Elite Series II Putter

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Elite Sports Dead On Series II Putter

Consumers on the whole have been spending upwards of $400 - $500 on drivers which may be used in a maximum of 15 holes. The putter, on the other hand, is used on virtually every hole, unless someone chips in a shot. There is almost a direct correlation between a persons handicap and the amount of putts they make during a round, so it only makes sense to focus on the most important part of your game - the short one. We at Elite Sport Products, L.P. have developed the premier club to lower your scores.

The putter head component is machined out of a solid block of 17-4 PH stainless steel. The geometry of this piece includes an internal cavity in the sweet spot of the putter, which provides a larger moment of inertia in the putting stroke plane. The face of the putter head features an abrasive blast finish which provides exceptional grip to the golf ball. This component is passivated to provide exceptional corrosion resistance. The rear wing geometry is highlighted by a group of �accelerating arrows� down the exact center of this component which provide unparalleled alignment in your set-up. A �peep-sight� in the rear wing ensures that the putter head location is directly under or slightly ahead of your eyes. And the rear wings contain cavities for the heavier weights to be installed at the periphery of the assembly, which again, increase the moment of inertia of the putter along the plane of the putting stroke. The rear wing is manufactured out of a block of solid 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum.

 Putter Features
Accelerating Arrows

One of the unique features of the Dead On putter is the geometry of a series of accelerating arrows through the center of this putter. These provide the golfer with two unique tools to help their stroke:

A Superior Alignment System

Accelerating Arrows
Although the golf industry has long been searching for a better method of aiding the golfer in the alignment of his clubhead before making a putting stoke, it has not happened until now. Never before had there been an easier and more natural method of aligning up the putter head to its target. The sculpted arrows significantly assist both the average golfer as well as the touring professional by providing an alignment tool that is second to none. It is a natural thing for hand-eye coordination to aim this putter, using the arrows, to the intended direction. Not only does this work at initial set-up, but there is a self-correcting movement that occurs during the stoke, due to ones peripheral vision, that tends to correct any misalignment that is made during the backstroke or forward stoke.

The arrow geometry also provides a method for increasing throughput, or follow through in his/her stroke. Along with the ability to align the putter head in the desired direction, the geometry of the multiple arrows increases as they approach the putter head. This "accelerating arrow" design promotes a good follow through on one's stroke, and tends to eliminate tendencies such as deceleration during short putts, which is a major cause of the "yips".

Perimeter Adjustable Weighting System
Another feature of the Dead On putter is the perimeter weighting system. Cavities are machined out of the bottom of each protrusion of the rear wing. Weights are then inserted into the cavities and screwed down using stainless steel screws. Because the weights are located around the outside periphery of the putter, centered along the line of the putt, the moment of inertia is increased by the addition of the weights. The heavier the weight, the higher the moment of inertia (resistance to movement) of the putter. This provides the average golfer tools that previously were only available to the touring pro. Weights are offered in Aluminum, Steel and Tungsten.

High Center of Gravity
The Dead On putter was designed from the beginning with the center of gravity above the geometrical center of the club. What this does is reduce the bounce induced with the initial impact of the ball. By concentrating most of the weight on the upper end of the putter, this tends to reduce the initial hopping and skidding of the golf ball coming off of the putter face. This feature in combination with the "peep-sight" (below) releases the ball after initial impact with results of less initial bounce and a truer roll. The Dead On Putter uses 4 degrees of loft on its putting surface.

If you have any questions about this product or would like to order by phone, please call us Toll Free at 888-733-8383. We look forward to hearing from you!

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