F2 Plus Series Wedge

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F2 Plus Series Wedge

The F2 Plus Wedge from Face Forward Technologies, is a breakthrough in wedge design that gets the club to do the work for you..

F2 Golf Technology

With the F2 Wedge, all you need to do it swing it. Its patented design takes care of the rest. I'm sure you've heard it and read it before, the surest way to lower your score is to improve your short game. Whether you're a weekend warrior or a PGA Tour player, you need to improve your shots from inside a hundred yards. In fact, if you worked on nothing else but the short game, it would do more to lower your scores than anything else you can do!

As you can see with this ingenious design, the face has been moved forward and the hosel back enabling the ball to strike and leave the clubface before grass or sand can grab the hosel and twist the clubface.


F2 Golf Face Forward Wedge

52* F2 Plus Series Gap Wedge
The 52* F2 Series Gap Wedge features a slightly less loft for that in-between distance from the fairway to the Scoring Zone. It's perfect for the pitch and run shots too!
Length - 36", Lie Angle - 64*, Head Weight - 305 grams, Bounce-8*, Head Material - 431 Stainless Steel

56* F2 Plus Series Classic Wedge
The 56* F2 Series Classic Wedge is a perfect all around wedge for the deep rough, sand, and all around the green pitch shots.
Length - 36", Lie Angle - 64*, Head Weight - 305 grams, Bounce-10*, Head Material - 431 Stainless Steel

58* F2 Plus Series Classic Wedge
The 58 Plus has been designed with 14 degrees of bounce and is more forgiving from fluffy lies in the sand and rough. Like all F2 wedges, the 58 Plus is face forward and guaranteed to be shank proof.
Length - 36", Lie Angle - 64*, Head Weight - 305 grams, Bounce-14*, Head Material - 431 Stainless Steel

60* F2 Plus Series Lob Wedge
The 60* F2 Series Lob Wedge is amazing. It allows you to cut through rough otherwise unplayable shots. The 60 degree also performs exceptionally well on hard packed bunkers. You'll be able to hit high, soft shots, and not have to worry about shanking or "skulling" becasue of the Face Forward Technology.
Length - 36", Lie Angle - 64*, Head Weight - 305 grams, Bounce-10*, Head Material - 431 Stainless Steel

Unique Design Features of The F2 Wedges With Face Forward Technology

* This unique and patented innovation places the hosel behind the clubface, putting the golf club in a face forward position at all times.
* When entering the impact zone, the face comes through and makes contact with the ball before the hosel even enters the hitting area.
* On all shots, this literally makes it impossible to shank the ball.
* In deep rough, the F2 clubhead moves through the grass with less resistance and keeps the grass from grabbing the hosel, forcing shots offline.
* In sand, the F2's unique wide-open face design allows you more opportunity to flatten the club and hit a high, short sand shots.
* When pitching the ball, the F2 design helps you setup in the desired hands forward position which makes it harder to skull or hit your shots thin.
* When chipping, the face comes through the hitting area ahead of the hosel, allowing contact to happen sooner. This lets the natural loft of the club do the work for you.

F2 Golf -- Face Forward Wedges

We've seen tremendous innovation in golf over the last 20-30 years, making the game easier to play. Cast irons have been improved with heel and toe weighting. Traditional woods have increased in size and now incorporate lightweight metals. But all these advances have had no effect on the average handicap of golfers. According to the USGA, the average handicap still remains at about a 19. If these new technologies are making it so much easier for us to hit the ball better, why aren't we shooting lower scores? Think about it. The easiest and quickest way to a better score is by improving your short game! But most of us don't have the time to take lots of lessons and work hours a week on our short game. When we have some extra time, we want to go play... well the answer is here, it's the F2 wedge.

Until now, the one glaring area that hasn't had any major innovations in the last 50 years is the wedge.

F2 stands for Face Forward technology. As you can see with this ingenious design, the face has been moved forward and the hosel back, enabling the ball to strike and leave the clubface before grass or sand can grab the hosel and twist the clubface. The F2 Wedge may look unconventional, but as soon as you hit it, you'll know why it is the biggest jump in short game technology since the invention of the sand wedge!

F2 Series Wedge, Face Forward Technologies

From 100 yards in, you will hit the ball to within 10 feet of the pin twice as often

If you want to lower your score, you don't have to read any of those confusing magazine articles, take expensive lessons or spend countless hours practicing. Just put the F2 Wedge in your bag and start hitting it closer and scoring lower than you ever thought possible!

The F2 Wedges Conform to USGA Rules

If you have any questions about this product or would like to order by phone, please call us Toll Free at 888-733-8383. We look forward to hearing from you!

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F2 Plus Wedge
By Pat from Michigan on 07/07/2013
Pros: Easy to Hit
Cons: None
Recommended: Yes
Purchased a 56 degree F2 Wedge. I have always struggled getting out of sand traps. Played it for the first time a week ago........easiest club I have ever hit out of traps. Also was much more confident near the greens and out of heavy rough.
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F2 wedge
By Jimmie Aces from Florida on 11/12/2012
Pros: Good
Cons: None
Recommended: Yes
Like very much, impossible to shank a chip shot.
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56 F2 Wedge
By Sticky from Glenolden PA on 09/29/2012
Pros: great performing wedge
Cons: nothing
Recommended: Yes
This is the only wedge I ever used that I didn't have to do anything special like stance,ball position or anything you heard to hit it close to the pin.Great out of the sand. It does all the work for you. Just put a normal swing on it and get your putter out or just pick it out of the hole.
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52 F2
By Max from Okla on 09/22/2012
Pros: easy to hit
Cons: none
Recommended: Yes
I have owned the original wedge since late 90s and wouldnt trade it for anything. The new wedge is not as good as the original but still better that what I had in my bag.
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F2 60 degree
By Steve from Oro Valley, AZ US on 02/14/2011
Bought my fourth one!! These are the best if you're having trouble shanking your around the green short chips.
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