TaylorMade 2009 Burner Iron Set

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2009 TaylorMade Burner Iron Set

The New 2009 TaylorMade Burner Irons bring eight individual weapons to your bag, all designed for their own mission. Every club - long-irons, middle-irons and short-irons - have earned high marks for distance, accuracy and forgiveness during TaylorMade testing. The revolutionary design of the 2009 TaylorMade Burner Irons, features a futuristic blend of curves, angles and lines, and is completed with a dark, almost sinister finish. More important, each one of these sleek machines performs like nothing else.

Features: TaylorMade 2009 Burner Iron Set
  Improved SuperFast Technology for longer and more consistent distance with every iron
 • Inverted Cone Technology
 • Multi-Functional Sole
 • Multi-Material cavity badge dampens vibration and sound for extraordinary feel
 • Men's Burner SuperFast 85 steel stock; Men's RE*AX SuperFast 65


Long-irons, middle-irons and short-irons were all designed separately
TaylorMade's iron-creation team started with the 4-iron and the goal to make it forgiving and long. That was made possible by:

Thinning the clubface as much as possible to make it more flexible and faster for higher COR. A custom 450 stainless steel alloy is used for added strength, allowing 1.9 mm thickness across most of the face.
Incorporating Inverted Cone Technology into the back of the clubface to promote increased ball-speed on off-center hits.
Increasing the size of the head by expanding the perimeter, which helps increase the MOI to a higher level than any previous TaylorMade iron.
Increasing the width of the sole (unusual for a long-iron) to pull the CG location low and far-back away from the clubface.
Increasing the degree of offset to make it easier to square the face at impact.
Thickening the top-line to give the appearance of more mass behind the ball at address, to inspire more confidence.
Outfitting it with a lightweight, longer-length shaft and lightweight grip.

TaylorMade tests indicated many players gaining as much as 15 yards in distance with the Burner 09 4-iron compared to their current 4-iron, including tour professionals.

"The result blew us away," said Bret Wahl, TaylorMade's senior director of iron development. "We created a 4-iron that's as easy to hit as our Rescue clubs and which promotes greater accuracy. We applied these same principles to the 3-iron and 5-iron and got the same result, and that's how we succeeded in what are by far the easiest-to-hit long-irons that we've ever created. They deliver the highest MOI of any by TaylorMade. That, combined with their thin, fast 1.9 millimeter face, also makes them exceptionally long. It's important to note that the thin face saves approximately 10 grams, which is redistributed to the perimeter to contribute to the high MOI."

Middle Irons
The middle-irons started with the 7- and the goal to make it accurate and long. That was made possible by:

Thinning the clubface to promote higher COR, though not quite as thin as with the long-irons.
Incorporating Inverted Cone Technology into the back of the clubface to promote increased ball-speed on off-center hits.
Expanding the size of the head.
Incorporating a sole nearly as wide as that in the long-irons to pull the CG low and far-back from the clubface.
Thickening the topline, though not as thick as that in the long-irons.
Outfitting it with a slightly longer-length shaft and lightweight grips.

The result is an incredibly long, easy-to-control 7-iron. These principles were successfully applied to the 6- and 8-irons and the mid-irons were complete.

With the short-irons, we started with the 9- and a desire to make it accurate and responsive. We also wanted to make sure the short-irons were long enough to fall in line behind the middle-irons without leaving a distance gap between the 9-iron and the 8-iron. The new Burner short-irons deliver the acute responsiveness, feel, control and playability we sought from the beginning. We kept the clubheads relatively compact, thinned the clubface (though not as much as in the middle-irons) and thinned the topline. The sole is slightly thinner than in the middle-irons and long-irons, but not by much, and the topline is thinner. The undercut cavity allows more weight to be moved into the perimeter of the head.

Throughout the development of the short-irons, their shaping remained critical. "Short irons don't have to look clunky to deliver accuracy, feel and forgiveness," said Wahl. "It was important to us to incorporate performance technology into the Burner short-irons while still giving them the shape of a precision club."




Improved SuperFast Technology
With the new Burner irons, the typical conventions of club length, swing weight and overall club weight were redefined, as was the mass property progression from club-to-club, dimensional progression from club-to-club and head shape. The point being that we literally re-invented how we go about designing a set of irons.

The combination of elements that gives the Burner irons meaningful distance is being called SuperFast Technology, something that means a lot more in these irons than it did in previous models. That's because engineering these irons in three separate pods opened new doors to distance – meaningful distance. SuperFast Technology now incorporates progressive COR, progressive MOI, and progressive shaft-length, starting from the short-irons up through the long-irons. It also includes ultra-light shafts and grips. That promotes faster ball speed and more forgiveness as we progress from a lot of loft (short-irons) to a little loft (long-irons), and is critical to enabling the longer irons to deliver the type of ball flight and distance that they're intended to.

Additional Technologies
In contrast to the many differences in each of these irons, several elements remain constant, and which are also critical to the unique overall performance of the set. One is that each iron incorporates a Multi-Functional sole with beveled edges and of a relatively consistent thickness. "This sole is specially designed to reduce turf resistance through impact, helping the bottom of the club to glide through impact and apply maximum force to the ball," said Brian Bazzel, TaylorMade manager of iron development. "Keeping the sole relatively thick from club to club allows for a deep and low CG in every iron, making it easier to launch the ball high and long, especially with the long-irons."

Another consistent element is the Inverted Cone Technology located in the back of each Burner's cavity, which helps expand the size of the clubface area that delivers high ball speed. That promotes longer distance on off-center hits, resulting in more consistent distance from shot to shot to shot.

Also located in the back cavity is TaylorMade's new sound-managing cavity badge, which utilizes a multi-layer construction composed of carbon composite, aluminum and ABS polymer. The badge is affixed to the back of the clubface with a thin visco-elastic layer; together these elements combine to soften the sound and vibration of impact to promote the kind of soft feel that forged irons are known for delivering.


Club 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 PW AW SW
Head Properties  
Left Handed Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Loft 19° 21° 24° 27° 31° 35° 40° 45° 50° 55°
Lie Angle 60.25° 61.0° 61.75° 62.5° 63° 63.5° 64° 64.5° 64.5° 64.5°
Offset (mm) 6.5 6.1 5.7 5.3 4.6 3.7 2.8 2.0 1.5 1.0
Club Properties  
Club Length, Graphite 39.5" 38.875" 38.25" 37.625" 37.0" 36.5" 36.00" 35.5" 35.5" 35.25"
Club Swing Weight, Graphite D2.5 D2.5 D2.5 D2.5 D2.5 D2.5 D2.5 D2.5 D2.5 D4
STD Flex, Graphite S,R S,R S,R S,R S,R S,R S,R S,R S,R S,R
Club Length, Steel 39.5" 38.875" 38.25" 37.625" 37.00" 36.5" 36.00" 35.5" 35.5" 35.25"
Club Swing Weight, Steel S,R S,R S,R S,R S,R S,R S,R S,R S,R S,R
STD Flex, Steel D3.5 D3.5 D3.5 D3.5 D3.5 D3.5 D3.5 D3.5 D3.5 D5
Grip 47g
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