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"GolfBuddy GPS Tour The GolfBuddy Tour provides you with the critical information necessary for you to be at the top of your game. Yardage remaining is displayed and provided throughout the course, from greens, bunkers, water-hazards, and more. Game management is made easier as you can customize your own target points and utilize the built-in score-tracking module. With the GolfBuddy GPS, there are no annual fees, courses are pre-loaded from across North America, 20,000 course storage capability, and automatic course and hole recognition (no need to tell the device which course or hole you are on). Just turn it on and play! Click Here to view the GolfBuddy Pro GPS System $f(""player"", {src: ""/videos/flowplayer/flowplayer.commercial-3.1.5.swf"", cachebusting: true}, { key: '#$450d1f2cfdf440be091', clip: { url: """", autoPlay: false, autoBuffering: true } });  Features - GolfBuddy GPS Tour   • Pre-loaded with courses across North America  • No annual fees  • 20,000 course storage capability  • Automatic Course and Hole Recognition  • Waterproof Case  • Distance to targets and hazards  Benefits - GolfBuddy GPS   • 20,000 course capability  • Simple and Easy Operation  • NO ANNUAL OR COURSE DOWNLOAD FEES  Specs - GolfBuddy GPS Tour   • Size: 4.25"X2.25"X1"  • Weight: 4.23 oz(Including Battery)  • PC interface: USB  • Display : Mono LCD and LED Backlight  • Power Source : Lithium Polymer rechargeable battery with AAA battery backup.  • Power Adapter : 5V, 450mA  • Battery Operating Life : 14 Hours  • GPS channels : 12 Channels  • Course Memory : Up to 20,000 Courses  What's Included with the GolfBuddy GPS Tour   • GolfBuddy Tour GPS Rangefinder  • Rechargeable Battery  • User manual  • Quick Manual  • Wall Charger  • Plastic Holster & Belt Clip  Screen Shots - GolfBuddy GPS Score Tracking Holds up to 1,000 rounds of golf-with our unique scoring application you can record your score on each hole that you play. The unit will remember each course you play, the date you played and the score you shot. If you play every day, it will take you up to three years to fill the scoring feature. Use this feature to relive the great courses and the great rounds that you played. In summary it records the date the score and the courses played. Remaining Distance Display to the Green At any / all times, the GolfBuddy is aware of exactly how far you are from the green. The amount of distance remaining to the hole is the key to choosing the proper club and choosing the right approach to the green. The Golfbuddy offers the "Distance Remaining" information from your location, no matter where that may be on the course. The distance is always in a straight line from your current position to the front, center, and back of the green. The displayed information on GolfBuddy is always in the horizontal plane. In other words, elevations are never calculated. The Golf Buddy is designed to confirm to USGA / RNA rulings regarding distance measuring devices, in which the devices may only display information that can be readily found on the course by other means. Calculate Shot Distance 1) Measuring Your Last Shot The GolfBuddy allows you to calculate your "Shot Distance" with the touch of a button. Set your current position (the place you shot from), using the Mark Button (located on the side of the unit). Proceed to your ball location. As you travel towards your ball, the distance value updates until you arrive at your ball location. 2) Calculate How Far You Hit Each Club Using the GolfBuddy as a training aid can help improve your game as well. Most golfers do not know how far they typically hit shots using each of the clubs in their bag.To figure the "Shot Distance" for each club, stand in one location and hit a few balls using the same club. Now using the technique as above, mark your current location then proceed to the cluster of balls you just shot until you are standing in the approximate center of the cluster. This will give you a distance which represents the approximate "shot Distance" for that club. Repeat the process for each club in your bag until you know your hitting distance for each club. 3) Using Shot Distance in Practice Having trouble with your "in between" distances? Often you are faced with a shot which requires you to take a modified swing to make the shot. (i.e. choking up on the club, taking a softer swing, lower your back-swing point etc) The GolfBuddy can assist with these as well. Using the Mark Button, start from the center of the green or some other target location, measure off the distance until you are positioned at one of these "in between" shots.Now practice hitting from this location using your modified swings. The GolfBuddy is more than just your "distance to the hole" indicator. It is a valuable tool with any / all distance requirements you may have with all aspects of your game. Remaining Distance Display to Targets 1) Hazard Avoidance The various natural and man made hazards on the course make up the character of the course and give the golfer varying levels of difficulty. Knowing where these hazards are, and how to avoid them can eliminate strokes from your game. The GolfBuddy displays distance values for each of the "in play" hazards, as well as aspects of the terrain which affect shot selection and course management. Golf Buddy lists all items which can affect your play, even if you cannot see them from your present location. 2) Layups and Carries Knowing the location of a hazard is only one part of the equation. To effectively avoid the hazard you need to know the Lay-up (approach) distance, as well as the distance to pass the item (carry distance). The GolfBuddy gives you each of these values when required. The GolfBuddy is designed to offer you a variety of information screens so that you are constantly aware of every distance. Golf Course Customization Add up to 11 targets per hole instantly - need to know where the perfect lay-up is? You can mark 11 new positions on every hole that you play. We have already targeted the bunkers, hazards, 150, 100 yard markers and green, but if you need more, feel free to add 11 more targets in addition to what is provided. Continuous Distance Updates and your current position. The GolfBuddy starts measuring distance values from the moment it is turned on. It displays these numbers to you at any / all times. There is no need to "re-fresh" or update the screens, it does that continually for you. All you have to do is look at the screen when you need it. On the target bar, the solid black line indicates the selected target and the shaded gray area along the bottom indicates your current position. Automatic Course and Hole Recognition Your golf game begins before you even hit that first drive. You start by knowing which golf course you are going to be playing at. Well the same holds true for the Golf Buddy. 1) Auto Recognition Of The Current Course Using the GPS technology it was created with, it can determine which course you are at without you having to select from a long list of available courses. This Auto Recognition of the course can also eliminate confusion when playing at a location which features multiple courses. (i.e. A course with two 18 hole rounds: Champion's Courses, and Legacy Course) 2) Auto Recognition Of The Current Hole The GolfBuddy tracks your position no matter where you are on the course, including which hole you are currently positioned to play. This feature also comes in handy in tournament play as you may have to start from a "Shotgun" location somewhere out on the course. (i.e. From the 11-th Tee, or other tournaments and events with a structured theme, whereby you play only the par 3's.) The Auto Recognition feature makes sure you know exactly where you are at all times!    "

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