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"uPro Golf GPS by Callaway Golf The uPro Golf GPS utilizes state of the art technology to make it the most innovative and effective golf GPS system of its kind. With features that are unparalleled for a golf GPS system, the Callaway uPro Golf GPS provides the avid golfer with detailed aerial & satellite photography of the golf holes along with GPS technology to clearly show golf course hazards, distance, and the complete layout of each hole.   Graphics and text are extremely clear with a large 2.2" high resolution color screen that is easily viewable outdoors, even under direct sunlight. Through the use of SmartView technology, the uPro Golf GPS System automatically presents dynamically generated viewports, which show you information based on your next potential shot. As your position on the course changes, so does the view of the course. The uPro GPS is thinner, sleeker, and lighter than any other product on the market. It fits easily in the pocket or on a belt without obstructing your swing. Click Here to view demonstration of the Callaway uPro Golf GPS  Callaway uPro GPS Specifications   • Easy to understand graphics that display golf hazards such as sand traps and bunkers, as well as your current location on the golf course.  • Large 2.2 inch, high-resolution 320 x 240 color screen that is easy to view outdoors in bright sunlight.  • As an add-on software download, the device can accept voice commands to make menu navigation virtually hands free.  • 2.2" high resolution color LCD with backlight  • Provides the user with a list of all golf courses in the U.S. The GPS technology programmed in the uPro provides an automatically sorted list of golf courses closest to the current location of the user.  • Course downloads are available to uPro owners by simply connecting the uPro device to a computer. Once it is connected to a computer, the user will be automatically directed to where courses all over the nation are listed and available for download on a click and buy basis.  • SmartView: Users are always shown pertinent information based on their current location on the course. Three different views allow the user to plan out the perfect shot.  • Measure Mode: Scale accurate measurements are used to measure to and from any point on the golf course, even the outskirts of the rough.  • Green View: Large, easy to read numbers that depict the distance to the front, center, and back of the green. All distances are clearly displayed in large numbers.  Included with the UPro Golf GPS  • Rechargeable Lithium ion battery  • Wall adapter  • USB cable  Upro Features   • Basic Mode: Hazard View: Shows the distance to the font and back of all hazards and differentiates the type of hazard. Hazards are automatically displayed in sequential order based on current user position and update as the user moves throughout the hole.  • Pro Mode: Video Flyover: Each hole in the Pro Mode has a video flyover that allows the user to see the layout of the hole from an aerial perspective and it gauges elevation and slope changes. From the center of the green, users can see the 100, 150 and 200 yard markers.    uPro Golf Course Pricing Course Download Price List uPro Course Download Credits BasicMode Course = FREE ProMode Course = 3 Credits 3 Credits 1 ProMode Course $10.00 15 Credits 5 ProMode Courses $40.00 30 Credits 10 ProMode Courses $60.00 60 Credits 20 ProMode Courses $80.00 150 Credits 50 ProMode Courses $120.00 Purchasing Credits Courses are purchased with credits. The credits do not have to be used all at once. The credits can be used at any time to download more courses. The credits will never expire, they are yours as long as you own a uPro. ProMode Download A ProMode download gives you access to everything the uPro offers; video flyovers, SmartView and AnyPoint. ProMode features hi-resolution aerial photography and satellite imagery. ProMode also includes BasicMode; Green View and Hazard View. ProMode is the ideal way to use the uPro! BasicMode Download A BasicMode download gives you the basic functionality of the uPro; Green View and Hazard View. BasicMode is what you would find in any other GPS device on the market.    uPro Golf GPS Screen Shots   Smart View Technology Generates custom views based on where your standing on the course.e imagery and update as you move. View the target area for your next shot, a zoomed view of the green, and a bird's eye view of the hole Any Point Technology Gives you the best of GPS and Laser Rangefinders, allowing you measure to any point from anywhere on the hole. Simply drag the yellow star around the hole Plan your shots with the ability to take two measurements in one. You're not limited to the points we map, you are in total control of your game. Video Fly Over Technology Each hole starts with a tour style video flyover. 200,150, and 100 yardage markers are super-imposed on the imagery.y. See the layout of the hole and strategize your game. Basic Mode Basic distances to the front, center, and back of the green.n. Mark Shot gives you the distance of any shot Clear, easy to understand graphics of the hazard, understand the type of hazard and lay quickly. Hazards are listed in order of closest distance based on where you are standing.    uPro GPS FAQ's <Does owning a uPro require that I sign up for a membership? Unlike the competition that requires you to sign up for a yearly membership plan, we have a no membership fee system. You only pay for the courses that you want to download. Whether it's 1 or 1,000 courses you want, you decide what you want to purchase. How does the uPro work? To see the uPro in action, please visit our demos page. Here you can see how the uPro works and how to use your uPro. What makes the uPro better than the other GPS devices on the market? There are many features that clearly separate the uPro from all other rangefinders on the market. The primary factors are: * Size: The uPro is about half the size and weight of competing products * Visuals: The uPro's patent-pending visuals give the user a distinct advantage * No annual membership fees * State of the art GPS performance and accuracy How durable is the uPro? The uPro has a durability level similar to most cell phones. This level of durability is quite high and is adequate for nearly any condition that is encountered on the golf course. To obtain an increased level of durability, we suggest you purchase a protective skin to help protect your uPro. To purchase a protective skin, please visit our accessories page. What is GPS? Does it cost me anything?g? The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a satellite-based navigation system made up of a network of 24 satellites placed into orbit by the U.S. Department of Defense. GPS was originally intended for military applications, but in the 1980s, the government made the system available for civilian use. GPS works in any weather condition, anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day. There are no subscription fees or setup charges to use GPS. Where do you get your images? We license aerial photography and satellite imagery from a variety of vendors. Is the uPro USGA legal? Yes, the uPro conforms to USGA rules. As of January 1, 2006 the USGA, under ruling 14-3, deemed the use of distance measuring devices legal to be used during play under local rule. This ruling does not apply to devices that measure other conditions that will affect a player's game such as wind or gradient. If no local rule is adopted, you should check with your golf professional prior to use in a USGA sanctioned event. Is the screen still viewable outdoors in bright light? The uPro's high resolution color screen has been designed specifically for good visibility in direct sunlight. How can the uPro help my game? Having accurate distances is a very important aspect to the game. The uPro allows you to get distances to all features on a course while viewing the layout of the course. This provides the fastest and easiest way to acquire the information needed to make a confident swing each and every time. The uPro also offers the ability to use advanced features such as tracking the distance of each shot. Having a realistic view of how far you hit the ball, will allow you to understand your game better, and help you improve your game. In a nutshell, what information does the uPro give me? The uPro provides distances to every feature on the course in a fashion unlike any other GPS device. First, the uPro provides a video flyover of the hole. Distances are provided superimposed on the actual image of the hole, allowing for an instant and complete understanding of all distance information required. Finally, the user is given the ability to measure to any point on the course using our AnyPoint technology. This effectively replaces and expands on the features of laser based rangefinders. What is the difference between GPS and Laser? The primary advantage of laser rangefinders is their ability to operate on any golf course without prior mapping of the course. Unfortunately, this same advantage is the biggest disadvantage of a laser rangefinder when it comes to other aspects of the game. Lasers can only provide distances to what it can effectively focus on. This means that anything that blocks a laser's line of sight renders it useless. Trees, doglegs and flat objects such as bunkers, greens, hazards and fairways are typical examples. Multiple points can't be measured with a laser unit, causing distractions and slowing the game down. The primary disadvantage of a GPS based system is their reliance on pre-mapped data. Unlike laser systems, GPS based systems can only measure to locations on the course that have been previously measured and stored in the device. However, GPS systems have many well documented advantages. The first advantage being that they can provide measurement data much quicker without requiring the user to focus the device on a particular spot. Additionally, GPS based systems can provide multiple measurements simultaneously to the user which greatly speeds up the game. GPS systems are also not limited by the line of sight limitations of a laser based system. Is the uPro a GPS system or a laser rangefinder? With the uPro, you get the ultimate combination! The uPro provides all of the advantages of a GPS based system and a laser based system. The patent-pending AnyPoint technology allows the user to measure the distance to and from any location on the golf course without the line of site restrictions of a laser. In addition, the uPro 's ProMode provides the ability to visually see through doglegs or terrain changes and quickly see the precise distances to hazards while viewing the actual layout on the screen. This powerful combination of GPS and laser, not only increases the speed of play, but also provides the information without the need for interpretation or translation."

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