To Use The Anchor
While The Anchor is a golf swing training aid based on revolutionary technology, it couldn’t be easier to use. Anyone can wear it, regardless of age or experience level. It was made to be adjusted on the fly, so it can be adjusted and re-adjusted, locked and unlocked, with just a few turns.

A simple turning of two tabs will lock and unlock the device. When unlocked, your knee has complete freedom of movement, allowing you to walk with ease between shots.

The Anchor golf swing training aid provides you with four different flex positions (A, B, C and D). The setting you choose depends on the shot at hand (driving, chipping, putting, etc.) Determining your personal settings may take a little experimentation, as it can vary slightly from person to person.

Anchor Product Sizing
The Anchor is a golf swing training aid designed for men, women and juniors To properly purchase the size right for you, you will need to measure around the kneecap and select the correct size according to the cart below.

What is The Anchor golf training aid designed to do?
The Anchor golf training aid is designed to stabilize the golfer's lower extremity. The training aid keeps the back knee (right in right hand golfers) flexion angle constant throughout the swing, hence stabilizing the golfers balance in all shots from putter to driver. There are hundreds of golf articles and text books that clearly support the importance of maintaining the back knee flex throughout the golf swing as a major swing fundamental.

What swing faults is The Anchor designed to address?
Maintaining knee flex helps avoid many fundamental errors such as swaying, “coming up out of the swing,” “over-swinging” and the dreaded “reverse pivot” fault. The Anchor helps restrict your hip turn, put the club on proper swing plane and minimize the “over the top” maneuver. Watch the descriptive video of these core concepts.

Can I use The Anchor for all kinds of shots?
Maintaining your posture and staying stable is critical throughout shot, regardless if you are hitting a driver or putting. In fact, losing your posture or swaying while putting is one of the most common faults in putting and the short game. Tour players recognize this as a major swing flaw not only in the full swing, but in putting and chipping as well. At Perseus Athletics, we designed The Anchor to help train your swing to be more stable, compact and consistent. Practice with The Anchor will help deliver more consistency, resulting in fewer misses, more distance and more fun on the course. Posture and knee flex are the two most commonly quoted issues by golf professionals. The Anchor will help you achieve these optimal core positions and develop a better swing.

Can The Anchor be used on the golf course?
The novelty of The Anchor training aid is that it can be used on the golf course. Certainly, practicing on the golf course is recommended to allow the use to experience the versatility this training aid offers. The brace is designed to be adjusted on the fly and allow for free mobility and walking on uneven terrain without any issues.

What is the most important piece of advice to remember when using The Anchor training aid?
It is absolutely critical and imperative for effective use of the golf training aid that the fit is snug. In fact, in any bracing, snug fit is necessary for optimal function. The goal of the golf training aid is to stabilize your lower extremity to help avoid all the issues of losing your posture such as coming out of your golf swing, swaying, and coming up over the top. Keeping the brace snug by consistently pulling on the straps on a regular basis will help the golfer achieve the maximum benefit from this golf training aid.

On which leg should The Anchor be worn?
We recommend putting the brace on the back leg or away from the target leg. For example, if you are a right-handed golfer, you put it on the right leg, and if you are a left-handed golfer, you put it on the left leg.

Should I wear The Anchor over my pants?
The Anchor golf training aid should be applied directly to the skin and underneath your shorts. If wearing long pants, it is important that while putting the brace on to pull the pants tight towards your ankle before you apply the brace to minimize the amount of clothing material underneath the training aid. Again, it is critical that this brace is applied in a very secure fashion to optimize the stabilizing performance.

I have noticed there are four letters on the hinge to secure The Anchor in different degrees of flexion: A, B, C, D. Which one should I use when hitting golf balls?
This requires experimentation, but in general, the longer the club, the lower the setting. For instance, a driver would typically require the A setting, while moving towards sand or flop shots, the B or C settings would be required. In extreme and unusual uneven terrain shots, the D position may be helpful. There is no wrong or right answer, and knee flexion posture can vary. A properly trained professional golf teacher may find the suitable position for you with variable shots.

Is The Anchor a sports brace?
The Anchor is for golf training only and is not recommended for use as a sports brace or for treatment of injuries. Using this swing stabilizer for any other reason than golf training is not recommended.

How do I lock and unlock The Anchor when I have found the optimal knee flexion angle?
The hinge design is unique and allows for a simple turning of the tabs on the hinge to the red, locked position. Be sure to lock the hinge on both sides of the stabilizer. Now, gently squat just a few degrees to allow the pins to set in the stabilizer, you will hear the locking pins engage. After using the training aid for just a few minutes, you will become very familiar with the locking mechanism. To unlock the training aid, use two hands to depress the tabs of the brace and rotate to the open green position. Do this on both sides to allow for freely mobile ambulation. Watch the product information video by clicking here.

How do I know what Anchor is the appropriate size for me?
If you view our sizing chart, you will have access to a simple diagram showing how to take the circumference measurement around your kneecap. We recommend anything under 14 inches to be a size small, and 14 to 17 inches to be a size medium, and finally a size large would be anything greater than 17 inches.

Despite ordering the correct size, the brace still does not seem to secure my leg appropriately?
It is absolutely imperative that the straps are snug. Frequent tugging on the straps to ensure a very secure fit will optimize the performance of The Anchor training aid.

How do I care for my Anchor training aid?
The Anchor training aid is very self sufficient and only requires soap and water treatment for cleaning on an as needed basis.

Is The Anchor a sports brace?
The Anchor is for golf training only and is not recommended for use as a sports brace or for treatment of injuries. Using this swing stabilizer for any other reason than golf training is not recommended.

Can I use The Anchor training aid while golfing if I have a knee injury or a total knee replacement?
The Anchor is designed to help train the fundamentals noted above. If you are being treated or have any known musculoskeletal maladies associated with your knee, it is advisable that you obtain clearance to use this golf training aid with your treating physician.

Can I use The Anchor on the up target leg or on my left leg if I am a right handed golfer or on my right leg if I am a left handed golfer?
There are golf articles that warn against early extension (straightening) of your up target leg in the golf swing. Using The Anchor training aid to help conceptualize this feeling in slow motion is acceptable. This golf training aid is not designed for hitting golf balls with full swings on the up target leg. In other words, it is not intended for right handed golfers to use it on the left leg and left handed golfers to use it on the right leg for full swing use.

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